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The amount of UK retail sales increased by 2.5% in the 12 months from September 2011 to September 2012. This measure includes the amount (quantity) of goods in all retailing, seasonally adjusted. This suggests that the UK retail sector is relatively strong compared to other components of the economy.
The headline CPI inflation of 2.2% is being driven by other factors, such as transport and energy prices.
Despite the increased retail sales volume, many big retail shops are still struggling with a report by  PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Local Data Company suggesting that, since the demise of JJB Sports, 32 shops per day are closing per day.
About the AuthorTejvan studied PPE at LMH, Oxford University and works as an economics teacher and writer. Retail sales for the month of February increased 1.1 percent, the largest gain in five months, showing that Americans are still spending at the cash register despite paying 2 percent more in 2013 due to the payroll tax increase and facing higher gasoline prices at the pump. Excluding auto sales, retail sales increased 1.0 percent which is also the largest gain in five months. Futures were negative earlier on Wednesday following an Italian debt auction that saw weaker than expected interest. Retail sales associate gets employment in small specialty stores and large department stores.
Retails sales associate are responsible to perform different duties in order to increase the number of satisfied customers. Retail sales associate is responsible to greet customers and facilitate them by identifying their needs.
Use bullet points and short paragraphs to increase the readability of your retail sales associate resume.
Professional achievements should be written in the retail sales associate resume because these will help potential employers to get an idea about your skills and abilities.
Professional experience section is very important so write this before academic qualifications. Objective statement is necessary to design because it shows your aims and ambitions therefore employers often take decisions about first interview on the basis of objective statement so do not forget to tailor a perfect objective statement.
Give a short summary of your strengths and accomplishments in the bullet points to give an idea to potential employer that you are the perfect person for this job. Write your professional experience and quote professional achievements to influence the potential employer. Write your academic qualifications in the resume relevant to your retail sales and list key skills, projects, workshops, seminars, trainings etc.

Do not include too old experiences and irrelevant qualifications because it will conceal important details of resume.
Enter your email address to receive notifications whenever we add new layouts & templates. Leading research firm eMarketer predicts the retail ecommerce sales in India will grow at a phenomenal rate during the CY 2015 and touch $7.69 billion. And here is the comparison of Total Retail sales vs Retail Ecommerce sales as published by eMarketer. The total retail sales is growing at an impressive rate, registering a double digit growth figure year after year. The retail ecommerce sales (which includes all products ordered over the internet except travel) continues to register an unprecedented growth and increase by leaps and bounds over the 2013-2018 period covered by the report. However, inspite of the amazing rate at which ecommerce sector is growing, it continues to form only a very small part of the total retail sales in the country. Ecommerce sector in the country which is still at a nascent stage is bubbling with activity at the moment.
The year 2014 saw Flipkart attract nearly $1.8 billion from foreign investors inspite of analysts raising a huge question mark about it being over-valued at $11 billion.
Amazon which is relatively new on the Indian scene inspite of having firmly established itself as the king of online retail at the global level has already firmly entrenched itself here. However, the data published yesterday are putting some upward risks on this short-term scenario. Electronic products such as fridges have such a long life that when income falls, people put up with them for much longer rather than replacing them sooner than they actually would have done otherwise. The person is expected to behaved well with customers and provide them high quality customer service. Start with your latest experience history such as name of organization, designation, job responsibilities, duration of job etc.
Start with latest professional experience and try to include most relevant experience in the resume. Try to fill your resume with relevant and important information to increase the chances of interview. Emarketer predicts the rate of growth to pick up by the end of this year and the total retail sales to grow consistently at a rate of 15% from 2016 onwards. Major international players like Amazon are thriving here inspite of the FDI restrictions, while leading Indian portals like Flipkart and Snapdeal are also trying to get bigger and better. Even though it operates on the marketplace model due to FDI restrictions, the leading online retailer does not want to quit the Indian market.

As more and more people in the country are getting connected to the internet, the sector is getting a huge shot in the arm. Cheaper entry level smartphones have made it easier for people to get connected to the internet from their handheld devices. Combined with falling unemployment, it suggests that the double dip recession may soon come to an end.
Retail sales may also have been helped by low interest rates, which have eased the burden for consumers with mortgages. The retail sales associate should have ability to connect with customers in order to increase the goodwill of the company. Retail sales associate helps the customers to understand about the usage and care of products and answer all questions of the customers politely.
Infact, they are looking forward to improve their presence in India by further pumping in $2 billion in the Indian leg of their operations this year, as promised by their founder owner Jeff Bezos during his visit to India in 2014. Though the rate of internet penetration in the country is among the poorest in the world, the number of those connected is rising rapidly. Add to it the fact that the percentage of young population in India (who are the most active online buyers) is extremely huge. If the economy recovers, you would expect to see a big increase in demand for these household goods. It is necessary to inform customers about payment processes, charge cards and sales receipts.
An IAMAI report had already mentioned India crossing the 300 million user mark last year and is expected to touch the half a billion mark by 2016.
Retail sales associate assists customer with all returns and exchanges of merchandise and lots of other processes. It is necessary for retail sales associate to be aware of current promotions, policies and exchanges to conveniently communicate with customers.
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