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Herea€™s my definition: Mobile Marketing is all about Convenience, Simplicity, and Proximity. Let me break down these three words by first providing the dictionary definition followed by my take on how each relates to mobile marketing.
Convenience - The state of being able to proceed with something with little effort or difficulty. Whether ita€™s a smartphone, tablet, or (gasp) feature phone, mobile devices allow humans to access information, entertain themselves, and communicate with each other more efficiently and effectively than ever before.
For mobile users, simplicity often implies proximity, which in turn gives rise to the idea of contextual relevance. If you are a small business owner or marketer considering a foray into mobile marketing, think about the three factors that drive the mobile user experience, and try to integrate convenience, simplicity, and proximity into each mobile initiative as seamlessly as possible.
WordStat has a multilingual interface allowing one to choose between English, Spanish or French. Improved linguistic support with integrated dictionaries and thesauruses for six languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese) to assist the development of taxonomies and content analysis dictionaries. A 50-percent improvement over its predecessor in processing speed, allowing one to analyze from 15 to 30 million words per minute. On the frequency page, an optional panel (right) automatically shows for the selected items (words or content categories) all related leftover words (synonyms, antonyms, hyponyms, hypernyms, words with same stem, etc.), allowing one to select relevant ones and assign them to a category. The drag and drop dictionary editor has been replaced with a new drag and drop panel available on the left side of the Frequencies, Crosstab and Phrase Finder pages, allowing easier assignments to the categorization dictionary, the exclusion list and to the new substitution list.
One can now perform cluster and correspondence analysis of phrases, without the need to save them into a categorization dictionary.
The CROSSTAB page now allows one to examine the relationship between words or content categories and the combined values of two variables (for example: Gender x Age).
A new button on the FREQUENCIES page allows one to retreive all paragraphs or sentences matching any one of the content categories and attach a corresponding QDA Miner code to it. The Lemmatization pre-processing feature has been replaced with a more flexible substitution process. All modifications made to the exclusion list, the categorization dictionary and to the new substitution process are now monitored and may be undone. The internal linguistic resources for the English language have been greatly improved, with the upgrade to WordNet 3 and the addition of a third thesaurus.
WordStat now integrates the Report Manager features introduced in QDA Miner 3.0, allowing one to store in a single location, documents, tables, graphics, and text outputs produced by QDA Miner and WordStat. The dialog for exporting data statistics to disk has been improved with new options to select variables to be added to the report and the ability to export occurrence of content categories into multinomial variables. On the FREQUENCIES page, a new button allows one to get various document statistics (number of words, sentences, paragraphs, words per sentence, etc.) and assess the coverage of the content analysis dictionary (percentage of words, sentences, paragraphs, documents and cases containing categorized items). Co-occurrence data may now be exported to popular social network analysis software such as UCINET, Pajek, NetDraw and NetMiner.
A new button has been added to various charts and tables to display labels of columns or on the bottom axis vertically rather than horizontally. In the keyword retrieval dialog, it was possible with WordStat 5.1 to assign an existing QDA Miner code to retrieved text segments.

The user defined edit box in the Keyword in Context dialog now supports the specification of several entries (separated by semicolons). Support QDA Miner case descriptors allow one to define more detailed case labels based on several variables.
A new option now allows one to select new independent variables without the need to go back to QDA Miner or SimStat. A new option allows one to limit the number of items retrieved to a specific number (for example, select the 100 most frequent words, or 200 items with the highest TFxIDF value. A new option allows one to identify special characters that will be recognized as integral parts of a word (or token) to the condition that they are immediately surrounded on both sides by other valid characters.
One can now right-click a keyword in a correspondence and produce Keyword-in-context or a keyword retrieval listing. When a date variable is selected, in the Crosstab page, a dialog box appears allowing one to group all dates by decades, years, months, quarters or days of the week. When selecting several words or phrases in a table and then selecting the ADD TO CATEGORIZATION DICTIONARY command now offers to add all of them at once to a single category. The new dialog box allows the assignment of items to a new category in a single step (users no longer need to create the category first and then assign words or phrases to this newly created category).
Easier to use case filtering dialog, similar to QDA MIner (with the ability to call the prior filtering dialogs). The customization of correspondence plots is now easier with a new dialog box for basic editing. One may now assign a word or a phrase to a category from the KWIC page by positioning the editing cursor of the text box below the table on the word to be categorized or by selecting a phrase and then right-clicking it.
The smart security IP camera can offer you the freedom to get your home and business surveillance via LAN or Internet remotely.
Anyone who disputes this (and who is old enough to recall) should think about what life was like 20 or 25 years ago. Thanks to the daily increase in mobile optimized websites and mobile apps, the path to discovery on mobile is continuously simplified.
To be proximate, though, my solution must be where I am looking when I need or want it, or be provided by a brand or person that I value in some way. Remember that todaya€™s empowered mobile users are growing in sophistication each day, so keep a tight focus on your core message and deliver it with creativity and honesty. Assignments to a new category can be achieved by dropping one or several items on the NEW CATEGORY tree icon. A dialog also allows one to add to this list, frequent words and save extracted phrases into a new dictionary. It allows one to quickly show the relationship of parts to the whole or to emphasize the sum of several codes. This type of chart allows one to quickly identify high and low frequency cells and is thus especially useful for presentation purposes. If a specific content category has no corresponding codes in the project codebook, a new one will me automatically created.
This new process not only supports existing lemmatization routines but allow users to create their own substitution process for lemmatizing text in a language not currently supported by WordStat or to automatically correct spelling mistakes without altering the original documents.

The Report Manager is structured like an outliner (similar to the SPSS Output Viewer), allowing one to easily view items, edit them, reorganize them and write draft versions of reports. Holding the Shift key while clicking this button will a display dialog box that allows you to customize the title and enter a description of the item saved.
It was also possible to add new codes, but it was not possible to create new categories in the codebook. Selecting several rows of a table and calling the KWIC list will also produce a KWIC list on all selected items. When using this same feature on a new text collection, the program will automatically suggest reapplying corrections made previously. It now provides more suggestions and allows one to filter suggestions to display only words currently in the current document collection. One may also use the right click to remove either a keyword or a class of the categorical variable and recalculate the correspondence analysis, allowing one to easily remove outliers and display relationship among remaining items. We doesn't provide ip phone meter products or service, please contact them directly and verify their companies info carefully. Moreover, because all mobile users are on some level consumers, it could be said that mobile empowers the consumer.
Mobile consumers are able to digest information and entertainment with ease; they can navigate their way through numerous complex actions with a few taps of their fingers. Whether I am looking for a place to eat, a hot (and affordable) new shirt, or a timely piece of advice, whoever provides the most simple and proximate solution will likely win my business (and possibly my allegiance).
Keep the path to the sale as short and easy as possible, and make interacting with your brand on mobile convenient and proximate (relevant).
When analyzing documents in other languages, the panel will show words with a similar root form.
The substitution process may also be used for pre-categorization and used in combination with a categorization dictionary. WordStat 6 now allows one to add categories to an existing QDA Miner codebook or create a new codebook. Entering the period and comma signs in this list and the $ sign in the other list of valid characters will retrieve items like $1,000 or 3.1415. A new option has been added to display only words present in your text collection (leftover words).
If I had a time machine and could transport you back to a typical day in 1987, I wonder how many times youa€™d search your pockets for a mobile device that just isna€™t there. This simplicity creates a virtuous cycle, as the time saved allows mobile users to complete ever-more actions with their device. Rows and columns can be moved freely or deleted, and one can adjust the color of each cell as well as the fonts used. Words at the end of sentences will still be retrieved without the period sign since this period is likely to be followed by a space or a carriage return (thus not surrounded by alphanumeric characters).

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