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Availability ConfidentialityThe term confidentiality can be used to refer to intentional or unintentional unauthorized access of message contents, because unauthorized access violates security policies. Encryption Trust In any organization, any enterprise software solution and in business discovery those that present and analyze the daily information and sends the sensitive information to the sender, the professional wants to know whether or not accurate information will be sent. QlikView is an innovative Business Discovery platform developed by QlikTech - a leading Business Intelligence Provider. Our company is an authorized QlikView Solution Provider, which means that we are trusted to market, sell, implement and support QlikView solutions for our customers. QlikView easily consolidates enterprise data regardless of its source: from Excel and dbf-files to information systems (SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, 1C, CRM, SRM, WMS and other software applications) and visualize it in informative and multiple-aspect dashboards. Brain-like and intuitive associative technology enables users to conduct direct and indirect searches across the whole data array and receive relevant responses to their queries and explore the associations in data.
Powered by In-Memory Technology QlikView rapidly process all data loaded in memory and makes it available for instant associative search and analysis without traditional time-consuming process of building multi-dimensional OLAP cubes. QlikView customers are always in touch with their data and get a complete Business Discovery experience while they are on the run.
QlikView is a complete BI solution combining all the features of traditional BI tools in a single architecture: extracting, transforming and loading data from multiple data sources (ETL functions), reporting, dashboards and analysis. QlikView provides flexible consoles to manage and administrate all QlikView applications and maintain centralized control of enterprise reports and associated data. The intent is to prevent a harmful message from being sent to the sender, so confidentiality is important.IntegrityTo satisfy integrity requiremetns, modifications of the data by an unauthorized process is not allowed. QlikView's success key is its unique brain-like technologies and unparalleled analysis capacities.

Due to its advanced technologies QlikView has proven to be an excellent tool for unrestricted data analysis from 1C software applications and it gives more benefits for our customers whom we are helping to make their businesses more successful and profitable.
This architecture approach makes QlikView applications easy to develop and respond quickly to BI needs of an organization while requiring less IT support. Advanced security consoles enable control over users' access to data, analysis and results.
This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. The process of authentication is the identification of an individual based on the username and password.
Complexity ensures that the information that has been passed to a sender is error free and whether or not it is flexible.Non-RepudiationIn Non-Repudiation, the sender sends the data with valid sender's ID and with a proof of delivery.
Today QlikView is the most flexible and highly-scalable BI solution for turning data into valuable knowledge, easily and with one-click access. It is enough to input word or phrase in a search box and QlikView already starts to show results.
QlikView protects critical corporate data and analysis assets due to its strict adherence to security standards designed to safeguard billions of records.
We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. QlikView increases profitability and ROI with state-of-the-art BI technologies which go along with simplicity and extremely fast deployment: most QlikView customers are live in less than one month. Group, role-based and individual user access policies can be applied for documents and specific values and rows.

There are never arguments about the authentication of the access rights of the individual.AuthorizationAuthorization is different from authentication.
This term can be used to transfer the message between sender and receiver using a digital signature. Authorization determines the permission to access the system object based on their identity for the individual purposes. The main purpose of this to specify the access rights the human has related to the system.Security Challenges for the QlikView ApplicationThe organization daily faces many problems related to increasingly a secure environment so that the security is important for the information in business discovery. The term non-repudiation is the generally basic extension of identification and authentication service.SpoofingThe term Spoofing generally known as attack that can be used by the computer hackers. It occurs when any malicious party does not meet properly any user and another device with in a given network to launch attacks. It is also used to hack the web pages for stealing the money and other banking information.EncryptionThe term encryption is widely used in cryptography. The public key can be used to encrypt the plain text.DecryptionDecryption is just the opposite of encryption.
Security is one of the protection properties, so it does not get stolen or damaged by anyone.

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