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Brodd's Garage can help you develop and grow your online brand through strategically creating and placing advertisements, content blogging, keyword searches, banner ads and more. Whether your internet marketing strategy utilizes websites, blogs, article marketing or press releases correctly using keywords is an absolute must. Keyword optimization is a very integral component of an effective online marketing strategy.
Search engines are a key resource for individuals to find businesses, products and services online. Savvy businesses use search engine optimization plans as a roadmap to reach new customers and attract them to their website. Many SEO plans focus on keywords, but it’s important to remember that there is more to SEO than words. One of the many things search engines look for when ranking your site in search results, is your sites’ link profile, which are inbound (links from other sites to yours), outbound (links from your site to other sites) and internal links (links that allow users to navigate within your site.) It is important to make sure all of those links are relevant and trustworthy to users. To link from other sites to yours, contact your vendors or some of your customers who have websites. By understanding the value and proper use of keywords, content, marketing and links, you can easily create a site-specific SEO plan that search engines and your audience alike will notice and appreciate.

We take into account your budget and figure out a monitoring and testing plan with detailed analytics to aid in marketing decisions.
The proper keyword optimization of content helps anyone searching for information like yours to easily find it.
With the growth of search engine use, the use of other traditional marketing tactics has reduced. A good SEO plan involves keywords, quality content, trustworthy links and incorporating other online marketing avenues such as social media. They hope your website is not a virtual brochure of your company, detailing everything from how your business started to your plans for growth.
If your business is not involved with social media it could mean you are leaving new traffic on the table.
For your business to grow, you should strive to adapt to the changes in the ways customers search for you.
Instead they want to see how your business is ready (and able) to help them solve a need or problem they have.
Then provide them with your logo image, link and online copy you would like them to use on their site.

Make sure social media is part of your SEO plan especially if your target audience is heavily involved in it; say the 19-35 year-old population. The manner in which you use keywords within your content will effect you in the search engine rankings. They want to see your expertise through photos, videos, customer testimonials, engaging articles, anything as long as they find it valuable.
Make it easy for new users to navigate to your website easily from your social media sites. They are interested in lists of “top 5,” or “best of.” If content is provided in a quality way, they are more likely to turn to you when they make the decision to purchase. That said, making sure you link to your site consistently helps build inbound links (see above) and can increase your SEO.

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