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Eae au oi?inoeeanu caaa?a naiaa?aiaiiiai i?eauoey a caaaiiue ioieo ia ee?iii aaoi, anee au iu ciaee anou ee ia iaoai iooe "i?iaee" eee iao? Iinaoeoaee, iaoiayueany a a?oiia Ainoe, ia iiaoo inoaaeyou eiiiaioa?ee e aaiiie ioaeeeaoee. The world of SEO seems to be ever-changing, and the pace of that change is ever-accelerating.
Unfortunately, it now appears, at least to some, that even some of the old stand-by, tried-and-true SEO techniques of the past are now suspect, not only in their efficacy, but in their viability.
I submit to you that Chicken Little is only a moral folktale, and that the sky is in fact not falling, at least not for SEO.
As a result, the differences between blackhat and whitehat SEO remains as clear as ever (and Google’s recent actions only drive that point home ever more clearly). Of course, algorithms are not humans, and computers have a hard time interpreting non-text content and assessing nuance.
A site that does this should pretty much cover the failings of the search engines’ computer algorithms in their Data-like (or is that Kryton-like?) quest to become, well, more human. Caveat: This is where the computer screen reader SEO credo amendment from above comes into play. Furthermore, don’t bury important text content within images, videos, or other binary files. This includes such straightforward advice as canonicalizing your URLs, using permanent (301) redirects when redirects are needed, minimizing your folder depth to no more than three subfolders from the root, and using keyword-based folder and file names. Also, create a custom 404 page to keep customers on your site when inbound links are broken, post a valid robots.txt file to make the search crawler more efficient, and publish valid XML-based Sitemaps and RSS feeds to tell the search engines about your most important content pages. Well, search engines never liked such falsified signals, and Google Penguin simply seals the deal.
Just identify the niches of the Web that are relevant to your site’s target audience, find the most significant players in those niches, and then contact the webmasters about linking to your site. Caveat: Don’t send spam email to webmasters asking them to link to your site if there’s nothing there worth linking to.
Get into the habit of regularly publishing posts or tweets that are interesting to your people.
Caveat: Don’t invest in a social media effort if you don’t have the resources to maintain it.
If your primary intention with an optimization campaign is to fake out the search engines, you’re on the wrong track from the start.
Sure, legitimate inbound marketing is hard work and takes time to come to fruition, but in fact that is the point.
Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23.

MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. LinkedIn emplea cookies para mejorar la funcionalidad y el rendimiento de nuestro sitio web, asi como para ofrecer publicidad relevante. I?aanoaauoa ?oi au iiacauaaaoa ia aa?io? aey aan ano?a?o e aai iaiaoiaeii i?eauou ia ianoi n ieieiaeuiuie iioa?yie a?aiaie. There are penalties and there are algorithms, all set up to take us down a notch or three – and who knows what’s coming next?
Indeed, the common thread running through all of these changes is that running a website for the benefit of the site owner rather than for the site reader is a problem. If you as an SEO have a brand to build, a site to optimize, and a message to convey, how to be successful online is as straightforward today as it has ever been.
Search engines spend a huge amount of resources of time, money, and energy to figure out what people want. In light of that, I will make a slight caveat to my SEO creed: Develop your website for the human reader who uses a computer screen reader with their browser. Figure out which keywords are most relevant to your page, and then use them in places that have the most punch.
Search engines are merely computers, and computers have a hard time interpreting non-text-based content. Put it instead on the page as styled text so it can be easily and reliably read by the crawlers!The lack of high quality content is what is getting sites busted in Google Panda. You don’t want to lose page rank on existing pages by carelessly changing URLs without careful planning. Just submit your site’s URL to a few hundred of your favorite directories to earn inbound links, and voila! I don’t know what ratio search engines use for good links equating to junk links (and there may not be one anymore). I’d highly recommend having some of that interesting content previously discussed ready to show them – that’s what’s likely to interest them.
Unlike link building, in which you are primarily appealing to authority sites, use social media to connect with your fans and potential customers. And no, your latest sale or newsletter subscription drive is not really interesting to anyone but you. There’s nothing more frustrating for a user than a sudden flash in the pan and then fizzling out by neglect. If you think hidden text, rich snippets spam, cloaking, and paid links are worthwhile efforts, you’ve missed the boat. If your business model is to burn through the first thousand domain names as fast as possible, then fine, go play. Ia iaoai ?ano?na iu iinoa?aeenu aey anao i?aaei?aiiuo eaoaai?ee e iai?aaeaiee iaeneiaeuii neiiiiiiaaou ana iaiaoiaeiia aey ?aaiou ia?eia?ueo, oae e iiuoiuo SEO niaoeaeenoia.

On our site we have tried all the proposed categories and destinations as far as build everything for the novice and experienced SEO professionals.
Aicii?ii ee yoi aoaao, anee au ia i?ioy?aiee aaoo ?ania aoaaoa aeaaou ia?aa niaie aaiia? iaaeaiii "iiecouae" ia?aa aaie iaoeiu, a ianooaaiii "aaoiiiaeeuiii io?aaaeieea"? Today there are evermore options and issues to contend with to fully optimize websites and online properties. No human wants to visit a site listed in the SERP whose blue link text and descriptive snippet are nothing but a keyword dump.
Sure, a photo gallery is a photo gallery, but a page supposedly about ancient Roman gold coins should have more than just images or a video.
Become the expert in your field, where people learn to go for your industry’s news, developments, and helpful information. Consulta nuestras Condiciones de uso y nuestra Politica de privacidad para mas informacion. Consulta nuestra Politica de privacidad y nuestras Condiciones de uso para mas informacion.
When I worked for Bing, one of the biggest problems the Webmaster Team saw with crawling problems was the unintentional blockage of the crawler through careless robots directives, especially when wildcards are involved. E iineieueo a?ya ee ea?aiio aiaeoae? i?enoue yeno?anaini?iua niiniaiinoe, oi inoaaony oieuei iaei ?aaeuiue niinia i?aaeeuii ?ann?eoaou naia a?aiy a iooe, i?iaoaa aai oiou e ia niaoa, ii ia i?inoaeaay ?anaie a "iaoeiiuo i?a?aayo".Aeaaiaa?y aiaa?aie? eiaoa a iianaaiaaiinou e e?ao? noa?o aayoaeuiinoe, au ii?aoa oaiaii aey aan ioneaaeou ai?i?io? ianoaiiaeo a iaeaieaa i?eaieaiii aey aan ?a?eia.
Help the crawlers understand that interesting content by employing text-based, graceful degradation strategies. If you suddenly block a large portion of your site, those pages will fall out of the index. Anee a aaoai ?anii?y?aiee eiaaony ieaioao eee ?a nia?ooii, oi naaeaa eeou ia?o eanaiee au i?eaaaaoa a caione niaoi?ia?aiio, n eioi?ie ii?ii iciaeiieony aaoaeuiae, e eioi?ay iea?ao aai iacaiaieio? iiiiuu ia ai?iaa. A ?aaeuiii ?a?eia au nii?aoa ioneaaeou ana i?iaee ia naiai iooe, ecaa?aa iiiaaaiey a ieo, e n iaeiaiuoeie iioa?yie a?aiaie i?eauou e ii?aaaeaiiiio aaie ianoo.
Oaia?u au nii?aoa caaeaaia?aiaiii oi?ii nieaie?iaaou e?aia ia?aaae?aiea ii ai?iao - ?oiau i?ieoe eaae?eio, eiiaaa iieacii iiniio?aou ia iaai naa?oo.
Ociaa oaeei ia?acii ?oi ia iooe aaoaai aae?aiey eiaaony i?iaea au n eaaeinou? ii?aoa ?acaa?ioouny e iaieoe i?aiyonoaea.
E?iia oiai, aa?a anee au yaeyaoanu iiae?eii iieuciaaiey eiao-?ano?nii, aai aoaao eiioi?oii eniieuciaaou na?aen, iineieueo aey aai i?eiaiaiey o?aaoaony ieieiaeuiia eiee?anoai iaieioeyoee.

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