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We stand behind every aspect of the process of effective branding including market research, logo design, stationery, web design, brochures and packaging used to deliver the product or service effectively. We engage the process of creating styles and themes to express the brand in a way that is consistent with the mission, values, and strategic vision of the organization. We create authentic images for the brands we manage in every aspect of project documentation in commercial photographs used to promote or sell a product or service. Performance-driven in our operations, in our leadership efforts, in our relationships, and in our strategies, we make sure to set high standards for ourselves and for our clients.
Congress Heights Main Street is a neighborhood non-profit organization sponsored by the Department of Local and Small Business Development in the District of Columbia through the DC Main Streets program. In addition to its watches, many Omega boutiques carry its own jewellery (such as this white gold Aqua ring), leather goods (such as this orange leather organizer) and perfumes, all exclusive to them.
The luxury watchmaker’s global network of boutiques, its “ideal environment for the world of Omega products,” is now rapidly expanding in the USA. Omega opened its first boutique in 2000 in Zurich, Switzerland, not long after it unveiled the first mass-produced mechanical watches with co-axial escapements (providing greater timekeeping accuracy and needing less servicing).
Omega has 221 boutiques (82 company-owned) among its global network of 1,824 points of sale. Today, Omega has 221 boutiques in 39 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and North and South America.
One is design which – in addition to the brand name and logo (the Greek letter ‘omega’) over the door – symbolically incorporates themes of sun, water, earth and time. Every boutique carries Omega’s four watch lines – Constellation, De Ville (including Ladymatic, its mechanical watches for women), Seamaster and Speedmaster.

In addition to watches, many boutiques carry Omega brand jewellery, leather goods and perfumes (all exclusive to them). The store’s success is one reason why Omega is making a major effort to expand its boutique network in the United States. Our clients come in all sizes from large global corporate offices to smaller local businesses in the Greater Washington Metropolitan Region, and across the country. As a company vested in creative marketing and the branding needs of our clients, we maintain a number of core values in both our Brand Studio and our Creative Suite. The Marketing Showcase team is objective, ethical, and honest, in each and every business transaction. The local DC Main Street commercial district revitalized efforts is organized and lead by community development professionals and program partners. Contact us for a professional assesment of your brand, and learn how you can strengthen your impact.
Its timepieces have been worn by astronauts on the moon and on Earth, by politicians, celebrities, athletes, businesspeople – even the movies’ James Bond. Both launches were part of a revamping of Omega’s products and distribution in the past decade. They include these boutiques in Avenutra, Florida, USA, Shanghai, China (centre), and Sydney, Australia. The brilliant lighting in windows and showcases, for example, represents the sun’s rays illuminating products, while chiselled and silvered glass below store displays represent what Omega calls “an exposed cross section of the Earth, which conveys a history of time.” Staff training is another. But as Urquhart has noted, “consumer tastes may vary somewhat from market to market.” In Asia, for example, the Constellation is the iconic line, say Omega officials, and that is reflected in boutique offerings there.

To celebrate the opening, and mark the 40th anniversary of the 1969 moon landing, Omega created a platinum version of its Speedmaster Apollo 11 40th Anniversary watches, which, initially, was sold only at the New York boutique. In 2010, it made “an eight-figure investment, opened 14 new boutiques and created many new workplaces in the U.S. As a leader in sports timing, it has played a crucial role in many Olympic Games since 1932. Now, says Urquhart, although there are fewer Omega retailers, they sell more than ever and complement, rather than compete with, Omega’s boutiques.
In addition to education and experience, “we care deeply about a salesperson’s mindset to grow further and take the next step with us,” says a company statement.
So, Omega has a global training program called the Universite of Omega, with a three-level curriculum, which starts even before a salesperson’s first day on the job.
A flagship boutique showcasing Omega’s full range of products is its Fifth Avenue store in New York City. It is “designed to provide the brand’s sales associates all over the world with the knowledge and motivation needed to sell Omega’s products,” says the company. The boutiques, he adds, have also enabled Omega to highlight the improvements it has made in its watches since the co-axial escapement was launched.

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