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With the majority of consumers actively using various social media outputs, social media has become a very effective way to increase your business.
Social media can be a great way to market your business, but ONLY if your target market is actively using social media. Depending on the business, determine what kind of content you want to be sharing through your social media.
You should also encourage current customers to post about your business, because believe it or not, they are providing you with FREE, yes FREE, marketing.
Next, if your brand sells products, consider creating a YouTube video with an employee demonstrating how it’s used. Join the JuiceboxRegister below to receive some Creative Juice delivered to your inbox weekly. IT Best Practices: Episode 75 – In order to keep up with the velocity of business, Intel IT has partnered with the company’s Sales and Marketing team to create a social collaboration platform. Aligning Social Collaboration with Business Objectives IT Best Practices: In 2013 Intel IT launched a new social collaboration platform that combined professional networking and social capabilities with content coauthoring for business-focused collaboration.
Intel’s Integrated Analytics Platform Helps Sales and Marketing IT Best Practices: Intel IT is building an analytics platform that integrates and connects business intelligence (BI) data using a data lake model to reduce insight latency from months to days.
It’s been nearly two weeks since Hubspot set the World Record for the largest online marketing seminar with 31,000 registrants, and Inbound Marketing has exploded.
The internet contains over 15 billion pages, how can your small businesses get found online? I am a firm believer that you should only blog when you have something exceptional to tell the world.
I have never been a great writer, yet over the past year blogging has allowed me to develop my writing skills, and it’s exciting to see the progression from my first post, to this one! Blogging needs to be viewed as an investment – I looked at my website analytics this morning, and a blog post I created in January has the most views today.
If you think people will willingly give you their email address, phone number, and mailing address, you are mistaken.
If your contact form or call to action is buried deep within your website, don’t expect leads.
Social Media is also great for feedback – ask readers what they thought of the article, and encourage them to weigh in on the conversation. The most exciting part about Inbound Marketing is watching your website visits grow after each blog post.
From Facebook to Twitter, social media can help you expand your business and gain new customers.
Remaining active will not increase sales if your target is spending their time in other places. You can post about special offers, new products, or any company news to those who follow you. You need to come up with a schedule for posting, to make sure that you don’t go too long without posting something.

Google searches pull YouTube videos and if a potential client is searching how to do what you are demonstrating, you may appear higher on Google search results. Digital content, like pictures, blog posts, or even tweets can spread like wildfire across the Internet every day. If you use your social media wisely and post content that your customers will want to see and share, you will see a drastic increase in your sales. It’s a powerful set of tools designed to enhance individual productivity and open up the collective intelligence of the sales organization.
Context-aware computing and new interaction methods like perceptual computing promise increased productivity and greater collaboration.
It’s a source of entertainment for millions, and it’s been a driving force in revolutions around the world. A few months ago, I had the exciting opportunity to check out Hubspot HQ in Cambridge, and the atmosphere was electrifying. It’s simple, setup a WordPress blog, hire a designer to create a custom design, and start creating posts. I can’t stand reading lackluster blog posts by someone who is blogging for the sake of blogging. Inbound marketing builds post after post, compared to advertising which leaves businesses in the same position when they started. Typically I use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, it allows me to filter by geographic location, so then I can see if  locals are searching for specific content.
Design your website to funnel visitors, your call to action should be on the homepage of your website.
In the past, viewers had no idea when content was updated or news was added to the website. For me, it’s exciting knowing that people are looking for the content that I am writing about. This is a simple concept and probably the most powerful, a great blog post is the best marketing a business can have. This can be used to measure print, radio, or anywhere where your website address is mentioned. For example, if you are a B2C business, it may be more beneficial to spend time on Facebook and Twitter.
You want to give them content that they will be interested in, otherwise there’s no reason for customers to follow you. Don’t be afraid to post about discounts, promotions, contests, and limited edition products. It is important to monitor employees’ posts and make sure you approve what they are saying, as well as the tone that is being used. Salesforce, Google Ventures, and Sequoia Capital had recently infused them with a hefty investment of $32 million.
This is a key shift from traditional outbound marketing and Maine businesses need to take advantage.

In my situation, I could work for someone in Belgium, from the comfort of my home in Bangor, Maine.
For example, if you are a restaurant in Brewer, Maine, offer a $10 dollar gift certificate with a purchase of $30 dollars or more.
Now, social media gives businesses the opportunity to deliver content to viewers in a place where they frequently visit (Facebook, Twitter). Social Media is included in this metric, make sure you track which channel is more influential. Think about offering these items exclusively to those who follow your brand on social media. A lead from a YouTube video would appear more qualified and trustworthy than someone who randomly lands on your website. The whole business model of Hubspot is focused around Inbound Marketing, which leverages social media, search engine optimization, and blogging to deliver value.
Business is a give-and-take relationship between buyers and sellers, make sure you are doing your part.
Consumers want to feel comfortable with your brand, make sure your it relates to them, and that it is one they can trust. Whenever you post something and people see it in their news feed, they are instantly reminded of your business. YouTube could also be beneficial, depending on your company and the content you wish to share.
There are many creative ways to encourage your current readers to engage with your brand and help you spread awareness. As someone who started blogging at the beginning of the year, 90% of my clients have been generated through my blog articles. There are helpful services online to manage and schedule future posts, so you can be sure they go out at the right time. I have seen the value of inbound marketing, and it’s enormous potential is something that Maine businesses cannot ignore. For example, if you are a restaurant, you want to post images of your food on Instagram or Foursquare.
Researching companies who have similar products and services can give you an insight on the things you need to talk about. They are more inclined to follow your brand if you are posting about things they already do not know.
Educate and position yourself as an expert and consumers will listen to what you have to say.

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