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As part of our strategy we use micro-blogging to establish agents as the expert in their geographical locations.
We build a platform of their expertise and knowledge with respect to the neighboring towns and communities. We are confident you will love our service, so much that we are willing to put our name and reputation on the line for it. We truly have YOU in mind!Each real estate social media marketing plan is developed by the senior staff at Creative Web Concepts USA and their visionary team of 5 trained and visionary professionals. Because we are a small boutique social media marketing agency, we have the ability to put 100% into every client.
You may be a real estate professional who understands social media but doesn’t have the time to create great engaging, relevant content or update profiles.

Based on your real estate social media marketing consultation, we will choose the 3 social media websites we think you will get the highest ROI from your social media marketing efforts.Real Estate Social Media Posting Strategy. Based on your consultation, our team will develop the best real estate social media posting strategy for your  business. These posting strategies are developed from our experience on what works, your area of specialty and the  market in your area.Targeted Social Media Demographic. As we research the real estate market in your area, we will devise a targeted demographic to focus on while we manage your real estate social media marketing. This targeted demographic will influence who we focus on when posting and building your social media profile followers and influence.Real Estate Social Media Engagement Strategy. More important than posting, engagement is the key to real estate social media lead generation.

Using the targeted demographic chosen for your personalized real estate social media assessment, we will build your circle of influence and engage with users on your behalf.
Below is a detail of our activity as we build your brand, engaging and responding to your real estate social media circle of influence.

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