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Facebook and Twitter have both managed to become successful and maintain their service for sticking to what they are really good at. Now, let’s ignore the fact that your business is nothing like that of Facebook’s or Twitter’s. Planning a location-based marketing for small business strategy is a key component to future growth for your business.
There are many more ideas for encouraging customers by using location-based marketing for small business. Today, savvy technology Entrepreneurs and their teams have sky rocketed start-ups to global success. Online Accountant Services: traditional accounting and bookkeeping can cost a startup a lot of money when including tax preparation. DIY Marketing Materials: business cards, letterhead, envelopes and brochures are essential to communicating professionalism. VoIP: entrepreneurs have multiple choices when deciding on a phone system, and competition is lowering line fees and long distance. DIY Website Design: new businesses have expanded choices in terms of website design and hosting, with do-it-yourself website design reducing costs substantially—and most estimates include hosting, email, do-it-yourself site builder, ecommerce, SEO, social media, Google AdSense and more. Do It at Home: broadband High-Speed Internet has made the home office a savings opportunity for startups. Video files, CAD files, high-definition photo files and database files—these are all very large, and it’s likely your startup will include designers, marketers, architects and engineers that need to transport these files from computer-to-computer. Lack of good bandwidth may not prevent home-based and small firm activities, but don’t expect your business to grow, because small business internet provides the platform and the foundation for constant growth. BandwidthPlace is the online destination for all things broadband – starting with a Speed Test to measure and manage your bandwidth performance. Thousands of small businesses are opened everyday throughout the country, and with the ease and accessibility of online tools to assist new business owners get started today, it’s no surprise that everyone who has the American dream of opening a business is either already taking advantage of these tools, or planning to do so.

This infographic was developed by Veracode, providers of the world’s leading Application Risk Management Platform and Small Business Cyber Security. Titan social media platforms they may seem but they are not exempted from experiencing bad days.
But you do have your target market and you are in the process of broadening your network so people will get to know more about your business. For frequent visitors who use their FourSquare or Gowalla accounts to check-in your location, give freebies.
You might say that you do have a Facebook page and Twitter account with a decent number of followers for your social media marketing strategy, but it feels like you have to do more. How effective should their campaign be to building their customers’ loyalty including myself?
This means that even if you have Facebook and Twitter accounts for your small business, the need to expand your visibility to a wider market in a local setting will require you to formulate even more effective social media marketing strategies.
Connecting to email and voice communications, powerful cloud-based applications, or a remote workforce enables Start-up businesses to compete in the same arena with larger, more established companies. With High-Speed Internet, innovative software can potentially save you 87.3% in annual savings.
Traditional printing prices do not include design and logo work, while online services have do-it-yourself designs that are included in the pricing, 43.2% in potential savings.
VoIP is a clear alternative now for startups, offering significant savings with sometimes free set-up and headsets.
Save time, reduce costs, increase revenue and productivity, work more effectively and better serve your customer base. The business logo designs from online forms can save you incredible money, about 91.6% in potential savings. Office space, from small to exclusive, runs high rental costs when compared to the home office—which rents for zero.

It can literally make or break you when applied to your startup costs, profitability, functionality and social reach.
Speed can sometimes refer only to “download speed” and that’s usually a measure of consumption, not production.  So don’t ignore upload speeds!
But one huge business consideration that many online business owners, and business consumers, fail to take account of is their cyber security. Similar to every other big or small business, the drawbacks can be immense and yet, they have managed to perform beyond their limitations. It’s a type of marketing hype that is gaining popularity by the day as it combines many marketing tactics into one. Let your networks know about it by sending details directly to their email or posting it via Facebook and Twitter. For now, make use of what is already in front of you and enjoy the rewards for keeping your customers up to date. Equally impressive are the innovators creating sites like Etsy, or solar and renewable energy solutions, better healthcare through “telemedicine” and locally-based restaurants or start-ups adding value to the community. The challenge is dedicating time to reviewing the large-volume of options, sourcing the best ISP, highest Internet speed, and critical business services like voice and security – all within the Start-up budget.  At Bandwidthplace, we’ve compiled a few steps to help you get starting to get the Internet service you need at a price you can afford.
Take an Internet speed test and track the price and upload speeds offered to your business. Whether you’re adding fresh original content to your website, purchasing products or services online, exchanging financial information as a business, or setting up an account or infrastructure that requires entering personal information, there are countless ways and avenues by which an online hacker can get access to this private information. The idea is to use modern technology such as the Internet, smartphones and GPS devices to allow business owners and customers to meet halfway.

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