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Real Audio files which are packaged in the .ra extension are a huge pain in the butt to audio file collectors as well as music collectors and aficionados. To transfer real audio files to mp3 is quite an easy task if its not actual file, all you need is Real Player to do the trick.  However if you are trying to capture a live stream of real audio that is definitely going to be much more difficult for you to accomplish, but we will explain that as well so you don’t have to keep worrying about how to make your real audio files into MP3 Files.
Using Real Media player to convert Real Audio .ra files to MP3 is as easy as one, two three – literally. Open the file in Real Media Player and make sure it’s the right file before starting the conversion process.
After copy the CD back on to your hard drive and you have instant MP3 Collection from Real Audio files on your computer.
Please take care not to violate copyright laws when converting audio files.  Check with a competent lawyer to make sure your on good legal ground. Before the popularity of XM and Sirius satellite radio surfaced, most people could only access the radio stations that were in close proximity to their location – except on the internet. Webcasting is somewhat different than traditional broadcasting in the respect of the technology used, but it should not be confused with podcasting or MP3 hosting sites. Although it is highly disputed as to who officially formulated the first idea of internet radio, the first actual internet radio station, a nonprofit organization called The Internet Multi-casting Company of Washington, was formulated and produced by Carl Malamud in 1993, according to Carl Malamud - creator of the world's first internet radio station and all around Tech Hero. After Malamud’s station had been airing for some time, the New York Times published an article by Peter Lewis in September of 1994, stating that the new radio station planned to air its broadcasting around the clock.
RealAudio played an important role in the evolution of internet radio with improved streaming technologies.
As with any new major technology trend that has money-making potential, the emergence of investor interest in the internet radio created a competitive market. As DSL and Broadband internet replaced the old dial-up phone line connections, internet radio became more popular, especially after the dawning of the new millennium in year 2000. As more consumers purchased PCs and internet packages, the number of internet radio listeners increased, meaning that the amount of stations increased also.

As pointed out by The Bridge Ratings Report, nearly everyone today owns a cell phone, laptop or desktop computer on which they can access the internet; this means they also have better access to internet radio stations. By the year 2011, they expect that the number of internet radio listeners will grow to 77 million, as a result of wireless technology continuing in popularity and becoming more commonplace. Real Sound Professional Audio Systems From Funny wallpaper (1920x1200, 130K)PC:(To set the image as wallpaper, right click the image and choose 'Set as Background')!
With just two correctly designed and positioned microphones it is possible to capture a wealth of information about a given aural event, be it a musical performance, theatrical play, the sounds of nature or the spoken word.
Home theatre indeed represents an interesting development which will similarly bring much enjoyment to consumers the world over. We were even more enthusiastic about writing this article when we discovered that there are apparently very few articles around which summarize the invention and history of internet radio, so we hope this particular blog post will be interesting, informative and useful for a lot of people out there in internetland. The world changed in the mid-1990s when the first internet radio station hit the world-wide web waves. Internet radio cannot be stopped and paused as it can be with storage or podcasts, which must be downloaded.
During this time, DSL was not available to consumers who relied upon their slow dial-up connections.
Rob Glaser’s program used compression to make everything run faster by compacting the size of each file.
This company began by the ideas of Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner in 1995, when they started broadcasting a Dallas radio station on the internet using a friend’s computer in his bedroom. With so many competitors, decline in profits happened to more companies than only this one; larger companies often bought out smaller stations. Phone-based internet connections had very little bandwidth when compared to Broadband and DSL.
Instead of being limited to what was regionally available for stations, listeners could now enjoy stations from all over the globe. Today everyone can enjoy listening to nearly any radio station on the internet, free of charge.

Malamud is also credited with founding Invisible Worlds, NetTopBox, the internet’s EDGAR database and the 1993 Cyber Santa.
Rob Glaser of Progressive Networks, a former well-known head at Microsoft, created RealAudio in 1995 and made it a free download.
With the ability to store data, this tool also made it possible for internet radio listeners to hear past broadcasts, instead of simply whatever was streaming at that moment. Some stations that were originally aired on traditional radio now moved their broadcasts to the internet, providing access to everyone at any time.
In other words, about one third of wireless users now listen to internet radio at least once a week! During his professional career, he has also penned several books and continues to move forward in the virtual world, now as a Senior Fellow for the Center for American Progress and on the board of directors of Mozilla Foundation, which is the company responsible for creating the popular Firefox browser.
The use of streaming that had previously consumed every bit of bandwidth now began to load faster with speedier connections and more bandwidth. According to official copyright record published by the U.S government, during the years of 2001 to 2004, 335 radio stations registered their Initial Notices of Digital Transmissions of Sound Recordings.
Because of these becoming available, internet radio stations playing music were made possible. This number does not reflect the amount of radio stations streaming from other countries or the radio stations based solely on the internet.
Years before (in 1881) French inventor Clement Ader created the Theatrophone, a kind of stereophonic transmission system for broadcasting live opera events via telephonic lines. Another important factor influencing the existence of internet radio stations took place in 1991.
In a report published by the Federal Communications Commission, better known as the FCC, all restrictions for the internet that had prohibited commercial use were lifted in 1991, allowing it to grow into what it has become today.

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