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All you have to do is import your high speed footage - GoPro HD 3 shoots in 120 fps - and simply adjust the playback speed factor. For slow motion, you simply decrease the playback speed and for time lapse you increase it.
A time lapse video consists of footage that is rendered in higher speed than that of the original frame rate. Weather changes - clouds forming and moving, mist and fog, rain, snow layer building up over time. Light sources - sunset and sunrise, sun's travel on the sky, the moon, the stars (especially Polaris time lapse), night transforming into day, beams of light penetrating the clouds, etc. Fire - a fire consuming the logs and ending in smoke or a fire that grows bigger as fuel is added. Construction work - a wall being build, a tall building being erected, crane booms swinging back and forth - all of a sudden a construction site becomes interesting to watch. The beauty of the fast forward video effect is that it's cool enough in itself without too much shooting work on your part.
Take still shots every few seconds (also called timelapse photography) and then import all the shots into your editing program. Make sure to export your video with at least 24 frames per second as for the video to look like a moving picture, not like a sequence of stills.
Shoot video for a longer period of time and then simply modify the payback speed or the speed ratio in your editor. A cool technique you may wanna apply while shooting a time lapse video is to use a kitchen timer on which to mount your GoPro camera. At the bottom of this window there are two fields named Standard Picture Length - select "1" in the Picture Length field and the select "Frames" in the second field. Then go to your Import tab - select all photos which you want to add in the timeline (click on fist picture, hold Shift key, scroll down to the last picture and select that as well). Well, shoot in a higher frame rate: 60 fps or 120 fps with your HD Hero 2 - that's a must if you want smooth video in slow motion (must have a high frame rate footage). Then, slow down the footage, depending on what software you use - I recommend Magix for ease of use - but not lower than 15 fps. And it's always good to share knowledge, so if you have questions let me know on my YouTube account! Slow Motion FX is easy to use app on Google Play Store that can help any Android users take slow motion videos or convert existing videos to slow motion videos on Samsung and Android mobile phones.

It's basically a clip in which everything moves at high speed - or consider it to be the opposite of slow motion video. You simply place your camera on your tripod (or any other stable support), point it to your subject and start recording.
And instead of dealing with lots of files, as when taking stills, you only have one file to work with.
The timer rotates while your camera captures either photos (every 2 seconds) or video - this is your panning effect. It seems easier to handle a single file in the editor (instead of importing lots of photos, especially with unsophisticated video editing software). Time lapse is a technique whereby the frequency at which film frames are captured (the frame rate) is much lower than that which will be used to play the sequence back. Yeah I use video as well for time lapse - I like the 16:9 ration better plus it's faster to render the clip. So, if you export at 24, 25, 30 fps - you'll get to view 24, 25 or 30 pictures in one second. If the action develops really slow then I increase the playback speed to 50 or even 80 times. You can do some tests, exporting the same clip in say 10, 30 or 50 playback speed factor and then you decide which you like best. Once you ungroup it export it, then open in Audacity and in Effects, select "Change Tempo".
Editing on music beats, color correction, effects and all - I mean, you know how to edit videos. Smartphones with slow-mo video support can capture sports activities or objects that are moving fast.
We have used this app in an related guide to show you how to record slow-mo videos on Nexus. You can reverse your scene using the same function - check the Reverse box and you're done.
Keep it filming as much as you want but be sure to let the action develop to it's fullest.
Set your software to import each picture as a certain frame duration (fractions of seconds). Note that you need to remove the audio from the video in Magix in order to modify the playback speed.

And then i started a new project, imported the first one and made the speed like x3,000 it was sick thank you for all the help! The settings are roughly based on % of increase or decrease, and won't really match anything like the timing of frames in your video editor, so you'll have to mess with it a bit to make your sound file the correct length. It is done shooting, but when I try to combine all the pics in Movie Edit 17 i end up with spaces in between each pic. When satisfied with your results, export as a wave and import it back into your video project. Recent Samsung smartphone and tablets models are all equipped with the most capable slow motion videos shooters, including Galaxy S6, S5, S4, Note 4, Note 3, etc. You can refer to this guide to enable & record slow motion video on Samsung mobile phones. Slow Motion Video FX lets you choose the speed of the output movie, you can either slow down or speed up any videos on Samsung phone as you like. With Slow Motion FX, you will be able to save a original copy of the same video on your Samsung phone, you can convert the source video to slow motion videos encoded with the selected play speed above. This site consists of tutorials and tips specifically created for people who are starting to edit videos. If you are on an earlier phone model that does not come with slow-mo video capture feature, how can you record slow motion videos? In this guide we will introduce you slow motion video recording apps that can help you record slow-mo videos on any Samsung mobile phones.
The original video will be saved to the Camera folder on Samsung galaxy phones, a SlowMotion folder will be created with all slow-mo videos recorded or converted using this Slow Motion FX app on Samsung phone.
If your cellphone does not have the built-in feature to capture slow-mo videos, you may consider to download following slow-mo video apps instead.
If you accidentally deleted or lost these videos, you can refer to this guide to recover deleted videos on Samsung mobile phones.
Note that your recorded voice or speech along with the video will sound really strange when you maker it fast or slow.

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