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All the best plans can go astray sometimes and my pledge to post a new social media stats article every month definitely falls into the straying category. Moving along find below the latest statistics update for you, after the no less than 10 trillion billion requests I’ve gotten in the past couple of months. Facebook posted a 67 percent year-over-year mobile growth rate (543 million monthly active users on mobile).
In an analysis of more than 60 Facebook marketing campaigns, 49 percent reported areturn on investment of more than five times, while 70 percent had a return on investment greater than three times.
We are finding that 50 percent of smartphones are actually connecting to Facebook every hour of every day.
Facebook has 232 million users in Europe, 222 million in North America, and 219 million users Asia. 39% of companies do not track their social media responses at all, and 55% ignore all customer feedback on Twitter and Facebook, largely because they have no process in place to respond. I?ll be in the National Congress of Tourism tomorrow as speaker and I?ll show your post to all the audience with a QR Code to let them to visit your site. When I first addressed the topic of customer service as part of  marketing, some business owners I spoke with told me they did not consider this as part of their “marketing effort.” But it is! Consider using social media to reward your clients and fans.  Offer coupons, discounts and special promotions for people who follow you on social media. For more information about how you can use a marketing org chart to help your small business, download our free mini-ebook. Subscribe to your choice of industry specific newsletters, save $100 on conferences, search member directories, comment on stories and more.
While a higher proportion of small business leaders turn to passive social media resources for business information today, the ongoing growth of business Q&A Web sites and rapid development of business social networks are likely to drive much greater participation by small business leaders in interactive social media in the not-so-distant future. The biggest challenges with small business owners are the lack of time and resources available. As mobile connectivity continues to grow, and as small business owners are educated to the value of growing a community for their product or service, I'm sure we will find they will become much more active.
The 1,711 small business decision makers surveyed all use at least one social media resource for business-relevant information. Establish a presence on one or more major social networking sites and use this as a hub for corporate social media initiatives.
Further investigate how their target audience is using Twitter for business today and begin developing a Twitter strategy. One of the things that always seems to be missing from the use of social media is the creation and management of your own community. The community members can also end up building a stronger base just by contributing content (discussions, images, etc.) that attracts others members and encourages interaction. Interesting to see podcasts, webinars and teleseminars come out at the top because I’m starting to see too many which are thinly disguised sales pitches from start to finish rather than 90% content.

On another note…Our company has recently integrated a community section on our corporate website, which we use to actively participate on social networks and interact with our audience. The most valuable use social media has for me and my business is creating and building a community, bringing together people with similar needs, thoughts and ideas.
Offering webinars and podcasts in exchange for an email newsletter sign up is an excellent way to build a targeted prospect list for email marketing campaigns that target social media engagement ( contests, upcoming blog post publications, etc).
Having a podcast really amazing for my small business (freelance writer) because it doubles the impact of having a blog. In my defense I haven’t really been lazy, I’ve just been neglectful – which (at least in my mind) is way more justified. Also after the 34 million complaints about my lazy referencing style in past articles I’ve tried to be a bit better with this in this article. If you can find and post something specially for me, I?ll show your site live during the congress and all the local press will be present.
Not because of the insightful and hard work that has gone into sourcing a ginormous amount of statistical data, but because of the hilarious image captions. Locally, Scotty’s Brewhouse offers all sorts of promotions if you simply check in on Foursquare and tweet a comment.
Being the focal point which brings them together becomes an added benefit of doing business with you.  The software companies have known this for year, creating user groups where clients work together to learn, and improve the product. You’ll receive in-depth information on using this chart in your own small business to create a cohesive marketing strategy that brings in leads you can convert into real customers. We provide marketing strategy, web design, graphic design, inbound marketing, content development, email marketing and social media. However, the use of social media resources requiring more active participation, such as asking business-related questions through Twitter or online question-and-answer forums, is set to rise among small business leaders as they gain access to effective online business networks. Should we therefore conclude that small business leaders have little interest in the "social" aspects of social media? While social media is currently a catch-phrase that is making its way into mainstream media, most small business owners seem to recognize they would be interested in using these channels if they knew how to use it effectively to increase sales. However, I think this activity will stay limited within their own client network as opposed to reaching out to outside sources. Proactive participation in social media can be (or can seem to be) a full-time effort, a commitment that small business owners (with small business staff) lack the time to embrace.
Small business owners can be convinced that of proactive participation's utility; I've seen it happen. The overall average number of social media resources used by participants in this study is 5.9.
We friends used Twitter & Facebook to market our small business that was an fast food joint (also serving Hookah). But even better might be to create a Q&A site of your own to allow your community to ask and answer questions among themselves.

The heart of a community is a shared passion, I think, which the sme owner may not consider realistic or even think to tap into, because even the most basic effort takes time and investment. My one question is, is it really accurate to include the winners, podcasts and webinars, in the social media bucket. It probably may come as a surprise to some of you that I actually have a life outside this blog (which, let’s not forget, I do not get PAID to write) – it may be a sad, lonely, cat-obsessed existence but it is an existence where I do have to do other shit that actually pays the bills… which with my recent online shopping obsession, car purchase and overseas holidays seem to be piling up.
Basically if you want the source for a certain statistic it should be (should being operative word) the next hyperlink you see after the stat – I’ve only included the reference on the last stat point of each reference.  I suspect that probably made no sense whatsoever but just figure it out. Stats like these allow marketers and consultants to develop new, effective, digital strategies for their clients.
Social media offers you to chance to enhance  customer service by proactively looking for clients who are unhappy and reconnecting with those who are happy. Create forums and discussions on your website, engage serious customers, giving them a chance to give you critical feedback. And this won't change, because using social media effectively *is* a major time commitment. The task then becomes gaining their trust to outsource this function (or at least the management of it) to the agency. This does not mean that the average North American small business decision maker uses nearly six different social media resources to get the information they need to do their jobs on a day-to-day basis. We concentrated more on Twitter to market it & got good customers at start but neglected facebook.
Even better you can invite guest experts to help them with the issues that are importnat to their success. As with any marketing strategy, evaluation as a value add in the business plan is the first step.
It’s the passion, drive, interest and ease with which we embrace one medium over another that is the most effective.
Sure they are digital media but aside from maybe commenting on iTunes, there’s not much conversation going on. Increasingly, small business leaders are connecting to company blog content through social networking sites. It does, however, suggest that small business decision makers who DO turn to social media resources for business information use, on average, nearly six different sources.

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