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Experian Simmons is out with a new package of stats that document the incredible growth of social networking in the US.
The graph indicates we connect with others multiple times a day to maintain and strengthen personal ties.
And I thought: What if we could change that ratio of connections with friends and family to colleagues? Now, let's go back and ask: What would happen if more of your colleagues connected with each other multiple times throughout the day and raised their levels of oxytocin, the generosity-trust chemical in their brains?What would happen if their levels of cortisol and ACTH dropped?
Would they trust their reputation with more of their colleagues, as well as family and friends,and recommend your organization? Would more than 11% of your colleagues be true believers in your purpose or could you now trust one another to create a common purpose? And it will be a good thing when more than 43% of us, online or not, come forward and admit we're addicted to love and to the tools that allow us to feed it. As I kept looking at the title, tilting my head like a dog - one side to the other - I began to smile. As a writer, he does things that make the reading very pleasant, very inspiring, very engaging.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Get information like security alerts, updates, advisories, threat reports, tips, and more through Cyberoam Blogs. We all are aware of social media and social networking, but are we aware of the social scams? Looking at the scam history, some of the popular scams have been the ‘419 scam’, ‘See who viewed your profile!’, ‘Dad walks in on daughter …. Cybercriminals use social media not only to commit crime online, but also for carrying out real world crime owing to “over-sharing” across these social platforms.
Although social media talks more about individual users, the cyber criminals not only attack the user as an individual, but they also use it as a channel to victimise businesses. Just like any other medium, social media can also become a source of data leakage, intrusions, entry for malicious content, loss of productivity and so on.
Upgrade IT Network Security with a solution that offers multiple security features and scans HTTPS sites (most social networking sites today are on HTTPS). As said before, a good balance between security and productivity is the need of the hour for organisations facing similar challenges due to their presence over social media. For a detailed demographic portrait of users of various social networking sites from September 2014, please see our recent report, Social Media Update 2014. Between February 2005 and August 2006, the use of social networking sites among young adult internet users ages 18-29 jumped from 9% to 49%.
46% of adult internet users post original photos or videos online that they themselves have created. 41% of adult internet users take photos or videos that they have found online and repost them on sites designed for sharing images with many people. Overall, 56% of internet users do at least one of the creating or curating activities we studied and 32% of internet users do both creating and curating activities.
The average Facebook user gets more from their friends on Facebook than they give to their friends. We conducted a new study that for the first time combines server logs of Facebook activity with survey data to explore the structure of Facebook friendship networks and measures of social well-being. About Pew Research Center Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world. If you average the age distribution across all the sites in the survey, this here below is what you end up with.

As we just mentioned, there are big differences in the age demographics of the individual sites. We’ve sorted the chart by average age (more on that farther down), “youngest” site at the top. This chart should make something very clear; social media is most definitely not just for the young.
However, as you could see in the very first chart of this article, only 2% of social media users are 65 or older (averaged between the sites in this survey). There is also the flip side of the coin to consider; some sites have a considerable bias toward younger users. Based on the sites in this survey, the estimated age of the average social media user is just under 37 years old. This whole article so far has been about the age of people using these social networks and online communities. Based on the United States demographics data (from Ad Planner) there is a clear gender imbalance on many of these sites. Here below is a chart with the male-female ratios for all 24 sites included in this survey. As you can see, the only sites in this survey with more male than female users are Quora, Reddit, Orkut, Github, Stack Overflow, Hacker News and Slashdot.
To us, one big takeaway from this report is that there’s a place for everyone in today’s social media landscape.
A note on the source data: All the demographics data in this survey is for the United States, but the patterns shown here should translate roughly to other countries as well. Previous surveys: We did a couple of similar surveys almost three years ago (age, gender), but the results are not easy to compare since a different set of sites were used (the social media landscape has changed). Larger charts: Average age distribution, Age distribution per site, Average age per site, Gender distribution.
What happens to the brain chemistry of someone who’s tweeting and retweeting even for a short period, say, 10 minutes? Finally a leadership book and author who bring empathy, caring and listening to the front of the leadership room instead of insisting it sit in the back, laughed at or ignored with no champion and certainly no budget to help spotlight its role in creating engaged leaders. I came to realize that the gift of human empathy, which had guided me through those early days at Marriott, would allow me to steer literally thousands of people to row in the direction of McCann Erickson’s future.
They’re genuine, sincere, well-organized to capture your attention, engage you in the story that illustrates the next lesson. Repetition of attack or similarity of successive attacks clearly indicates the success cyber criminals have achieved using such scams.
A survey of 2,000 home-owners stated that 35% users post their vacation plans on social networking sites. Cyberoam offers a perfect balance between security-productivity-connectivity, using its unique bunch of features that help organisations fight the malice of social media. It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research. Unfortunately for us there is no data on Google+ in DoubleClick Ad Planner, the Google-owned tool we used for the demographics data. Compared to a previous survey we did 2.5 years ago, the age of the average Facebook user has gone up two years, while the age of the average Twitter user has gone down two years. Slashdot (87% males) is the standout, followed by Hacker News (77% males) and Stack Overflow (76% males). Pinterest (79% females) is in a league of its own, followed by Goodreads (70% females) and Blogger (66% females). It’s easy to get lost when digging through this kind of data, but we hope we managed to present it in a way that gave you a decent overview of the situation today.

These sites have users that span the entire age spectrum, and there really are no limits to what you can achieve online, regardless of age or gender.
That said, there are regional differences, so keep that in mind if you’re applying this to other parts of the world.
We’re addicted to the meaning it brings our lives, the only-here-in-this-way connection it allows us, its experience, its pleasure and its pain, sometimes. Mentally, it's a head-slap, positing a theorem inside your head then pounding it home with AlwayandBad to let you know you're not getting away; you're going to have your mind changed.
Here's a rebel, a true disruptor, someone who's willing speak up, take a stand; I like that.
I recommend you read Business Execution for Results: A Practical Guide for Leaders of Small to Mid-Sized Firms. In an attempt to find an answer to ‘Why cyber criminals love social media?’ we found a whole bunch of reasons. Availability of such authentic information helps the criminals achieve their motives easily. Because of a segment of “power users,” who specialize in different Facebook activities and contribute much more than the typical user does. We could go on and on; when it comes to social network demographics, the questions are endless. Another thing we should point out is that the demographics data used in this survey is for the United States. However, when you look at all the data together, it becomes clear that women rule social media.
That's equivalent to the hormonal spike experienced by the groom at the wedding Zak attended. I start reading and within 3-4 paragraphs, I’m nodding my head and saying Yes, yes, exactly.
I might not agree with what I'm about to read, but his title made me smile without being cloying or clever so I knew I was in for a good ride.
This is a well-written, timely, book with tips and reminders and steps to take with each page you read. It's a great story whose purpose is to share useful, practical, tips and steps you can take to more effectively and more creatively solve challenges. Adding to these reasons, the money associated with the malware market is also a motivation for criminals to attack using social media. This article is going to answer those questions for you, showing you the age and gender distribution on 24 of today’s most popular social networks and online communities.
Real-world examples, real-world steps, to create real, meaningful conversations when the stakes are high. Zak explains that the results are linked, that the release of oxytocin I experienced while tweeting reduced my stress hormones.
Let’s look at few reasons why the social networking sites are a favourite with cyber criminals.
If that's the case, says Zak, social networking might reduce cardiovascular risks, like heart attack and stroke, associated with lack of social support.
It’s a strategy with 7 steps that any, ANY, business can execute under its own terms and under its own budget no matter how small or large.

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