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Take a breath and know that it can be embraced and used in your marketing in small, slow steps! For sheer mass and constant engagement and interaction, there is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and others.
People rely more and more on their computers and even more on their mobile devices to search for information and make their purchasing decisions. InSight Marketing Solutions is a full-service marketing company, providing consulting services from planning to completion.
Recent TestimonialsEven knowing she had other clients I couldn't help but think we were her only client based on the effort she devoted to us.
We then contact you and give you honest feedback and recommendations for how you can best leverage social media for your business. Often, businesses will start off with the best intentions of maximizing their social media presence but find that it is time consuming and hard to find someone to manage it all.  That is where I come in!
Erik Estrada might have been the second most well-known Hispanic actor on TV to break the mold and become a regular leading man, after Desi Arnaz.  CHiPs was an iconic television series that delighted fans for 6 years, even while Erik Estrada more than earned his wages through several motorcycle wrecks and hospitalizations, doing much of the riding himself.
Filmed this summer in Bedford County, Virginia, the movie is scheduled to be released in early 2013.
Erik got his start, though, by acting in other faith based films such as “The Cross and the Switchblade.”  This true story affected people and their views concerning the dangers of gang life, and turning to God rather than drugs. By acting in Finding Faith, he is able to combine his acting and police work with his passion to raise awareness about the dangers of Internet predators in a movie that will touch and change lives as well as hopefully sparking conversations at home about the dangers of online predators.
After reading your post, many must have woken up from deep slumber and started thinking about the dangers awaiting in the near future for their children.
Social Media has quickly become a very opportunistic way to market a business.  Facebook has exploded into the second most popular website in the world with over 750 million users and half of them log on to the site every single day. Here are six effective strategies to employ to make sure that you are using the social media for small business effectively. Once you have established your presence, the way to use social media for small business is to connect with customers.
You may think it will be too time consuming to post each day on all of the different social media sites and that is why our third effective way to use social media for small business is to aggregate. The most important thing to remember when using social media to promote your small business is to provide compelling content.
Another way to provide interesting material to your customers, is to link to material that is of interest to you. Be sure to check back here often as we will be featuring specific social media techniques and strategies you can use for your business. The Pew Research Center recently released Social Media Update 2014—its latest survey of social media demographics and usage.

The 18-page report analyzes popular social network platforms, and breaks down usage across different demographics.
The report provides plenty of insight for marketers to update their social media targeting.
About MavrckWe all know word-of-mouth is the most effective form of marketing, but word-of-mouth automation at scale has always been a challenge. By focusing on influential customers who engage a high percentage of their friends around a brand's relevant topics or keywords, Mavrck's patented micro-influencer marketing platform powers consumer brands like Hershey's, Sears and Unilever to discover and activate millions of their micro-influencers to distribute content and drive conversions across social networks. On average, our "always-on" activation engine will get 3 friends to convert for every 1 micro-influencer activated. Join Deborah Richmond of TekkBuzz Marketing for six 1-hour webinars focusing on the essential elements of bringing your marketing from social media to real sales. If you don’t see the value of this webinar series in the first 30 days,  just shoot us an email and we’ll cheerfully refund your investment.
Unlike your company’s website that has a secure way to get into the “back end” and make changes, a social media site allows users to take some control.
It’s important to know about these sites, monitor the reviews and respond when you can identify the person.
This includes strategic marketing plans, social media and website integration, search engine optimization SEO, Blogs, email marketing, branding, customer retention and referral, advertising, promotional items, events, public relations, community outreach and fundraising. With over 26 years of marketing and sales experience, InSight Marketing Solutions provides marketing consulting services, including strategic marketing plans, social media and website integration, SEO, Blogs, email marketing, branding, customer retention and referral, advertising, promotional items, events, public relations and fundraising. It is a chance to share some of his experiences and passions in such a way that will reach out to lots of people the world over. Based on actual real life events, it follows the Garrett Family, a strong Christian family in the community, whose faith is put to the test when fourteen year old Faith Garrett is abducted by online sexual predators.
To show the challenges and accomplishments of Virginia’s law enforcement agencies, paying specific attention to the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force.
Many of the parents are still not aware of the potential dangers internet may cause to the innocent kids.
There could be many other ways to achieve it but you have very genuinely highlighted the best. This means signing your company up for an account with Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and any other sites that you can think of. Compile your email list and send all of your customers an invitation to start following your company on Facebook and Twitter.
The easiest way to do this is to get a software program or phone app that allows you to post the same message to all of the different sites at once.
It is absolutely essential that your Facebook posts and Tweets are about something that is of interest to your customers.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be business related but be careful to stay away from controversial items like politics because you do not want to offend potential customers.
Include some personal information as well, like something your child accomplished at school or the latest on the little league team you sponsor. If you would like more information on all the benefits available to our members, check out a test drive today or call or office at 888-425-8122.
Are you spending the appropriate resources or are you wasting time and money on the wrong medium? At Mavrck, we harness the power of human-to-human marketing at scale by tapping into your most valuable asset: existing customers with influence.
This policy is good for a full 30 days after your purchase to ensure that you have enough time to evaluate the series. It is a great marketing tool for keeping your “brand” in front of existing Customers, for retention, and being in front of potential new Customers.
Because that’s where the customers of all ages are spending their time and getting their information.
InSight Marketing Solutions works with businesses of all sizes nationally, regionally and in the Hampton Roads cities of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Newport News and Hampton. While you’re running your business, InSight Marketing Solutions will help market your business.
We provide an array of affordable social media management packages to help you grow your fan base and engage with your audience.
Include the links to your social media sites in the email and let them know that when they add you to their friends list they will qualify for online offers that will only be available there.
For example, if you are a heating and air conditioning company, provide tips on how to keep your home cool when the forecast calls for a really hot day.
One excellent way to link is through association websites related to your field of business. Show your are part of the community and try to establish a relationship with your customers that goes beyond business.
After Sheriff Brown showed him some behind-the-scenes look at work done by the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, Erik was so impacted by it that he joined the Sheriff as a child advocate in his work.  I was then that he became the spokeman for the Safe Surfin’ Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed at implementing and supporting Internet safety education.

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