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My idea was to provide good content on the left side, which would establish my credibility and quality, and then give people an easy way to order using the column on the right side.
Right now you have two columns of equal weight that compete with each other and confuse the reader. I’ve wondered if I should put a link to a sample product, since people might think that all they get is what is illustrated by the business coach sample in the article.
Of the approx 75 bios Ia€™ve sold in the past 6 months, Ia€™ve only been asked for a refund once. Standard wisdom says a€?the money is in the lista€? and I realize I am missing an opportunity by not building a list with this site. That’s precisely going to be my focus for 2008, giving Copyblogger readers a chance to have their initial promo plans reviewed and made-over BEFORE a single word is written or formatted. I love your makeovers and the wealth of information they provide as well as the useful sites you point to. And the Header tags above each paragraph could have been larger – with alternating pastel colors for each paragraph. Her target market needs to be enticed, they are tired, they are more than likely over-stretched,].
And, as usual, your critique is right on point and her focus has to be to build a relationship and give them a compelling reason to consider her offer. One of my challenges with this site is finding that delicate balance between selling and providing useful information.
I do sympathize with Barbra’s not wanting to do a typical yellow-highlighted, red-headlined squeeze page like millions of other horrible squeeze pages out there.
These are some awesome tips not only for her website, but to consider for any web site and helps with working through issues as I’m building out some of my work. Hi Roberta, a quick update to let you know that thanks to your critique I revamped my site and the sales continue to increase each month.

Roberta Rosenberg, you are a silky smooth, heart pumping, awesome injection giving human being! I wanted it to appear professional but not too slick, and I really wanted to stay away from the ubiquitous a€?internet hyperbolea€?. Unless you’re already a web designer, use standard design conventions when formatting your landing page.
Show me the product, folks using the product, or the result of using your product — How about showing your own bio with a photo? Good content certainly is a credibility builder but you need to take it several steps beyond with testimonials and a strong guarantee repeated often. If you’re concerned about privacy, rent a private mail box from the post office or the UPS store. But I am stumped as to why anyone would want to join a list for such a narrow niche … What would they be interested in beyond whata€™s on the site? I have read many a marketing blog in my day and this exceeds everything I have soaked up so far!Why? This article's comments are now closed.Get instant access to proven marketing training a€” for free.
I’m going to quote Barbra from time to time for this critique to give you a sense of her thinking along with my comments.
Low-key isn’t always good and sometimes slick is what you want to ultimately drive home your sale. Whether you use a one or two column format, your page has to give your reader visual cues and directions to follow. But if you’re looking to generate template sales your content has to contain a strong and compelling SALES message. A template makes it super easy to write a professional bio in the right style and format without the headaches, etc.

Show a few screen shots of completed sample bios from a variety of nicely designed websites and blogs representing different trades and industries. I also have lots of happy unsolicited testimonials that perhaps I should include on the page. There needs to be more distinction between the different page elements and all of the links act as a distraction. The skinny you can use to list the templates available as well as other sales supportive components. My reaction is that $49 for a template is too high considering I could pay someone to write a bio for me for $50. Do your research, review your competition and begin your creative approach based on what your prospective customer needs, wants and expects when they land on your page. If you don’t want to hire a designer, think about buying a template or using a free service like Weebly.
Only if you’re really serious about crafting the most effective, response-generating landing pages you can. You are now NUMBER ONE in my blog subscriber listings!Keep rocking this social media space MRS! With practically no production or mailing costs, you realize almost all profit no matter what you price it at.
Repurpose some of your more informational product into a tip sheet and offer it in exchange for a first name and email address — then start brainstorming the possibilities.

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