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For many sales organizations, lead generation is the place where sales and marketing combine and too often, collide. If your organization is trying to get more mileage out of your B2B lead generation efforts, it might help to take a fresh look at where your “marketing” activities stop, and where your “sales” activities begin. According to a recent survey by MarketingSherpa, many companies are missing opportunities to better qualify their B2B sales leads, better understand the unique pain and problems that their prospects are facing, and create better-qualified appointment setting opportunities. Unless your organization is clarifying the expectations for both your marketing and sales teams, it is possible that no one is taking responsibility for these essential aspects of lead generation. As we’ve seen hundreds of times working for clients over the years, if your company is simply pouring more sales leads into the funnel, but without any proven process for filtering out the sales leads, you’re wasting resources, wasting time and missing out on big sales opportunities. Here are three worrisome signs that your company is “dropping the baton” during the lead generation hand-off between marketing and sales. Contact Strategic Sales & Marketing for a free quick quote or a free, no obligation Test Drive of our lead generation services. I have realized that she is right–most people do not understand what marketing is, how it is different than sales, and how they all relate.
If you are trying to combine your sales and marketing, you are probably often frustrated with your results. Marketing is about ongoing education, teaching others while sales, as you noted, is about taking the next step (whether signing up for a program or joining a list). Though sales and marketing are often used interchangeably, they have some basic differences.
Sales and Marketing has grown into a new dimension altogether with the advancement of information technology. We recognize the importance of sales and marketing in your organization’s revenue growth. Your search for qualified, experienced marketing personnel with proven track record ends here. No matter the size - startup business, small and medium sized enterprise (SME), or large corporation - marketing and sales are critical to every companya€™s success in the market place. Too often, particularly in smaller and medium-sized enterprises, sales is performed in an untargeted and opportunistic way and good money is unnecessarily spent on suboptimal mass advertisement while there is no clear marketing and sales plan and no marketing and sales strategy in place. In a highly competitive market environment, professional and cost-effective targeted marketing and sales, based on a clearly defined marketing & sales strategy, is essential. With a strong focus on startup companies and small and medium-sized enterprises, Skywave Solutions helps clients to develop their marketing and sales strategy based on cost effective marketing and sales plans that are optimally aligned with their market opportunities and tailored to their individual needs and budgets.
Please contact us for more information on our marketing and sales planning services and integrated business solutions or for a free initial consultation. When it comes to different businesses and company initiatives, they often have one thing in common: the need to drive sales or transactions in order to earn revenue and grow the business. Not every sales position is as controversial or demanding as others; there are different types of sales positions, each with their own set of challenges and benefits. We generally have found that people in reactive and proactive types of sales positions have short tenures in the sales world.
When it comes to marketing vs sales, one big difference is that marketers indirectly communicate with prospects and try to inspire them to buy.
We feel that in this modern day of mixed media, it is becoming even more important for top marketing professionals to have a really strong understanding of sales.

So, in terms of marketing vs sales, marketing can be a great profession for many, but marketers very rarely make the big bucks that the sales rainmakers make. Dividing responsibilities between the “marketing” and “sales” teams can often be a cause for confusion, especially when the marketing team is taking on additional lead generation responsibilities that used to belong to the sales team. To maximize your lead generation opportunities, it helps to make sure that no one is dropping the baton during the handoff between the marketing and sales teams. You’re not identifying a sales funnel: Perhaps this sounds like an extreme example, but it happens. You’re not nurturing your existing business leads: What happens to your B2B sales leads once they’re in the pipeline, but not immediately ready to buy?
Talk to Strategic Sales & Marketing for comprehensive lead management services to help you through the B2B lead generation process. When I asked the host why she selected me to do this (btw, this is one of my standard questions to assess all incoming opportunities), she said that I have an understanding about marketing and the ability to explain it that most people need to hear.
Marketing can include networking (online and offline), attending events, advertising, press releases, speaking, direct mail, search engine optimization, joint ventures and many more tactics. A sale is said to be made when any goods or services are exchanged for monetary benefits, whereas marketing is a process of creating and communicating the existence of those offerings and the benefits therein. Detailed real time information about sales done in the target areas is available instantly with a few clicks. In this era of commercialization, just manufacturing products and providing service is not enough. In Outside Sales the rep is often not in the office, but in the field creating prospects and going on sales call.
They are generally much higher paid than the basic order taker, but it is a rare breed that can consistently be successful in this realm. These types of sales positions are filled with professionals who have developed their skill set and network in order to reduce the amount of blind prospecting required. These styles are often times not cut out for sales longevity and very few of them ever make it to relational selling.
After conducting considerable amounts of research we have found that many of the top CMO’s (Chief Marketing Officers) started in the trenches of sales. At 3Hr Learning we are passionate about educating people who are looking to make a career change. This is a common mistake that companies make with their B2B lead generation efforts: they pull out all the stops to obtain new business leads, but then don’t put any time or resources into qualifying the sales leads. Too often, companies are leaving money on the table by neglecting to follow-up with existing sales leads. Our industry-leading B2B sales consultants and appointment setters know how to cultivate, qualify and close on complex B2B sales leads in a variety of industries. The prevalence of smart phones has given rise to new marketing apps across operating system platforms. At 3Hr Learning, we like to use the analogy of the sales team as the Marines, getting sent in first to drive results and create a market.
We feel these reactive and proactive sales people are frequently better suited to be marketers, where they can use some of the experiences they gained in sales without being forced to continuously build relationships.
With the explosion of the Internet there has been large growth in the Digital Marketing arena.

We pose the question: how can you truly think like your client, understanding their needs and motivations, unless you have been out there face-to-face with them and asked the relevant questions?
We feel sales should be a fundamental consideration from individuals that are competitive, great at building relationships, and driven to be the highest paid person in their organization.
Without a standard process for filtering, measuring, tracking, evaluating, sorting and prioritizing sales leads, your sales team is flying blind.
This leads to wasted time and frustration as the sales team puts in many fruitless hours on the phone with prospects that aren’t ready to buy.
Instead of assuming that a “not interested” response means that the prospect is “not interested” forever, your company needs to conduct ongoing lead nurturing to stay in contact with these prospects. We can help you find more sales leads, better qualify your sales leads, conduct more efficient appointment setting, and improve conversion rates to overcome your B2B lead generation challenges and turn B2B sales leads into bigger sales results.
Sales include converting people from your website onto your newsletter list or your Facebook page is a form of a sale.
Marketers need to have the skills to get the main message across to prospective customers and convert them into sales.
Today’s marketing professionals should be well versed in the usage of such software and database to achieve any company’s marketing goals.
Whether your requirements are fresher or professional with proven track record, we are your number one choice. The marketing strategies generally act as more of an occupying force that holds things down once the brand is established. This is because the outside salesperson not only has to sell a product or service but also has to seek out the prospect before they necessarily know they are in the market for that product or service.
We have found that Digital Marketing can really help to feed the funnel for the sales team and that their efforts are far more measurable than your traditional advertising mediums. 34% of the MarketingSherpa survey respondents said they contact their prospects once a month for lead nurturing follow-up, and 22% contact their business leads weekly. Digital marketers often use a variety of strategies including search engine marketing (SEM, SEO & PPC), online display advertisements, email marketing, content marketing and more to reach an audience and expose them to a particular brand.
In addition, they should also have project management skills to manage a marketing campaign effectively.
To better understand marketing vs sales roles in a company and as a career, let’s take a look at an overview of marketing and the different types of sales positions.
This is because inside sales people are often sitting in the office or at a retail location selling to incoming leads and potential customers. Marketing overall can become a very scalable and cost effective strategy for organizations once their product or services have gained some market acceptance and a large enough audience to which they can market. Key marketing personnel should have the ability to stay focused, delegated and be result driven.
The fact that these inside sales people generally don’t have to prospect as hard makes their job less complex and they generally have lower earning potential.

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