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Within the company business strategy the sales strategy consists of those three elements for which the Chief Sales Officer is responsible: customers, channels and competition. Other executives own the other elements of the business strategy, depending on their responsibilities in the company.
In other words: operational plans describe the specific operational measures required to lead the company business systems to the strategic goals. Each company thus needs operational plans for (as example) researcha nd development, manufacturing, sales, logistics and service in order to execute the business strategy. Sales units (like units for geography sales, product sales, channel sales) need their own operational sub plans defining the specific measures required to lead these to their sub goals. A sales strategy tells us where we’re going as a company – it translates our vision into actionable steps.
55% of companies cite “translating the strategy to action with our sales organization and sales channels” as one of their top sales effectiveness challenges.
A sales strategy that delivers growth demands a solid framework around customer segments, offers, value proposition, coverage, and talent. SalesGlobe can help your organization envision, create, and implement a better sales strategy Contact us to get started.

Transformation requires multiple projects with cross functional dependencies and critical path management. Once business goals are identified, SPM assists in defining - in behavioural terms - what it means to move into a new paradigm.
Role-based Competencies - derived from behavioral blueprints that target behavioral change - support the overall sales strategy. Delivering any program requires careful consideration of logistics, learning styles, business impact, timing and delivery modes. Ideally, integration of processes into supporting systems is completed prior to sales enablement. Tangible, Sustainable, Sales Productivity Improvement requires a streamed approach across different corporate interest groups. The sales strategy will drive our decisions around what products we focus on, how we segment and target the market, our value proposition, and our resulting approach to market. Without an effective sales strategy, the company’s objectives don’t convert to front line actions and the sales organization will usually determine its own strategy, rep by rep.
SPM helps design cost effective, high impact execution programs with mixed mode delivery options.

Selecting and managing the right partners for your transformation journey can be a daunting task. Execution of rollout plans and ongoing monitoring of sales management’s ownership and drive of the adoption process are a key focus for SPM during this phase.
Our goal is to integrate, wherever possible, with existing programs to minimize disruption and maximize ROI. SPM provides the processes and experience to remove the guesswork from your initiative and reduce your risk of program over-runs and blow-outs. Tied to readily traceable metrics, they ensure post-training application of new behaviors is driven through to business influence. For greater results, facilitated workshops allow executives to understand overall program impact and to identify and address prioritized barriers.

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