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It’s an area that is gaining a great deal of interest by businesses both small and large.
SMS is lightning fast, literally putting your message into your subscribers’ pockets or purses seconds after you send. Either send a handful of messages to a targeted group or send thousands of SMS to your entire list. With the advent of short codes, opting in and opting out of your SMS stream is, like everything else associated with SMS, is instant.
Though this is a challenge for some businesses, the 160-character length of SMS is a boon for marketing.
A large demographic of consumers have abandoned the email and have turned to text messages.
Let’s create your SMS marketing campaign today, don’t wait until your competitors message your customersfirst! A Lead Gen Company in #dubai We do digital marketing campaigns on search and social media ads.
In short SMS marketing is done using a mobile device to transfer marketing communication to interested consumers.
Which of course is understandable, considering that 70% of the world population now have a mobile phone. The average time for all mobile carriers and SMS services is less than 7 seconds from send to received. Create a promotional message or a quick industry update; SMS truly molds itself to whatever the needs are of your business. Unlike other opt-in or opt-out options, there is only one step, and besides entering a mobile number, there is rarely any personal information required up front.
Essentially, every SMS sent is opened (and read), whereas only a fraction of emails sent are read. Whatever your SMS is – promotions or contests – there is more action taken compared to any other marketing or promotion strategies.
If anything, SMS is more of a direct connection to your customer base than any other marketing strategy, and there aren’t any barriers. Show your client list that you are keeping up with the technology by sending targeted promotions via text.

Though most online marketing strategies are naturally green, it is incredibly important to reiterate. Avoid sending those offers that consumers can find in your emails, ads, or on your website. For example, right before mealtimes are great for restaurants and during prime shopping hours are great for retailers. A simple “Thank you for subscribing” will acknowledge them you have their info and will be sending text messages. Don’t send your customers something that requires printing or opening an email to retrieve.
Keep in mind that most users are not texting on a telephone keyboard, so the digits that spell out a name are far less useful than an easy to remember number. However, other marketing strategies are also incredibly fast, but nothing compares to the swiftness of SMS.
When a subscriber feels that buzz in their pocket or hears that trill signaling a text message, they always look. Instead of having your subscribers slog through content that isn’t always relevant, SMS gets to the point immediately without anything that is unnecessary.
It will give your company a head start in winning the battle for the next generation of shoppers.
And since mobile phones and text messaging especially, are the way that people communicate now, there isn’t any reason why you can’t tap into this virtually limitless market potential. Consumers are connected with their phones and text messages are reserved for their inner circle. Consider using a log-in, such as with Twitter or Facebook, if consumers have to enter information. Are you Knee Deep in E-commerce, branding strategies and campaigns, capturing a new or lingering audience (user) or a market share on products and services? This can be a great strategy for smaller businesses who are looking to create a buzz locally.
These fundamentals provide a solid foundation for how to communicate with mobile subscribers appropriately using SMS. If it is sent weeks or months later, consumers may no longer be interested and you may potentially lose a portion of your reach.

Businesses can use bulk SMSs to market their products and effectively communicate with their clients.One major advantage of SMS marketing is that it can be used to contact multiple recipients at once. It is therefore essential in retaining both old customers and adding new clients to the business.SMS marketing is more efficient than email marketing in terms of spam. Unlike email marketing where spyware, virtual bots and other programs can be used to send messages, only human users can use the SMS service.
It is possible to send just one SMS to several people at the same time, which can spread the information in a very short time.
Unlike emails where one has to access the internet to send them, you can forward SMSs with a single click. It is, therefore, a quick method to contact people instantly.The main benefits of SMS marketing1.
With SMS technology, it is possible that messages to go viral due to the message forwarding tool.2.
SMS services efficiently complement the traditional methods of advertising such as television, radio and print media.3.
Unlike most other ways of marketing, SMS promotion ensure that individuals get personalized messages and content.4. Clients can receive messages irrespective of their location and time, provided they are within the coverage area and have switched on their phones6.
The delivery rate of SMSs is almost guaranteed, unlike emails which can bounce or never be read. There is a certain immediacy offered by SMS marketing, which is not offered by any other marketing method.A post by Kidal Delonix (1534 Posts)Kidal Delonix is author at LeraBlog. Chief editor and author at LERAblog, writing useful articles and HOW TOs on various topics. Particularly interested in topics such as Internet, advertising, SEO, web development and business.Do you like this post?

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