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These two symbols do not offer legal protection, but they do tell other people that you claim ownership of that word, name, or logo. You do not have to get permission or file any paperwork to use the trademark or service mark symbols. If you would like more information about the trademark, service mark, and registered trademark symbols, visit the United States Patent and Trademark Office website. There are a number of symbols associated with your trademark, and the two most common symbols are ® (used in conjunction with registered trademarks) and ™ (used in conjunction with both registered and unregistered trademarks). Each symbol has a different meaning and purpose, and can only be used in certain circumstances. You are not required to file any paperwork or apply for permission to use the ™ symbol: it can be used freely by any business in conjunction with both registered trademarks and unregistered marks. In addition, you may only use the ® symbol in conjunction with the specific products and services outlined on your registration certificate. As an unregistered mark holder, you are not required to use the ™ in conjunction with your mark: however, we recommend that you always use a trademark symbol to signify yourself as the creator of a mark. The use of the ® symbol in combination with your registered mark essentially tells your competition that you are the registered owner of that mark, and that you are in a strong position to protect your intellectual property against infringement or unauthorised copying.
When you are placing trademark symbols, place then at the upper-right of your business name, logo, or other type of mark.
Place either the ™ or the ® symbol, or an asterisk (*), dagger (†), or double dagger (‡) symbol directly beside your trademark.

Make your trademark stand out in surround text by using a bold, italic, uppercase, or superscript typeface. Your footnote description will vary depending on the use of your trademark within a body of text. You can find either symbol in the ‘insert symbol’ or ‘special character’ section of your word processing program.
Another less common mark you might see in conjunction with trademarks is the ‘SM’ or service mark symbol, which is used to identify services rather than goods.
The details and views provided here are opinion only and may not be appropriate in your personal circumstances. The Nappuccino is an event run by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets in co-operation with the Washable Nappy Company.A  There will be a short talk at the start of the session (approximately 45 minutes). Children who grow up without a daily routine of set bedtimes and mealtimes do worse at school, a report suggests. To lawfully use the ® symbol, you must have applied and been successful in your application for trademark registration of a specific mark.
This way, your competitors will recognise your mark and, in most cases, respect your exclusive use of your intellectual property. No matter what the context, always ensure that your trademark is displayed conspicuously so that it is immediately noticeable to consumers. Bear in mind that you must always use the correct symbol: ™ for unregistered trademarks and ® marks registered by IP Australia.

The aim of the use of the symbol is to signify your mark: you could place your symbol in sub-script or in a different adjacent position, so long as it is easily noticed by the consumer or your competitors. The ‘SM’ symbol is, however, rarely used, and the ™ symbol is effective in its use for both goods and services. It is highly recommended that you seek independent professional advice or contact us for assistance regarding your individual circumstances. You cannot use the ® symbol if you have a pending application: you are only able to use the symbol if you have been granted registration by IP Australia, the governing body for trademark law.
If you are placing your trademark within a body of text, use a different typeface, or write your trademark in bold, uppercase, superscript, or italic. Using your trademark as a noun can lead to it becoming a generic term, thereby voiding its status as a registered trademark.
It is unlawful to use the ® symbol in conjunction with any mark that is unregistered in Australia. Using the ™ symbol to mark your mark will also help consumers identify your business through your mark. This will effectually make your trademark separate from the surrounding text, and therefore recognisable as your mark.

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