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Windows movie maker for windows 8, windows movie maker for windows 7, windows movie maker for windows vista finally ready to download movie maker for any of operating system for free and its full version. Windows movie maker allows you to turn the favorite and personal photos and music files into professional movies. Windows movie maker 6.0 was released first time in windows vista with up-gradation and redesigned features and interface. Windows movie maker 2012 is available as free download full version for windows 7 and windows 8 in offline standalone installer. Windows movie maker 2012 is one of the best, simple, easy to use and rich features video creating and editing software. Windows movie maker 2012 is fully compatible with all the recent released from Microsoft windows. In Part 1, we set the table, presented you with our menu of software cuisines and recommended some tasty pairings of hardware configurations.
There are, by my count, at least 43 different currently-supported software utensils for the slicing apart and sticking together of video.
For most casual users, the video software that came with your computer is adequate (Apple’s iMovie). Folks who cut on it tell me they love Lightworks’ straightforward, but fully customizable layout.
Lightworks FREE can churn out 720p MPEG-4, basically for YouTube and other Web-based portals. Step into the domain of Blender and you join an expanding open source universe of visual effects artisans. You build your Blender workspace to your own ergonomic liking on a full-screen application window, subdividing it into hierarchies of frames that Blender terms "screens." These can be split, joined or swapped.
Video editing is a standard timeline paradigm, but—owing to Blender’s modeler worldview—the terminologies are different than what you may have heard in video. Supported versions of Blender will run on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and FreeBSD (which is basically Unix).

If, on the other hand, time is your enemy, you might need to pony-up (pone, pronounced like the young horse, is Latin for money) for a better-engineered video NLE.
Next, in Part 3 of our series, we'll show you what you can get (and what you'll be missing) with video editing software titles priced around the $100 mark.
Windows movie maker is simple and fast movie making and video editing utility software integrated in windows XP.
Windows movie maker supports all audio files such as MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, M4A, FLAC and others. It includes new transitions, effects, tools and DVR TV recording support are the main features. The first version of windows movie maker 2012 was released April 2012 for the first time for windows 7 and windows 8.
It has even windows writer, Bing toolbar, Hotmail, media gallery, windows movie maker, windows family safety, windows Bing bar and Microsoft silverlight.
Full customization of videos with adding specific photos, music files, fade in and fade out effects, rotation effects, transition effects, timeline control, save file as, share online and many other popular features. Some of the quirky outliers may have tricks that fit your purpose, but I will concentrate on the more widely used tools.
If you lean toward 3D animation, you’ll probably want more than a basic edit hardware config: at least a quad-core processor, a full gigabyte of graphics memory and at least 6GB of system RAM.
Windows movie maker provides advance and professional tools to create most personal and favorite video than ever before. It allows full customization over the user to create most personalize video without installing any external software. The simple version of windows movie maker is also available at Microsoft download center with the version of windows movie maker 2.5 for windows XP.
Windows Movie Maker 2012 is free software that can easily create, edit and designed videos with full customization.
Addition of favorite sound tracks, credits, title, text adjustment, coloring and font customization.

As an old audio guy, I especially like that Lightworks’ clip-based audio editor goes down to quarter frame time resolution, which is perfect for re-syncing dialog.
True to its open source precepts, the Blender Foundation nurtures open movie and game projects every few years.
The first release of Microsoft windows movie maker was released in Windows 2000 and Windows Me. After it Microsoft released windows live movie maker in Microsoft live essentials installer package that is available in offline and online download for free. Windows movie maker is one of the best software solution that is integrates by windows live essentials. One huge plus: Lightworks’ can render in the background—and even import and export as well—while you continue to edit. If you fall in love with the interface (it’s hard not to), you may want to buy into the big leagues. And the time you invest in learning its interface can pay off when you someday want to produce that Great Desktop Animated Feature Film that’s been kicking around in the back of your brain.
Windows movie maker is previously available for windows XP professional and windows XP home edition.
Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 is available as free download for windows server 2008 for free.
Now Microsoft released movie maker for windows server 2008, windows 8, windows 7 and windows vista as well. The solution of installing movie maker in any of the above operating system is to download the file below and install it on your desired OS with one single click. Microsoft released windows security essentials to provide security and privacy to the consumers.

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