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Every Rejection Was A Blessing In Disguise And This Is Why I Will Be Always Thankful To All Of Them! Why A Leisurely Walk In Your Daily Life Is So Important To Make You More Productive And Happy? Nodding with a smile, the young man at the stall started picking up pomegranates from the pile. As I sipped on the juice served to me in a large beer mug, I contemplated whether I should mind my own business or let the question inside me flow out. Seller: “I have priced all the fruit-juices in my shop at a flat rate of forty rupees per (large) glass, irrespective of the fluctuations in the wholesale market. As I mentioned in the beginning, that it was an idle Sunday evening, hence I was in no hurry to go home. Seller: “I cannot do that… for the sake of the joggers’ gang which frequents my stall every morning. After chugging off the last sip of the juice and placing the empty glass on the counter, I paid forty rupees to the smart Aleck and walked off!

Life Beyond NumbersWe strongly believe in the power of inspiring stories to bring about contagious positivity.
No matter what the post office, banks and retail shops may think, today is George Washington's actual birthday. While most of us would agree that lying to customers and prospective customers is wrong, who hasn't stumbled over the truth when it comes to making promises - promises we're later unable to keep? Sales coach Keith Rosen asks, "Do you have a hard time telling customers the truth about how long a project may actually take, or cost? In Top Dog Sales Secrets, Rosen advises, "Being honest about what you know to be true, and sharing this with your customer - even if the customer may not like what you have to say - is the most effective strategy to manage the expectations of your customers and reduce time consuming problems. So, in honor of our first President, be brave and opt for some truth-telling when necessary today. And to add some healthy aspect to my lazy walk, which had replaced my customary jogging session, I decided to treat myself with some nutritious supplement.
As he did so, I absent-mindedly counted the number of fruits he extracted and I indulged in some mental mathematics.

Out of the ten people in the group, there’s only one who places order for pomegranate juice. Ashley works with America's leading sales experts to bring practical selling tips and strategies to salespeople, sales managers, business owners and entrepreneurs.
When left with a few hours after dedicating time to these activities, he loves reading novels, watching movies and listening to music. Recently I had purchased pomegranates at the rate of sixty rupees for three pieces from the wholesale market, and the vendor used the same number of fruits to prepare my glass of juice. Over 30,000 sales professionals rely on Sales Dog's free weekly newsletter to keep them abreast of cutting-edge developments impacting their profession. His weekend mornings are reserved for setting out on a brief biking expedition with friends or family.

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