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For many sales organizations, lead generation is the place where sales and marketing combine and too often, collide. If your organization is trying to get more mileage out of your B2B lead generation efforts, it might help to take a fresh look at where your “marketing” activities stop, and where your “sales” activities begin. According to a recent survey by MarketingSherpa, many companies are missing opportunities to better qualify their B2B sales leads, better understand the unique pain and problems that their prospects are facing, and create better-qualified appointment setting opportunities. Unless your organization is clarifying the expectations for both your marketing and sales teams, it is possible that no one is taking responsibility for these essential aspects of lead generation. As we’ve seen hundreds of times working for clients over the years, if your company is simply pouring more sales leads into the funnel, but without any proven process for filtering out the sales leads, you’re wasting resources, wasting time and missing out on big sales opportunities.
Here are three worrisome signs that your company is “dropping the baton” during the lead generation hand-off between marketing and sales. Contact Strategic Sales & Marketing for a free quick quote or a free, no obligation Test Drive of our lead generation services.
In this case, alignment may refer to the fit between your business model and your business development strategy.
If you find you’re not all that great at answering your own, “why us?” question you’re not alone.
Even the most successful service providers have taken a time-out at one point in their growth cycle to seek help figuring out their, “why us?” response. With whom do you align that understands the value of your knowledge capital and how to position you for growth? As a catalyst for growth in companies both large and small, Mansfield has trained and managed numerous sales teams toward increased sales revenue, led nationally recognized marketing campaigns and has been responsible for selling multi million dollar consulting engagements. As Founder and Principal Consultant at The ESM Group, Mansfield is passionate about helping fellow influencers reach new heights in their impact by developing and aligning sales, marketing and communications strategies for business growth.

Mansfield serves as board chair for Building Legacies International as well as on the University of St.
This entry was posted in Business Development, Business Strategy, Key Differentiators, Sales and Marketing. Dividing responsibilities between the “marketing” and “sales” teams can often be a cause for confusion, especially when the marketing team is taking on additional lead generation responsibilities that used to belong to the sales team. To maximize your lead generation opportunities, it helps to make sure that no one is dropping the baton during the handoff between the marketing and sales teams.
You’re not identifying a sales funnel: Perhaps this sounds like an extreme example, but it happens.
You’re not nurturing your existing business leads: What happens to your B2B sales leads once they’re in the pipeline, but not immediately ready to buy? Talk to Strategic Sales & Marketing for comprehensive lead management services to help you through the B2B lead generation process. One firm says we’re the best because we have the best people on board and their competitor says, me too. Her entrepreneurial track record includes executive leadership roles in emerging high-tech services firms as well as two of her own successful start-ups. She has personally delivered business analysis and management consulting services to small and medium sized businesses throughout the US.
This is a common mistake that companies make with their B2B lead generation efforts: they pull out all the stops to obtain new business leads, but then don’t put any time or resources into qualifying the sales leads.
Too often, companies are leaving money on the table by neglecting to follow-up with existing sales leads. Our industry-leading B2B sales consultants and appointment setters know how to cultivate, qualify and close on complex B2B sales leads in a variety of industries.

Or even about the alignment between your differentiators and your client’s perception of value. She also donates her time as a founding member on the Zambia Task Force, an African mission through CPC, her church, and is currently in training to lead mission trips through World Servants, Inc.
Without a standard process for filtering, measuring, tracking, evaluating, sorting and prioritizing sales leads, your sales team is flying blind.
This leads to wasted time and frustration as the sales team puts in many fruitless hours on the phone with prospects that aren’t ready to buy. Instead of assuming that a “not interested” response means that the prospect is “not interested” forever, your company needs to conduct ongoing lead nurturing to stay in contact with these prospects.
We can help you find more sales leads, better qualify your sales leads, conduct more efficient appointment setting, and improve conversion rates to overcome your B2B lead generation challenges and turn B2B sales leads into bigger sales results. In April 2010, Mansfield was named “Woman on the Way” by NAWBO for her innovation, breakthrough success and documented growth of The ESM Group. 34% of the MarketingSherpa survey respondents said they contact their prospects once a month for lead nurturing follow-up, and 22% contact their business leads weekly. Simply stated, gears are designed and aligned to produce results – and their performance matters.

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