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Crowdfunding is an innovative source for funding your early stage requirements, but unlike traditional models, everything is not closed with a handshake after the first investor that agrees is on board. Obviously if it would depend on expensive advertising adding to the cost of raising funds, crowdfunding would lose it’s edge. A public IPO uses business newspapers and mass media to throw open their subscription to shares to the public.
Create an exclusive account on Twitter for your fund-raising efforts with a link to your GrowVC startup profile page and use the Twitter profile to market your crowdfunding campaign. Create a blog specially for your campaign or better still, add a new category or section to your existing blog which will focus only on updates and messages around your crowdfunding campaign. While you use these tools for creating awareness around your fund-raising efforts keep a few things in mind. We are always looking for talented, entrepreneurial and driven doers to join our growing global group of companies in various positions and locations around the world. When implementing any type of marketing campaign it is wise to first take a step back and decide how to develop your campaign. Once you have decided on where your target audience is, you can then go to develop strategies for each site that best fits your company. Staying away from topics such as religion and politics is a good idea as well—especially if you have many clients from diverse backgrounds.  Staying neutral will keep your clients happy and keep you out of hot water.
Going back to traditional marketing tactics, you need to have a clear objective and measurable goals in your social marketing campaign.  Knowing how effective your tactics are can also help you determine your social media ROI and help you decide what tactics work and which don’t for your company. This tool seems similar to TwitterFriends in the sense it will help you understand what type of people are re-tweeting you, but explains it in a more traditional marketing way.  This is a great tool for marketers who aren’t familiar with Twitter yet. Jennifer Stolte, marketing director for Celestial Seasonings (who implemented a Facebook quiz earlier this year) says, “Social media is something that’s really growing.

The main things to remember is research and use measurable means for your tactics.  The world of Internet marketing is evolving fast, and it is up to you to keep up. Use our Social Media Policy templates to control your employees’ use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Blogs and more. As part of an online strategy, it is a good complement to SEO and PPC campaigns that are also meant to raise awareness about your company and drive traffic to you site. Crowdfunding often involves getting multiple small investors to back your startup plan and get on board, and that often means needing a persistent and active online campaign to draw the attention of funders.
Social media would be the way to go for your crowdfunding campaign reaching out to believers and turning them into investors. Follow people who are active in the startups space, include angel investors, casual investors as well as friends and family who could help re-tweet your updates. You can use it to cover happenings in your startup, how you plan to use the funds, about your market space from an investors perspective and posts that could re-enforce belief in what you’re doing. Your professional network can help you spread the word about your funding requirement and draw clicks from well qualified professionals active on the site.
Many companies are have made the executive decision to go forward with social media—they just aren’t so sure what to do. Once you know how effective your efforts are you will be able to decide on the best social media outlets for your business. There are many types of tactics out there that are useful for brand awareness and fun for the customer as well.  Many companies are using quizzes to do this.
Reach out to bloggers and active investors via direct messaging if you have to and build a flow of updates about your crowdfunding efforts to get the word out there and get in front of people who will find their way to your startup profile. Ask readers to share posts that appeal to them with others in a bid to help you reach your funding amount.

A to-the-point elevator pitch in the form of a slideshare presentation on your profile with a slide or two on how they can help crowdfund the startup would be helpful to visitors on your profile. Should you be spending time sending out tweets or writing that epic blog post or maybe something else.
It is part of an overall inbound marketing strategy which puts your company in places where people are looking for information, to buy, help, etc.When you utilize social media effectively, you create a buzz that produces results. You could talk about the venture, your funding requirements, why someone should invest, who they are investing in, what is going on and where the funding efforts currently stand. Joining the right groups and reaching out to the right communities with your crowdfunding plan could help draw some valuable contributors and definitely help get your startup some exposure. Status updates can include the progress, startup updates, current amount raised, customer developments and more.
Reach out to people online actively and with more people knowing about your crowdfunding initiative and getting involved with helping you spread the word, momentum will build and you’ll reach your target amount. Start with your friends and your teams friends joining the page and rope them in to help you spread the word. We can write for you, train your team to write, or shadow your team by reviewing ideas and posts to lend our expertise to each step.
We’ll work with you to determine how often you can and should post content, when to post, and which social site(s) a post should be placed on based on the information contained. The Google Partner badge shows the world that Google trusts our company and you can too.working with a third-party partnerSee how we can help you advertise with Google and keep your return on investment high.

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