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In a dark cave called Google labs, 600 mathematicians with PhD’s who live on a diet of corporate provided designer food and who hang out in an office disguised as a playground flicked a switch.
Content is the lifeblood and cornerstone of the knowledge web that is driven by search and social networks. This came together and started an online trend and tsunami of content creation and curation. If you can weave some of these principles into your content creation then you are well on your way to awesome content. In the past people had to buy a book, purchase a magazine or a newspaper to obtain information.
We are a time poor society that is bombarded with messages, ideas and information that is often overwhelming. Social sharing buttons that are prominent and easy to find are a war you must win with your web designer. There is no excuse to not do this with free plugins available for WordPress that make this easy and efficient.
See the screenshot from my blog showing how Yoast helps you optimize your site for search engines.
This tool will guide you in making your content and blog articles “visible” to search engines.
There is also another principle at play here around the retention of information and learning. Create and publish videos, podcasts, images and infographics and that’s just for starters. So once you have hit the publish button then it’s time to distribute your content far and wide. Content without a goal is a waste of time and money for business and brands. The goals of content marketing can include obtaining subscribers for your email list, increasing Facebook likes and finally selling a product or service.
Want to learn how to make your blog a success with social media marketing and contagious content? My book – “Blogging the Smart Way – How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media” – will show you how.

I think the most important part is how to convert readers to buyers, yet it needs to be the most tactful. It can be arbitrary in proving value or ROI of content, but tools help in proving the return of investing time in producing relevant industry news, advice or info. As of now we have a great PR, for such a young website, and our readership and membership are growing daily.
I edit a lot of other people’s writing for online use, and each time I end up editing paragraphs for length, separation and adding subtitles.
While fresh, original and relevant content remain the key to social media success for businesses, an essential element often gets overlooked by eager writers anxious to get their thoughts online: graphics. If you have been sitting on the sideline watching the growth of social media unfold, then it’s time to get into the game. If you’re thinking about investing money in SEO or Social Marketing, you need to establish clear goals and objectives which will help you achieve positive ROI. Direct marketing communicates with consumers through mail promotions, television commercials, radio ads, pay-per-click ads and product catalogs. Telemarketers calling in the middle of dinner, spam flooding an email inbox, door-to-door sales people pushing their foot in the door — all these images are conjured up at the mention of salespeople. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. It doesn’t matter if you are are focused on social media marketing or search marketing, contagious content needs to be woven into your overall marketing strategy. Content marketing is now being woven into the DNA of digital marketers who understand the power of content to attract and sell. You have only moments to capture attention and get that click on your link whether it appears in a tweet, a search engine result page or a Facebook post. Before hitting that publish button on your blog make sure you have made it easy for search engines to index and crawl your key words, phrases and content. I show you how to create and build a blog that rocks and grow tribes, fans and followers on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

Like you said, people used to make a financial commitment to content, where now they will find it produced by every brand on every channel (though not all brands post to each channel).
Having in mind the importance of content marketing, these article is an excellent resource for all of those wondering how to improve their marketing strategy.
This form of advertising is preferred by small businesses because it targets a specific audience while increasing revenue and brand recognition. Content needs to be focused around that ecosystem of topics that provides answers, meets their deep desires and solves the customers pain. If you know your topic and are passionate about your industry then you know what those answers and topics are.
What is also often overlooked are buttons without social proof  (not showing how many times the article has been tweeted on Twitter or shared on Facebook). Some like Twitter, others love Pinterest and YouTube has 1 billion unique visitors every month. It also includes dozens of tips to create contagious content that begs to be shared and tempts people to link to your website and blog. Just a thought – maybe you could bring VAs up to speed quicker by giving them study topics and then have them teach you (visually or in writing).
Structuring any piece of content with Jeff’s point about short paragraphs, short sentences and bullet points in mind definitely makes a difference. I spend at least twice as long trying to input information in my calendar as I did before, and all because it’s no longer visually structured. As a small young start up with no advertising budget we look for all the advice we can get. I do include blog summaries in my newsletters, but, as yet, I haven’t converted them into infographics or slide shares.

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