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Our mission is centered around positioning our broker partners to grow and protect their business.
We understand time is important and should be focused on selling and strengthening client relationships. To support the sales and services of products beyond group medical, we have established internal speciality departments and several strategic vendor alliances. With our network of internal and external resources it is easier than ever to round out and protect your accounts. Since 1998, we have been the trusted catalyst for business growth to early-stage and Fortune 1000 companies in the technology and service sectors. We drive growth and competitive advantage by combining our industry expertise, best practices, and analytical rigor. Strategic project management bridges the gap between the lofty ambitions of strategists and staff that do the work.
Strategy therefore requires making explicit choices – to do some things and not others – and building a business around those choices. Playing To Win shows how well P&G’s strategic choices significantly improved the company’s results.
Whether you are managing a single project or a set of projects, the need to manage priorities is ever present. Tip: Listen to the Manager Tools podcast “Got Email?” for further guidance on effective email habits.
According to Gartner research in 2013, 68% of stakeholders perceive their PMOs to be bureaucratic. Seventy five percent of high performing organizations call on their project management offices to contribute to strategic planning (source: The State of the Project Management Office (PMO) 2014). If you’re already active in the project management office, then you need to get up to speed on strategy.
Tip: Read the Chapter 2 (Level 5 Leadership) in “Good To Great” by Jim Collins for an additional evidence showing that leaders ambitious for the organizations deliver better results. All that expense and effort goes to waste unless you revisit the strategy and measure progress. Project Management Offices (PMOs) are one of the best ways for project professionals to contribute to the strategic conversation.
Based on a survey of more than 3,000 professionals around the world, this report gives an excellent overview of the state of strategic project management. Studying decline of great organizations began with Edward Gibbons`s research landmark books on the Roman Empire. It also means, organizations should ensure that project managers are not unnecessarily engaged in tactical activities like calling up resources for project status update, organizing status meeting, etc.
Customers appreciate when you do some of the thinking for them.  These hot holiday selling tips work only when you have a service mindset in your head and customer satisfaction in your heart. Use these 5 hot holiday selling tips to help your customers plan their needs before the point of sale.
Learn proven strategies that WORK to fill your holiday booking calendar, build your sales team to finish the year strong, and follow up with your prospects, customers, Hosts and potential recruits effectively. You should recognize that attitude could make the difference between winning and losing, or even walking away from an  occupations.
Facing adversity and winning is what all good sales professionals seek.  As a matter of fact, many do it all of the time. Mental toughness in sales is attainable, and when coupled with Extra Effort it creates a significance force.  When coupled with a good sales plan and solid preparation you have a star. What is Extra Effort is in the avocation of professional sales and how does this apply to you?  It is essentially doing over and above what is necessary so that success is assured, and doing it better than most other sales professionals. In prospecting it is making the additional five prospecting calls per day, with the recognition that the next call could be the “pay dirt” that moves the day from the normal success of scoring on 1 for 10 calls to the very successful 2-3 appointments. In customer service, it is the extra effort of treating each customer as if they are the only customer.  Giving this level of customer service is more time consuming and requires consistent awareness and forethought. In your sales career it is getting the credentials that will make you a product or industry expert, giving you some degree of preference over other professionals that populate your industry. We will talk more about mental toughness and extra effort in a future post.  Realize that you probably have it but do not recognize it.  Be the professional!

If you were to do a little research you would find something fascinating about people and positions within your organization.  You would find that the successful sales executive usually out-earns most positions that are not considered upper management. So why do so many people believe that all the brains in an organization are in the engineering departments, finance department, and general management?  Well, because so many people don’t know the rigors of professional selling and the strategies and intelligence needed to do it.
The best of these individuals are compensated highly for their skills and the uncertainty of the job to the degree that their annual income, which may include salary and bonus or otherwise are enviable.   Sure it is hard work, but so many know it is their ‘ticket out’ and have provided for their family in ways that draws jealousy from people in the other functions or departments. When the machines can create and nurture relationships we will be in trouble, but I don’t see that happening soon. This sales professional role is best done by someone who comes in with the skills that we probably take for granted.  We will call them advanced sales skills. So the smartest guy in the room may well be the Ultimate Sales Professional (Black Sales Journal – The Ultimate Sales Professional I, II, and III).  Read this and let me know what you think.
We will ‘just ask him not to wear a cape to the sales presentations.  So when the meeting happens, who is the smartest guy in the room?
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Confidentiality in Selling I recently sat on a bus returning from a client visit, you know the clients who have a very large multi site you have to park offsite and catch a mini bus onsite. After just listening to Sas Huntwood's presentation I had a number of actions I could implement immediately within my company to make a difference to the bottom line. After completing various sales training over the last 8 years, I have to say Sas provided the best training I have attended. Good to see an alternative take on sales training that results in retaining more information than you would normally. Very enjoyable course from reminder of the sales basics to using new skills to increase client numbers & profitable new business volumes to be even more successful. With that in mind, we have secured and developed multiple resources necessary to gain a competitive advantage for new business development and client retention.
We are the spark that ignites innovation and momentum and 85% of our revenues come from clients who have worked with us in the past. Rely on us to devise breakthrough growth strategies, build differentiation into product offering, and accelerate sales and marketing efforts to deliver top line revenue. According to the authors, P&G doubled its sales (and quadrupled its profits) from 2000 to 2009 as a result of strategic choices.
In fact, that’s an excellent way to assess your strategy – does it give you a framework to make decisions and achieve results?
If organization is struggling to achieve its current strategy or pursuing new goals, projects are the answer.
As an example, let’s say your organization has made a strategic choice to obtain college educated customers aged 30-40 in large cities. When you read a change request to study the young adult demographic (16-25), you can turn it down by referencing the organization’s customer strategy. In the case of engaging with a new customer segment, that task could be reading a market research report.
If you’re like most people, you tend to have more energy in the morning before your will power is consumed. In some firms, PMOs operate similar to a financial reporting department – issuing reports, measuring spending and other monitoring responsibilities. On the other hand, if you’re a growing project professional, you may have limited input on strategy today. In fact, Ryan Holiday recommends this reading approach when tackling a large subjects like the Civil War. Throughout the book, the authors provided in-depth examples of how Proctor & Gamble approached strategic questions. To learn more about where corporate strategy came from and where it is going, read this book. In this short 2009 Business Week article, Jim Collins explores the warning signs that indicate that decline is approaching. As October develops, more articles will be published here exploring strategic project management. It is advisable to go for automated project management software which will relieve PMs from their routine activities that are best handled by a tool.

When adding up the order, ask if they have anyone else who might like this item as a gift and suggest, “Do you have anyone else on your gift list that is around the same price range? Join us for our next session of Build Your Bookings for more strategies to add bustle to your home party calendar. Barb is a highly interactive, creative speaker and author offering customized, professional skill development programs for workshops, meetings and teleconference training programs. There is no area that extra effort will have the more impact than the process of sourcing prospects. Vice Presidents and up are at a disadvantage when it comes to the total compensation package, but there are good reasons for it. I recently asked a client at our sales clinic “Are you in sales?”, he responded “No, I am a business owner”. Having never had any formal sales training before her inquisitive approach helped identify specific areas for me to work on and establish measurable goals to achieve.
With Emerson Reid as your General Agent, you will differentiate yourself from the competition! To continue the metaphor, a strategic approach compels you to prevent fires rather than simply fighting them as they emerge. Lafley, explore strategy at Proctor & Gamble, one of the largest companies in the world. More specifically, strategy is an integrated series of choices that uniquely positions the firm in its industry so as to create sustainable advantage and superior value relative to the competition. The habit is driven by curiosity (what’s happening in the world?), ego (did anybody mention me on social media?) and other factors.
You could also contact influential people in the demographic and seek them out for interviews.
If your project depends on enthusiasm, creativity or problem solving, ignoring energy levels is a recipe for failure. You may be tempted to use other criteria such as working on technically interesting projects. At the CEO level, a relentless drive for glory means previous little time for developing other leaders. It might be satisfying to complete the ERP implementation, but is that what the organization really needs?
If your work involves selecting or designing new offerings for customers, this book will be especially valuable. IF you’re seeking a broad introduction to multiple strategy thinkers, you may want to consider “The Financial Times guide to the gurus strategy : the top 20 strategic thinkers and what they can do for you” by Vaughan Evans.
Even the best strategy (and the most successful project manager) needs to change and adapt from time to time. You might save time picking up a few of these for others, too?”  If the item is for personal use, consider the convenience of having one of the items in several locations. When a customer orders a book on Amazon, the company always populates a list of related material, as well as listing additional customers who purchased the product.  People tend to rely of third party endorsements, thus in this case your customers. How many times have you been tempted to add a luscious dessert on because the server’s delivery was too tempting to turn down? I did and came away with a new framework and tactics to boost my businesses performance significantly. Make a list of the most popular items that your customers order and be ready to inquire if they would like to pair  <insert your suggestion> with it?
When you are adding up your orders, put a sweet cap on the shopping experience by showing a few of your lower priced items that you did not have an opportunity to talk about during your presentation.  These add-ons can be the sweetest way to end a good meal, or turn a transaction into a relationship based on recommendations that enhance the service you provide. It might mean a ring that matches a bracelet, a kitchen tool designed to enhance a specific bowl, or a skin cleanser with a toner. In order for your customer to get the full benefit, make them fully aware of the compatibility.

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