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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The other important component of a strategic plan is an environmental scan, which reveals potential threats of the company as well as strengths. The other part of strategic planning is strategy implementation, which involves using the company resources to ensure that its objectives are achieved. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A strategic plan includes having a mission statement that describes the vision of the company. Strategic formulation is another important part of planning strategically which seeks to enable the company to attain much needed profits and to be superior to its competitors.

It is based on the Systems Thinking Approach, and guides the development of the strategic marketing and sales plan in the context of the bigger picture corporate strategies. With the guidance if the vision the company states its objectives as part of strategic planning process.
The last part of strategic planning is evaluation since for a plan to be successful it has to be monitored. Using this template will allow the user to follow a rigorous process in developing the marketing plan, that takes into consideration the external business environment, and the internal corporate strategies and goals, then develops clear marketing goals, strategies and action plans to implement effective marketing. Outdated or poorly designed marketing materials signals a competitor that lacks the marketing resources to keep up.A section of the website I pay particularA attentionA to is the About Us page. Search for popular keywords related to your industry, and study the names that come up.I suggest you pay particular attention to the paid ads that are displayed as a result of your search.

These ads tend to uncover new competitors that use paid advertising to generate awareness, since their organic search rankings are not very high.I would like to share with you two of my favorite search tools. Google Alerts are really easy to set up and the results are generated instantaneously.Make sure you set up alerts for both industry keywords as well as your competitorsa€™ names. They are affordable and easy to set-up and manage.Two of the most popular online survey providers are Survey Monkey and Fluid Surveys. A The main benefit is that you will probably find the best your competitors have to offer in one place.

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