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SEM is about leveraging high-quality, relevant traffic from internet search engines, to give your business a boost and the output it deserves. When searchers search a phrase for which you have put a bid on search engines, your advertisement is displayed. This comprehensive internet marketing ebook will guide you through every essential step you should be taking to effectively market your business on the web. Companies that invest in local search now will establish a formidable and sustainable competitive advantage. When triggered by a search query, local search dominates the page, casting a shadow over organic website listings in the process.
Considering that Google is by far the largest search engine and being a Certified Google Partner, we start with Google Local Listing optimization and then expand out to the many local search directories.
Local search marketing is a critical aspect of search engine optimization for retail stores, doctors, restaurants, hotels and more.

Plus, bad data is rampant in local search engines and online directories which is a key reason for duplicate local listings that can wreak havoc on your customers' experience. If you're ready to get serious about helping your customers find you locally and maximize your sales,  Request More Information. When efficiently managed, your campaigns attract customers who are ready to buy in the regions you serve at the times that work best for your schedule. The bulk of the page is occupied by local listings, drawing immediate attention to our client’s location (Sleep Train). Using it to acquire new clients effectively requires careful implementation and continual management. With smart mobile phone usage booming this is going to increase and further reinforce the importance of local search. For businesses that are not so locally focused like large B2Bs, local search marketing is still an important customer touch point since vendors, customers, partners and potential employees will likely be looking to get directions to your office.

You only pay when an interested customer clicks your ad to visit your website or landing page. You’ll notice that Sleep Train is the highest ranking organic website listing as well, which is almost irrelevant in this case. At eNIDUS, SEO is not only about aiding you to reach the heights; it is about keeping you at the summit. This is roughly 3 billion Google Search Queries every month that contained local terms (according to Comscore reports). Clearly, the local listings dominate the search results page and will take a large percentage of clicks away from the organic website listings.

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