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Definimos como Software Propietario al conjunto de aplicaciones y programas que se enmarcan y protegen bajo los Derechos de Uso, Redistribucion o Modificacion, siendo entonces mantenidos bajo una reserva por parte de quienes lo han creado, publicado o publicitado, o bien sobre quienes mantienen y hacen uso de dichos derechos. En contraposicion a este concepto encontramos entonces al Software Libre, que es basicamente aquel que no esta sujeto a las leyes, normativas y restricciones relativas al Derecho de Autor, comprendiendose en este genero no solo a las aplicaciones de libre distribucion (conocidas como Freeware) sino tambien a aquellas de Codigo Abierto, que permiten la lectura, distribucion y modificacion de su Codigo Fuente, siendo inclusive desarrolladas en conjunto por una comunidad determinada. Para poder solucionar las posibles confusiones respecto a este termino es que se suele llamar entonces al Software con Propietario, como una de las formas de diferenciar a que justamente todo Software puede hacer uso de los derechos acerca de su distribucion y utilizacion, definiendose entonces a un "Software No Libre" que solamente puede ser distribuido, reutilizado o modificado bajo explicita expresion de quien tiene Derechos de Autor sobre el mismo. En contraposicion a lo que es el Software Libre, podemos definir entonces al Software Propietario como una especie de contraposicion o antitesis, que permite diferenciarlo, y a veces hasta desacreditando su eficacia, considerandose de que este estaria desligado de derechos en lo que es su uso y distribucion, por lo que no tendria un Sustento Legal en su desarrollo y utilizacion, sino su sola aceptacion dentro de una comunidad determinada. This title might contain multiple covers, scroll down to check the gallery or hit next button after opening gallery. Windows 8 has a nasty habit of rubbing users the wrong way, and that's because the desktop doesn't behave the way you'd expect it to. Windows users are accustomed to living inside this environment, opening as many programs as they so desire without having to leave.
Here's an example; you're knee-deep in an Excel spreadsheet and a cute notification appears in the top-right-hand corner, indicating an instant message from a friend or colleague.
These limitations are enough to turn power users away from the various Windows Store apps, resulting in duplication based on usage scenario.

The key components in navigating the Modern UI are almost entirely pointless on the desktop. The rumours you've read are right; Windows 8's Modern UI, by its very essence, isn't a great fit for the desktop power user with a keyboard and mouse. Este concepto es sin embargo una traduccion erronea del Propietary Software, teniendose en este caso el erroneo ejemplo de que no podria ser propiedad o dueno de nada, sino que se trata de un error Semantico, considerandose como propietario mas bien a quien pueda ejercer un Derecho de Propiedad sobre el mismo. This is the place that millions of PC users call home, and let's not beat around the bush, when you first use the desktop in Windows 8, it feels horrible. On my own PC, I use the Mail app when I'm a casual user, but when I'm working I use a desktop program (Windows Live Mail) that's more effective and able to run in windowed mode. Moving the mouse to the top-right of the screen brings up a Charms bar that serves little purpose in the desktop environment, and if any apps are open, moving the mouse to the top-left corner brings up the switcher; which serves only to obstruct the user from closing full-screen desktop programs using the old double-click trick. The sensation is made all the more strange when you eventually come to realise that the Windows 8 desktop is, for the most part, an improved version of the Windows 7 equivalent.
That live-tiled Start screen is in fact the centre of attention, and even if you intend on setting up shop on the desktop, you'll find yourself having to resort to the Modern UI more often than not. Apps that serve such basic functions shouldn't engulf everything else, and this frustrating full-screen takeover applies to any app downloaded from the Windows Store.

This desire to have a simple app for everyday use and a powerful program for productivity is a problem, and until Microsoft can bridge the gap between light apps and fully-functional programs, we can't see any solution but to have one of each. In addition to the Start menu getting the axe, Windows 8 doesn't support Desktop Gadgets (which admittedly never took off), the Aero Glass theme has been cut in favour of solid colours that tie in with the Modern UI, and support for DVD playback has been dropped due to licensing costs. Get past the reimagined, full-screen Start menu (which, we should add, is still an excellent launch and search utility on any device) and the underlying desktop is a lot like Windows 7.
Microsoft's penny-pinching on the DVD front also has a knock-on effect on Windows Media Center - it's now a paid-for optional extra for users of Windows 8 Pro, though Microsoft has attempted to soften the blow by offering the Media Center Pack as a free upgrade until January 31, 2013.
This to-and-fro experience that feels jarring and disjointed, and though the behaviour is similar to the Start menu of old, it's the Modern UI's full-screen fixation that at first throws the user; you might simply want to find and open notepad while working on something else, and having to momentarily give up your entire screen feels wasteful. And if you're thinking the App switcher would be a good alternative to Alt + Tab, think again, it only lets you switch between Windows Store apps; desktop programs aren't listed at all.

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