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Information published in October by whistleblower Edward Snowden purported to show that the NSA had secretly gained access to data centers belonging to Yahoo, as well as other major Web firms, enabling the government intelligence agency to intercept the communications and files of hundreds of millions of users. The following posters are aimed at raising awareness of the risks associated with using weak passwords and are being made freely available for you to download. These posters are being made freely available and may be printed locally and used within your own business or dwelling. Managing the security risks associated with an institution’s growing reliance upon information technology is an ongoing challenge.  Information systems have long been at risk from malicious actions, inadvertent user errors, and natural disasters, and today, the risk is even greater because the use of information systems and electronic data is an integral part of most key operational activities. Information is an asset and must be protected to ensure its confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

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