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This is when you use a 5 or 6 digit shortcode to create an interaction between your organization and your audience. The user will be instructed to text a keyword to a shortcode to start the interaction (sign up for the mobile club, enter to win, vote for something, etc).
Pro: Text messaging is great because it’s cost-effective and it works on nearly every phone active in the US. Pro: Mobile web sites are great because they’re also budget-friendly to build and maintain. Con: Mobile web sites can be disappointing because unless you have a large number of users searching for you on their mobile phone, the mobile site may sit there with very little traffic. On their own text message marketing and mobile web sites are both perfectly fine mobile marketing tactics. Text message marketing and mobile web sites are great first steps in mobile marketing because they appeal to the largest mobile audiences. This blog post was originally featured on Wood Street’s website design & development blog.
Are Your Clients Asking About Text Messaging?We recently created a 10 page guide to help you quickly understand SMS marketing, answer common questions, and begin to strategize your client's first campaign.
Ready to See More?We would be happy to give you a quick online demo of our software, discuss your plans for SMS marketing, and go over pricing. One of these oft-missed channels is something that potential customers (and probably everyone you know) use every day: SMS. Seeing as 96% of smartphone users text message, and 98% of text messages are read compared to 29% of tweets and 12% of Facebook posts, SMS marketing is naturally a rich field of potential for digital marketers. SMS marketing company TextSprout published the following infographic to explore the successes of text marketing. Subscribe by EmailSubscribe to Tatango's SMS Marketing Blog to receive great SMS marketing content delivered right to your inbox.
Anytime someone sends a text message to your system their number is stored in your database. You build them to better reach your mobile audience with trimmed down pages, store locators, mobile-specific features, etc. Ask users to “text now” to read more about a product, learn more about an event, make a donation, and more. Instead of just sending a 160 character message, link your audience to something on your mobile site; images, more details, schedules, registration pages. When someone texts a keyword to a shortcode the only information made available by the wireless carriers is their mobile number and their carrier.
Using them together will not only give your organization a valuable direct marketing asset, but a useful and engaging mobile presence as well. Wood Street, based in Baltimore, helps their clients with not only web design & development but also search engine optimization, interactive media, web applications, content management systems, and mobile development as well. Avoid sending those offers that consumers can find in your emails, ads, or on your website.

For example, right before mealtimes are great for restaurants and during prime shopping hours are great for retailers.
A simple “Thank you for subscribing” will acknowledge them you have their info and will be sending text messages. Don’t send your customers something that requires printing or opening an email to retrieve. Keep in mind that most users are not texting on a telephone keyboard, so the digits that spell out a name are far less useful than an easy to remember number. Does it annoy you or do you appreciate it when you receive a marketing text message on your cell phone from a company?
Based on the connection between PC and GPRS MMS group sending device, it can establish multi-channel wireless connections with MMS center of mobile operators to achieve a maximum of 32 channels of massive MMS group sending and reception totally free from the Internet. Assuming you have notified your users they are opting-in for future text messages you can use this database to send more messages later. When your users load your main web site on their phone they can be automatically redirected to the streamlined mobile version. You could try putting the mobile web address on signs and advertisements, but nobody likes to punch URLs into their mobile phone. A quick text message and they get a response back with a convenient web link… and you get their phone number in your database for future messages. Sometimes you can ask for more information via text message, but sometimes it’s easier to send them to a mobile webpage where they can fill out a form or take a survey.
Consumers are connected with their phones and text messages are reserved for their inner circle.
Consider using a log-in, such as with Twitter or Facebook, if consumers have to enter information.
Are you Knee Deep in E-commerce, branding strategies and campaigns, capturing a new or lingering audience (user) or a market share on products and services? You don’t need to build an iPhone version, then an Android version, then a BlackBerry (ok, you get the idea).
This lets you create a specific mobile experience for your audience without asking them to download another app. You could try putting QR codes everywhere, but there’s a better way (see our comparison of Text Messaging and QR codes). When the mobile site is ready you’ll be ready with a database full of active mobile users waiting for the link. These fundamentals provide a solid foundation for how to communicate with mobile subscribers appropriately using SMS. If it is sent weeks or months later, consumers may no longer be interested and you may potentially lose a portion of your reach. It supports editing multimedia materials such as pictures, audio, video, application program, and palm-top bookstore.

This software is used to inform the subscribers about the discounts, actions and special offers by SMS, to run targeted SMS news campaigns and to notify the personnel about your company's events.
Also you can create SMS information services with an automated subscription and deletion system, that can be used to send news letters or other type of information. The client version of MTS is a smartphone application that can get the identification data of the current cell in use by the mobile phone. A complete schedule of all the events and activities throughout Goldsboro and Wayne County North Carolina is available with this free app.
This app will lead you to attractions, historical sites, museums, as well as where to dine, shop and stay. You can connect your mobile to the PC or laptop and send SMS to 1000a??s of mobile phones using this bulk SMS sender. Is your handheld little more than a very expensive appointment book and contact retrieval system? With this software, you can advertise your business and take it to a new level that you couldn't even imagine that it's possible. Studies show that a very high percentage of possible customers now are carrying cell phones that are Bluetooth-enabled (Up to 80%). With Fexmax you can send text, picture and multimedia messages over Bluetooth technology to mobile and handheld devices. STAR Easy Message is a vendor-independent software suite for all your SMS messaging needs, from sending a single text message to commercial bulk messaging.
Many features like address book, data import, scheduled messaging, campaign archive and more provided. In several mouse clicks, you can send a short message to any mobile phone in the world or view the incoming messages. You can look for a funny SMS text in Internet, paste it to the application and send it to your friend.
Thanks to 4Engine you can play with GSM wireless modules without having to learn AT commands. Do you maintain and access multiple E-mail accounts from different providers on the same mobile device?
Good graphics and numerous features prompt me to use this instead of other software similar to this.

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