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The White House open house was introduced by Thomas Jefferson, but things didn’t go haywire until party animal Andrew Jackson took office. Following years of the government literally looking the other way, a Nebraska farmer filed the first claim to land in the Ol’ West. Former slave Bridget ‘Biddy’ Mason bought a Los Angeles property for $250, completing the first of many transactions that would make her one of the wealthiest women in real estate at the time.
Los Angeles Times publisher Harry Chandler decided it was high time to invest in a high-end real estate development, aptly named ‘Hollywoodland.’ The sign, perched atop telephone poles, was actually a $21,000 advertisement. In an attempt to drum up solidarity during an anti-Russian era, The New York Times penned an article stating that the average Russian wants the ‘American Dream,’ too: private property.
The King forked over a mere $1,000 down payment for Graceland, less than 10 percent of the $102,500 price tag. The White House went green when Jimmy Carter oversaw the installation of a $28,000 rooftop solar heating system.

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The Homestead Act, signed by Lincoln in 1862, granted citizens permission to settle on any unclaimed, surveyed, 160-acre tract of federally-held land, with the opportunity for full title ownership in five years (for a nominal fee – this is America, after all).

After turning a $1,250 profit, she went on to build commercial properties, stacking up nearly $300,000 in the process. The home was Elvis’ second – he already owned in East Memphis, but after legions of fans descended on the neighborhood, he sought another home for his family on the outskirts of the city. She counts Nixon and Khrushchev’s Cold War ‘kitchen debate’ among her favorite real estate moments in history. The panels ended up at a college in Maine and remained in good working order for another 18 years.

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