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July 21, 2011 by J-P De Clerck In many B2B companies, especially those with a longer sales cycle (or buying cycle if you will), there is at least one division where employees meet customers and prospects without sitting behind their computers and campaign or CRM dashboards all the time: sales. All these people-to-people interactions lead to a perception of your company and brand by your clients and prospects. In some companies, the role of sales has been reduced by strict lead management processes, whereby the role of sales reps has been reduced to order intake. No matter how your organization is structured: it’s crucial to involve your sales people in cross-channel interactions and in your social media strategy as well. A great salesperson is someone who listens, empathizes and provides solutions based on the real needs of their clients. An OgilvyOne survey found that 49% of those salespeople polled worldwide consider social media important to their success and the top performers among them rate it even more highly at 65 percent! Social media for marketing and business in general is not about telling people what they need or what they should think. Top sales people have always understood that an important factor of their success is listening and understanding customer and prospect needs, before even opening their mouths to pitch. As well, when the time is there to engage the prospect, you have a channel where you can do so in a non-intrusive and timely manor. According to OgilvyOne survey, sales people are not getting the training they want, even though those same sales people express a desire for it.
Blogs, Twitter Facebook and LinkedIn can all be very effective tools for sales because they are great relationship building and information-gathering  channels.
On top of the usual suspects such as all the social networks, there are a bunch of tools that enable sales to have more control over the lead management process and social themselves, providing them serious and actionable insights and applications to take action themselves.
The challenge to adopt these tools revolves mainly around the barriers between sales and marketing. Couldn’t agree more that successful sales professionals seek to understand customer needs before determining solutions.
To add to your point, Miller Heiman included a few social media points in the 2011 Sales Best Practices Study. I’m not real sure how much love we will ever see between sales and marketing, and even then we will still have to deal with that “placement of the moon thing” but, if anything could use an alignment … it’s these two.
You would have to be fairly blind to have not noticed that the lines between sales and marketing have been blurring.
As a salesperson, I now find myself performing marketing functions and, speaking personally, I’m not wired that way. Show us how to track our results or, even better, you track the results and then share them with us. GaggleAmp is a great tool for aggregating updates, sending notifications out to team members, and then allowing them to share those with the click of a button (through their own social profiles) via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. As marketers, what content can you create that will benefit both the individual salesperson and the company? This post was written as part of the IBM for Midsize Business program, which provides midsize businesses with the tools, expertise and solutions they need to become engines of a smarter planet. We are a Nimble SCRM and a HootSuite Solution Partner and a Value Added Associate for TTI Performance Systems. Craig is also the author of "The Small Business' Guide to Social CRM", now available on Amazon! As an 8-yr.member of Networks!, I am still astonished at the quantity and accuracy of information brought forth about business opportunities in the Treasure Valley and beyond, and how early it is conveyed. The most important part of your site is having good keyword content to attract search engines. If you have any questions about our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Though, you may have a great social strategy, it is little use unless you are actually getting a return on your investment and for the vast majority of business this ROI is shown via the balance sheet.
Social media is unlike other forms in a number of ways, though also because it gets the attention of people at an earlier stage of the lead process.
Converting early on needn’t be through hard leads, though you can increase them in the long term by being a little savvy with short term leads.
We are a friendly bunch, so why not pop in and see us, call us on 0113 827 2366, or get in touch using our contact form to see what we can do for you.
This example is created using ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software enhanced with Social Media Response solution from ConceptDraw Solution Park.
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This chart would imply that you have to work hard on your social media marketing for at least 3-4 years before most businesses see an impact on sales.

One of the biggest problems many businesses face is they compare social media marketing efforts with advertising.
While social media has many benefits including marketing research, customer service, and collaboration, for many businesses it’s primarily about building relationships that lead to sales.
Instead of comparing social media marketing to advertising, it might be accurate to comparing it to the benefits of attending an annual trade show or networking meeting where it takes time to build relationships that lead to sales.
So yes, the immediate benefit of social media marketing is awareness and that is IMPORTANT because awareness leads to engagement.
This is why social media marketing can be a hard sell to executives who are accustomed to the overnight results of advertising. Probably, the C-suite regularly meets key accounts, customer service reps are in touch with clients, you might have a place where customers pick up goods (where interactions with your warehouse staff might happen), etc. If your company is full of those and you want more proactive sales people, your processes are wrong or you have recruited badly. Social media monitoring and other measuring systems are not your only “ears and eyes” in the social space. Someone who is an excellent communicator and can build relationships based on trust and common interests. If you don’t have a good understanding of what your potential client needs, then how can you know what solution to offer them? With social and the web, savvy sales professionals can listen unobtrusively to prospect dialogues and understand better what issues may drive their purchase decisions. If you are there with the right information and offer it in a helpful non-pressured way, you are ahead of the pack. In other words: they need to be sure that every element of your social media strategy and plan, regardless of organization and division, works well. Are marketing and PR aware of the reality that good sales people (and customer service reps, etc.) will adopt social media to enhance their (selling) skills, whether you sanction it or not? Let’s not forget that often relationships really start with very simple connections or mentions. In the US only 9% of those polled stated their companies offered the training while 46% of the respondents want some form of training on social media. However, before you can build those stronger and more profitable relationships, you must invest the time into training your front-line troops how to use them. Silo thinking is a hurdle to take for every company that wants to be customer-centric and have a single view on its customer, prospects, business and ecosystem. There is a significant relationship between those who utilize social media in identifying decision makers and performance results.
If you are a proponent of social sales, you are regularly creating and sharing content in an effort to create “brand you”.
For that matter, I’m not even trained to do this stuff so … I sometimes flop around like a landed fish in a boat. GaggleAmp can even keep a score on shares so, if gamification interests you, let the games begin! Like GaggleAmp and Addvocate, it leverages the power of your teams to send out consistent proven messages.
While salespeople may be team players, their favorite team is always going to be themselves. Craig also conducts training and workshops primarily in social selling and communication skills.
As social media often incorporates exposure, influence and engagement, it offers a lot more opportunities than traditional marketing which usually comes with just brand awareness as a consideration at the pre-lead stage. The less paths a company must go through to convert to a lead the more likely they’ll do so. Encourage fans to sign up to your newsletter, meaning they are sent your content regularly and so you can influence them. Get in touch today to learn more about social media marketing, SEO, app development and web video productions. We work closely with our clients to meet their goals and deliver exceptional results, and we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the game in an ever-changing industry.
ConceptDraw PRO provides export of vector graphic multipage documents into multiple file formats: vector graphics (SVG, EMF, EPS), bitmap graphics (PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF), web documents (HTML, PDF), PowerPoint presentations (PPT), Adobe Flash (SWF).
This is not a scientific study, but it is a view from nearly 4,000 marketers, skewed toward small businesses. It’s interesting that “soft benefits” like awareness and loyalty are at the top of the chart when everybody seems to be preoccupied with ROI. When we compare a soft benefit like awareness with a “hard” benefit like sales, we see that most people even just starting with social media recognize an immediate benefit on the awareness front.
And the most successful businesses realizing a true ROI may have been at it five years or more, a category where 70 percent of the respondents could see an increase in sales.

Unfortunately, many traditional kinds of advertising present diminishing returns as people spend less time with newspapers, local radio, and network television. Divisions such as sales, can be involved much better in social CRM and social media processes. In many other businesses, sales reps continue to play a very important role from the early buying process stage onward and are involved, as consultants, in lead generation and even setting cross-divisional marketing and communication priorities. Real people, including sales consultants, your CEO, customer service and even the copywriter interviewing your customers for client cases, are too.
So, it should not come as any surprise that great salespeople value social media as a way to sell. It’s also about being a part of that cross-divisional customer-centric and cross-channel conversation and building brand strategies, which put the customer at the centre of your selling universe, rather than the product or service.
Smart sales people perfectly understand the ‘climate’ and market situation, in which your business operates, and are an important source of knowledge that should lead to smarter content marketing, blogging, social media and cross-channel initiatives.
However, social activities, including social CRM, should at the same time also include the insights of sales people that have a foot in the door anyway. Finally, it’s crucial to involve your sales team in your social media programmes: they most know what social media is (and obviously be social but if they’re not your HR might not be that good) but they also should have social in their “DNA” in order to ask customers and prospects for social profiles on top of the good old business card, explain your content resources and how clients can interact with your business. Many of those traits are in common with what makes a good sales person and thus, a rich human resource exists in most companies smart enough to develop it.
The organizations identified as World-Class saw 20% better year over year growth in account acquisition. At the same time I have to think that marketing might be concerned that my message might not be on target at best and maybe even counterproductive at its worst. An administrator can control the content, have it auto-fed from sources, and also moderate and accept individual update suggestions.
This is understandable as many, if not most, B2B salespeople are paid at least to some extent on production (sales).
Maybe this comes in the form of tracking code that will assign leads to whichever rep generated them? This however, works in your favour as it provides you with a number of extra chances for conversions.
Perhaps marketers are beginning to finally acknowledge the important qualitative benefits of social media marketing. In fact about 80 percent saw results in the first year compared to 35 percent who saw an increase in sales right out of the gate. If you need to drive rapid awareness or pump up sales with a coupon, advertising still works really well (assuming people see your ads!).
Social media platforms simply open new doors, and it takes time to turn those connections into strong links that are actionable. And it’s not until we get to that point that we can begin seeing some cash coming in the door … maybe years down the line.
For this reason, it makes good sense to start moving up that social media sales curve now, right? On top of that realize that more people than ever are in your “sales team”, including other employees and even some perfect strangers. They will be most inclined to share content that points back to them, highlights their expertise, and makes them more money. Adaptive Business Services provides solutions related to the sales professional including Boise's best B2B leads group, NetWorks!
Going one step further again and allowing people to purchase goods from your social media page reduces the need to leave the page, go to your business site and then start finding particular goods again and start the whole process over.
Data on the likes of cost per engagement and cost per soft lead as well as others will help you see where you area success of aren’t for that matter. Let’s take a close look at what we can learn from the feedback provided by these active social media marketers. Do you give them access to the online tools that exist and give sales a role in the lead management and social media marketing space?
By selling through social media you eliminate the number of failed leads and so turn fans into more leads constantly. Then find the correct mix for you and turn those fans into leads and increase the success of your business. Still, if sales makes money, we all make money because …nothing happens until somebody sells something so … it’s best to get over it. And last but not least: do you use the insights and feedback of your sales reps and other customer facing employees?

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