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Seminars are the primary focus for the Successful Senior Marketing System in promoting planning for aging seniors in the community. We believe our Educational Presentation Marketing Package (contained in this system) is the most comprehensive set of presentations and ever made. The Educational Presentation Marketing Package also includes materials for your constructing extremely high-quality workbooks on over 30 different presentation subjects.
If you prefer, feel free to request information or submit a question to us in the form below. In order to quickly achieve success, you must become extremely efficient at producing new sales. To quickly increase your income, you simply can't afford to waste time using unproven techniques or trial-and-error methods. Over all else, making sure as many people as possible actually show up to your seminar is undoubtedly the most important variable to consider in hosting seminar events. That’s right; the data unequivocally shows that direct mail continues to make some of the largest impacts seen in the marketing world today. With overall response rates shooting through the roof and doing so in an increasingly saturated digital landscape; it is no wonder why direct mail is breaking through the noise and getting responses! One of the most essential aspects of successful marketing is getting the right people to take notice of the product or service you are offering. Don’t get caught up in the marketing buzz words being thrown around in today’s virtual world. Your Marketing SolutionOur marketing consultants understand the intricacies of a successful marketing strategy and are able to generate a constant stream of prospects by utilizing our proven programs to bring together the elements of creativity, customization and quality results to clients.

We're confident our expertise will improve your marketing results, we invite you to call one of our marketing consultants to get started. Community referrers and collaborative marketing partners will often arrange for community presentations introducing the services from you or members of your council, or instruction on veterans benefits or for Medicaid planning. Not only will we train you how to do seminar marketing successfully and educate you on the various subjects included in the seminar presentations, but we will give you a system that can be customized (using 175 mix-and-match slides) to provide presentations on 21 different aging senior issues and adapted for encounters of 30 minutes, 60 minutes 120 minutes or three hours.
We would like to discuss pricing as well as ways for you to integrate this system into your existing practice. In aansluiting op het seminar kunnen wij in samenwerking met u onderzoeken of wij u kunnen ondersteunen met workshops. The longer it takes to capture new clients, the longer and harder you will have to work to become successful. Even industry standbys such as cold-calling, financial newsletters and one-on-one presentations will not efficiently take you where you need to go.
For that reason, choosing where to invest your marketing dollars is potentially the single most critical decision you will face. In fact, in a recent 2015 DMA report featured by the Wall Street Journal, direct mail was found to be one of the most effective marketing channels for garnering responses. Recent research shows that up to 79% of prospects act immediately upon receiving their direct mail! Perhaps this is why in back to back studies it has been shown that direct mail triggers a stronger emotional response and creates a longer lasting memory in return.
You will make one presentation instead of 100 and spend most of your time closing qualified prospects instead of trying to find someone to talk to.

Our system is field tested and available to help you avoid costly mistakes and find the source of a huge new income. So why should direct mail be your top choice for drawing the largest crowds and getting the biggest bang for your buck in 2016? Direct mail continues to grow as well as make a massive impact, while the digital and online alternatives are becoming increasingly cluttered. Senior retirement communities, senior centers and church groups are also interested in promoting information on these issues to their members or attendees. You'll get more potential clients from one financial seminar than in months and months of cold calling!
Why spend your hard earned money and precious time trying to get lucky, when we can produce the whole project for you at a lower cost than producing it yourself and achieve dramatically better results?
Recent research has shown that up to 80-90% of all mail gets opened (compare that to 20% on the high end of email or digital marketing).
When you combine those statistics with the fact that you can specifically target prospects under literally hundreds of data points (household income, marital status, proximity to seminar location, asset under management…etc.) direct mail becomes a no brainer.

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