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To get a grip on what the near future may look like, we tapped the knowledge of 21 social media pros. I don’t know about the world in general, but I am fascinated with the movement of ecommerce and predict that it will continue to trend in 2013.
Social media is a great venue for consumers because of the integrated communication features and potential ecommerce features. But even Facebook is missing the mark a bit. I’m a big fan of any way we can use social media to build business, sell product and support our economy.
Brands will need to understand what it takes to do visual marketing well, whether within their current communities or new networks like Pinterest, Instagram and others. I believe that we will stop seeing media as social and start thinking about our media as being either active or passive. These new lenses on both media and the consumer will help brands figure out the best marketing mix, and help them optimize everything from content creation and TV spots to the amount of time, energy and effort they should place on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Mitch Joel, president of Twist Image, blogger, podcaster and author of Six Pixels of Separation. They’ve already acquired Threadsy (an analytics tool) and earlier this year they allowed third-party developers to create actions beyond Comment, Like and Share. John Haydon, co-author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies. He advises nonprofits on marketing strategy and the effective use of Facebook, blogs, Twitter and other tools.
As social media begins to come of age in 2013, brands will realize that with unprecedented clutter coming from both people and brands, the need for beautiful and engaging content is greater than ever.
In B2B, content marketing has already taken center stage with white papers, ebooks, webinars, infographics and articles.
In 2013, as Instagram, Pinterest and other multimedia social networks grow, you’ll see more and more B2C brands using social media to produce and share beautiful photos, sophisticated comics and other visual aids, and brilliant TV-level videos. In 2013, the fastest-growing social network will be SlideShare, while Facebook and LinkedIn each launch their own original content creation strategies to drive further engagement and open up sponsored content opportunities.
Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, author of Managing Content Marketing and co-author of Get Content, Get Customers.

The GCSC is one of Canada’s biggest national student competitions, and invites universities and colleges across the country to take part this year.
The competition consists of three rounds, and participants are required to use their sales skills to advance through them. Michael Cote, the Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer of Purolator showed his enthusiasm for upcoming GCSC.
The final round consists of finalists presenting their pitch to a panel of judges made up of executives from Canada’s leading companies. All the finalists of the competition win a trip to Toronto, up to $7,500 and a chance to meet the executives from Canada’s leading companies. Finalist from last year’s GCSC, Rachele Benjamin, stated that although she did not pursue a career in sales, she was able to learn valuable skills and lessons from the competition.
The ability to network, construct and present ideas are skills that are pivotal to many jobs in the workforce today.
Sex and the Steel City 2016Along with our regular print issue, we will be releasing this year's Sex and the Steel City magazine on Feb. Making purchasing easier and more fun is one way of doing it, and is the reason I see the mashup of ecommerce and social media as a huge growth trend in 2013. For example, a clothing store will allow store visitors to log in and pay for their purchases all through their Facebook account. Marketers will have the ability, through automation, to get suggestions for Page updates based on how Facebook users have been reacting to a Page’s previous posts.
Sonya Meloff, the cofounder of the Sales Talent Agency and Great Canadian Sales Competition believes this will help a new generation become interested in sales. To enter the competition, students are required to submit a video pitch about a product or service of their interest.
The ability to build on these skills is a fundamental aspect to learn before entering a professional setting and the GCSC hopes to continue helping students find their niche in the field. With over 2,000+ storefronts worldwide, CoCo hopes to expand their audience to students and families in the Steel City.

It’s a snackable type of content that resonates with people globally and increases engagement within communities no matter where they are located. Thirty-five corporate sponsors acted as judges and buyers for the twenty minute sales calls.The NCSC undergraduate competition is a sales call skills challenge which is run as an elimination-style tournament.
This is partially due to its major sponsors, which include Google, Air Canada, Xerox and Purolator. After making it to the second round, participants work with one of the competition’s big-name sponsors to create a pitch for a novel product or service in line with the company’s interest. Guaranteed, if nothing else, you will learn a lot from entering and giving it your best shot,” she explained.
I now feel confident that I can go into a presentation and lead a sales call from beginning to end.
Our intention with the competition was really to highlight sales as a profession, celebrate sales as a profession and promote the profession. We help prepare our finalists, and where I feel that most of the fun for us next is to see them presenting in the final round and cheering them on,” he said. I’m using this skill set right now in my practicum.”The competition is designed to be challenging, engaging, and rewarding. And we hope to be a conduit to getting students in front of amazing employers and hopefully getting as many as possible into amazing job opportunities,” said Meloff. Scott Lee said, “I ended up with a buyer who went off on a tangent and I had to real him back in to stay on track and finish within my time allotment. In the classroom and out, students learn strategic approaches to working on and leading teams, practice critical thinking and analysis while cementing theoretical knowledge, and acquire work experience through internships.Upcoming Undergrad EventsUndergraduate Strategy Development CompetitionThe undergraduate program at the Foster School partners with Seattle’s thriving and innovative business community to develop forward-looking, customized cases centered on a current strategic issue. The result of this partnership is a capstone course, Strategic Business Management, taken during one quarter of senior year, which positions student teams in front of executives to make formal presentations on their recommendations.

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