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Hi, thanks for the screenshot, i got a question , im not able to get the My sites with default screenshot you have,, In ex: the news feed share message is not there…It also take more than 10 minutes to create the community site? It may take a little while, but in the meantime you can edit your profile or change your photo. Now the banner image is actually a background image and as such only requires a div block with some creative CSS to allow it to be visible. This will create the area for you to style but without any additional CSS it will not change anything visually on the screen. Here we are selecting the #headerimage code block and applying the image to the background, centering the content and adding a width and height to the code block.
At this point it is worth talking about Specificity as it directly applies to what we are doing in our branding, Specificity relates to the way in which a browser applies your styles and we should think about the preference the browser puts on styles in general as it helps when trying to think of why my styles are not applying, there are many good posts which go into more detail including Smashing Magazine and HTML Dog.

Now if we added this to our external style sheet it would then apply to all pages but by adding it as a page style we can then assure that it only applies to the page we are on as well as knowing that it will override anything in the external style sheet due to the preference the browser places on the code. Which of the styles would take preference, well the top style would take preference as it is more specific than the last one, this is so important to know and I┬ádefinitely┬árecommend checking out the two posts I referred to above as they go into lots more detail but even armed with the above information you should be able to figure out why some styles take preference over others. Lastly, Smashing Magazine makes the point about the use of !important, using this at the end of a style will force this to take preference and should never be used in a production environment, don’t get me wrong I will admit to having used it however, it is usually just a lazy way of creating your style sheets and figuring out the right selector is much more developer friendly especially when working in a team. I hope I have not lost you in this post and you should see the value in learning about things like specificity and style preference as it will make your branding experience much more enjoyable and yes it should be enjoyable as there is nothing like taking a standard site and making it look beautiful.
We develop intranets, provide training, custom branding and develop SharePoint solutions for companies of varying sizes from 2 users to 20,000.
Have you tried creating a div underneath the nav bar and applying a minus value to the top margin margin-top:-50px for example.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. All screenshots are taken from the Office 365 version of SharePoint and i will be installing the server edition asap and will post any differences.
The header0.jpg image must exist otherwise you will get a code block which has the right height and width but you will have nothing inside it.
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