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This infographic from Column Five clearly shows the benefit to the small business owner of having a structured and strategic plan for using Social Media tools. However, as a small business owner, have you ever asked yourself why social media is important to your business? Creating buzz around your brand – keep you company top of mind when people are looking for services in your niche.
Retain customers – our goal is to always retain our existing customers because in fact getting a customer to buy from your company is one of the hardest parts of the business. The 1,711 small business decision makers surveyed all use at least one social media resource for business-relevant information.
Establish a presence on one or more major social networking sites and use this as a hub for corporate social media initiatives. Further investigate how their target audience is using Twitter for business today and begin developing a Twitter strategy. One of the things that always seems to be missing from the use of social media is the creation and management of your own community. The community members can also end up building a stronger base just by contributing content (discussions, images, etc.) that attracts others members and encourages interaction. Interesting to see podcasts, webinars and teleseminars come out at the top because I’m starting to see too many which are thinly disguised sales pitches from start to finish rather than 90% content.
On another note…Our company has recently integrated a community section on our corporate website, which we use to actively participate on social networks and interact with our audience. The most valuable use social media has for me and my business is creating and building a community, bringing together people with similar needs, thoughts and ideas.
Offering webinars and podcasts in exchange for an email newsletter sign up is an excellent way to build a targeted prospect list for email marketing campaigns that target social media engagement ( contests, upcoming blog post publications, etc). Having a podcast really amazing for my small business (freelance writer) because it doubles the impact of having a blog.
It’s an old narrative with a new twist: An upstart rookie challenges an established veteran. Ideally, small businesses would pour maximum marketing effort into each platform, but if they have to choose between Twitter or Snapchat, the veteran still reigns.
Snapchat, with more than 100 million daily active users, has gained popularity as a marketing tool among small business leaders. Snapchat allows users and businesses to express themselves creatively, specifically through the feature that allows users to draw on top of images, which is unique to Snapchat. However, tweets are simpler to create than snaps, and an array of tools connects to the Twitter ecosystem, while snaps still require the native interface. Twitter’s new heart icon makes saving tweets easier, and users can retweet directly from businesses (the average Twitter user follows at least five businesses) rather than rely on followers like on Snapchat.

Basically, tweets take less time to create and are primed to go viral by nature, whereas snaps are time-consuming to create and are less shareable. Some companies have exceptionally strong Twitter presences that have bolstered company brands. He has provided writing, editing, research and project management services for Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, academic publications, and non-profit organizations. Do social media platforms including Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, etc overwhelm you and make you want to quit?
I have heard many small business owners said that they can’t devote their time fully in social media because it gives a lot of stress. Lead funnels include email opt-ins, white papers, case studies, video blog, webinars or podcasts can be measured. Small businesses as well as large companies value customer engagement and retention even when they were using traditional media. The overall average number of social media resources used by participants in this study is 5.9.
We friends used Twitter & Facebook to market our small business that was an fast food joint (also serving Hookah). But even better might be to create a Q&A site of your own to allow your community to ask and answer questions among themselves.
The heart of a community is a shared passion, I think, which the sme owner may not consider realistic or even think to tap into, because even the most basic effort takes time and investment. My one question is, is it really accurate to include the winners, podcasts and webinars, in the social media bucket. The app presents an opportunity for them to reach their customers with engaging content in a creative way.
Imagine that you’re a local coffee shop owner and you take a picture of your coffee cup as a blank canvas to draw Christmas decorations on, Snapchat the customizable cup, and send it out to your followers asking them to share it.
Small businesses can take advantage of marketing moments by taking photos, highlighting their creativity, and capitalizing on current trends.
Snapchat does have the “Stories” feature, but snaps can’t be “retweeted” to reach broader audiences. Snapchat does have a replay feature, but Twitter allows sharing, linking, embedding, and more. It’s an ideal tool for marketing because it has more inherent features that encourage business promotion.
When he isn’t providing specialized literature and marketing features, he is mostly likely to be binge-watching soccer or episodes of Archer. With strategic use of SM, small businesses can use their own customers to help them build their businesses.

It gives you an opportunity to interact to those who follow your company and form a strong relationship to your customers. This does not mean that the average North American small business decision maker uses nearly six different social media resources to get the information they need to do their jobs on a day-to-day basis.
We concentrated more on Twitter to market it & got good customers at start but neglected facebook.
Even better you can invite guest experts to help them with the issues that are importnat to their success.
As with any marketing strategy, evaluation as a value add in the business plan is the first step. It’s the passion, drive, interest and ease with which we embrace one medium over another that is the most effective. Sure they are digital media but aside from maybe commenting on iTunes, there’s not much conversation going on.
More than 40 percent of Snapchat users are 18-24 years old, while Twitter reaches an a much wider audience.
Take advantage of Twitter’s new heart icon to “like” tweets, which replaced the star that was used to “favorite” them.
Listen for problems, and interject yourself into conversations using mentions to showcase your expertise and solve problems. Share Twitter-exclusive coupons with your followers, and listen for opportunities to share coupons using Twitter’s search feature. Snapchat is a great up-and-coming product, but it simply can’t produce the same results as Twitter yet. It does, however, suggest that small business decision makers who DO turn to social media resources for business information use, on average, nearly six different sources. Doing so shows your followers that you’re listening to them and, more importantly, that you care about them and their content.
If you’re a coffee shop or restaurant owner and are thinking about adding or removing a menu item for the fall, use Twitter’s built-in poll feature. Use search to find conversations related to “need coffee” or “caffeine deprived,” for example, and reply to those people on Twitter with a link to a coupon.

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