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This day and age, most brands get it and have built out robust social media teams of their own.
Diva Marketing: Influencer Marketing is a service that your agency Everywhere Agency offers. After that, brands kept coming to us looking for novel, non-advertising ways to promote their events or their products.
That’s when we launched Everywhere Society – which is a community of influencers who work with our agency and opt in for brand campaigns.
Diva Marketing: Let’s drill down to the “influencer” which might be more complex to determine. If they are a blogger, we look at their UMV’s (unique monthly visits), but in this day and age, we’re as likely to look at their Instagram, Vine, Snapchat or Twitter reach.
Macy’s teamed up with SuperModel Emme to do a series of fashion shows in their stores featuring plus-sized models and influencers. Danica Kombol: We look at a variety of factors – and every campaign has a different goal, so success doesn’t always look the same. Determining these statistics can be tricky, but we currently use a platform called Tracx to keep tabs on how our influencers are performing. In other words, we are paying the influencer to write (in their own words) about a brand, event or product. Diva Marketing: Understanding that each campaign is different, what are some of the common aspects an influencer can expect when participating in an influencer marketing program?
Diva Marketing: As is Diva Marketing’s tradition, we’re tossing the virtual mic back to you. As we close out 2015 and begin the circle dance anew, there will be lots of predictions of what 2016 will hold in terms of marketing trends and must dos.
Social listening and social media customer service are built into most company digital initiatives. Listening is an automated process that brings stats and key words to managers in pretty charts and graphs.
He was able to combined his marketing talents and social media skills to build an amazing horse advocay community. Diva Marketing, Toby: Your latest project is a video series on YouTube, it seems a bit of a departure from the development of a book. I wanted to create some content that would be easy for audiences to find, and then consume. Diva Markeitng, Toby: To go the route of a well made video series may take even more effort than a book. So I wanted to create a resource that examined all the issues, both for and against horse slaughter.It is comprehensive, basically a brain-dump of everything I know. Diva Marketing, Toby: Although an important, but controversial topic, one might think that many people would be turned off by the subject.
Diva Marketing, Toby: Initial distribution, seeding, is important, how have you tried to get the series to spread? Social media is just not a media channel, it can be effectively used as a communication tool by the marketers to improve their company sales. It is clear that most of the B2B marketers make use of different social media sites as effective marketing tools.
As per a survey, it was reported that 79% of B2B marketers used social media for creating brand awareness, 74% used it for acquiring new customers to the business, 71% have reportedly used it for generating leads to their business and 64% of companies have used different social media channels to retain their existing customers. The common challenges that most of the B2B marketers face in using social media channels for their business include producing most engaging content, creating different varieties of content to meet varied users and low budget. From the total social media generated leads, 9% are generated via Facebook and LinkedIn, 32% of leads are originated through Twitter network. Currently, tracking the correlation between social media and sales is a process that’s much more open to innovation than tracking other types of sales.

It is of popular opinion that social media marketing is primarily suited for business to consumer (B2C) businesses, and not so well suited for business to business (B2B) such as manufacturers. At Fascia Graphics®we manufacturebespoke membrane keyboards, graphic overlays and screen printed labels.
Having set up a blog, which we regularly update, and profiles across social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest, we have noticed an increase in our monthly referral traffic to our website (over 60% of which comes from social media), with many of these referrals turning into enquiries about our products.
Overall, manufacturers stand to gain from increased business exposure and increased traffic to their business website, with a better understanding of their market through the implementation a strong social media marketing campaign.
Firstly, before implementing any social media marketing strategy make sure that your website (where you shall be directing all these new visitors) is up-to-date.
It is widely considered in the marketing industry that content is fire and social media its fuel. You can share this quality content across the various social networking sites, enticing visitors to your website and positioning yourself as an influential thought leader within your industry. Twitter is one of the most active social networks with 288 million monthly active users and 500 million Tweets sent out each day.
Manufacturers who wish to be successful in their social media marketing endeavours should leverage the power of Facebook for brand promotion. B2B marketers rank LinkedIn as the most effective social network, with it undoubtedly being the best social network for creating business connections.One of your first points of call should be to set up a professional profile and a company page. A key point you should keep in mind is that in today’s society customers make 60% of their buying decisions before contacting the supplier of manufacturing, by viewing online content about the products they are interested in. About UsWe're on a mission to educate and inspire the not-for-profit industry about digital marketing & fundraising so we can give every donor a great online experience.
Influencer marketing's roots began in the blogosphere programs of what we called blogger relations. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, Blogs, YouTube, Snapchat and technology that provides in-depth metrics, more brands are creating marketing promotion and content initiatives that include people who have significant followings and well -- influence.
As more and more of them worked on campaigns, they began to talk to one another and say things like, “I’m part of Everywhere.” We realized we had to move all these amazing folks out of spreadsheets and bring them into a community. For example, I seek parenting advice from my friend Paula and technology advice from my friend Lina.
By that I mean is a percentage of reach, followers, Klout score, engagement , etc  that  is used? We were promoting the fact that Macy’s carries plus-sized clothing in their stores and embraces women with curves.
We found curvy bloggers who write about fashion to model and then joined forces with Emme to have Twitter chats where we talked about body positivity, fashion trends for curvy women, and the power of embracing your curves.
Some clients are more concerned with the quality of content and photos than the amount of eyeballs that see it.
When you’re compensating an influencer, you must follow FTC Guidelines, which debuted in 2009 and are continuing to evolve.
And finally (and I’m not just saying this because I run an agency but), “don’t go it alone.” Finding the right influencer is only half the battle.
What specific messages must be included in your blog post or social shares?  What’s the goal of the campaign?
It was positioned as the golden grail that would be the beginning of authentic conversational marketing.
I now have more than 5k followers on Twitter, 5k friends on Facebook (that's the limit for a personal page) as well as a new Facebook page for my Advocacy work.
Social media has become vital part of efforts put by many small scale and large scale organizations, or firms in order to engage with the end-customers and key stake holders in a direct way. We have noticed a huge benefit in implementing social media within our current marketing strategy.
You don’t want to be sending all these potential customers to an out-of-date website that looks like it was created in the early 90’s.

So if you plan to get the most out of your social media marketing strategy it is wise that you set up a blog and fill it with quality content. Twitter is an excellent tool for ‘listening’ in on your customers and prospects and finding out what makes them tick and what they think of your company as well as your competitors. Facebook principally favours consumer oriented relationships, and so as a manufacturer you should focus on posting positive brand-solidifying messages, accompanied by plenty of product images.
By joining and creating groups you can be active in discussions and as a result increase your brand visibility.
We launched in 2009, focused primarily on social media and helping major brands get into the social media space. What was evident to us in these chats was that there are all these women who want to have this conversation, and we were proud to help facilitate it. Realize the benefit of working with influencer is that they tell your brand story in their own voice. With a book, your audience has to buy the book, and even after purchase, there is no guarantee that the book is read. I believe it exists because most horsemen (gender neutral) and horse lovers really don't understand all the issues related to the subject, and quite honestly many do not want to know. Seriously, so you create a great piece of content, that might be uncomfortable for some people to watch. From this page I was able to purchase a Facebook ad (post boost at $20, which I will probably repeat during subsequent weekends, on the assumption that people have more time to consume content on the weekend). This is important because it is the time of year that horses are on the national conscience.
I have also been able to reach out to my network of media connections, to try to help spread the word.
TV viewers say they’re more aware of programs because of their social media interaction.What are social media marketers responsible for?
This content should be a balance between company related information and general industry updates and news. In Malcolm Gladwell, Tipping Point-speak, these people are the “mavens,” or people we rely on to connect us with new information.
Only animal rights people watch that stuff I think, so really it becomes an echo chamber of the same people talking to each other, rather than getting the message out to broader communites. You bring a wealth of experience in social media marketing, the big questions are how to you get the video out in front and what's your distribution strategy? I am also pretty active on LinkedIn (some of that is due to my consulting work in the social media space).
As the Outmarket infographic points out, “Email still outperforms social media in terms of conversions 40 to 1.” (…Or is that just another instance of email being easy to track and social being difficult to track?)There’s lots of food for thought in this infographic.
In fact, the disparity between the proficiency and power of a (good) social media marketing team and that team’s “rank” in a company’s marketing arsenal can be baffling at times.On the whole, top-level leaders in a corporation still don’t “get” selling through social media, reports a new social media infographic from Outmarket. And they may very well be justified, as we’ll find out…“What’s the ROI?” – Companies Not Connecting Social To Sales.
Connecting how social leads to business results is a huge challenge and something that is really holding social marketing from getting the credit it deserves.
But hinging a particular transaction on the fact that the buyer follows you on Twitter… well, that’s a little harder to pull off.

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