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Should you just live “in-the-moment” or should you plan ahead using different planning horizons?
At Smart Insights we believe that businesses with a more strategic planning approach to their marketing and digital marketing are more likely to succeed in the long-term, despite the fact that many businesses don’t have a long-term digital or marketing plan. In our research into how businesses manage online marketing, we were interested to see how marketers plan. The standout figure is that over 50% don’t plan beyond quarterly or campaign plans or even less. Traditionally, strategic marketing planning in many larger businesses has been longer-term, meaning annual or longer. Longer-term planning enables consistent strategies and resource allocation to be followed in line with company product launches and campaigns and anticipated changes in the marketplace. Act: A strategic approach to content marketing developing high quality shareable content assets you plan through the year.
Engage: A Marketing Automation or CRM project to send more relevant event-triggered emails across different points in the customer lifecycle. Since we hope to help marketers plan better by going beyond day-to-day digital marketing issues, we have created a lot of posts and hub pages like this one on marketing planning which collect our free planning articles together, so that anyone accessing the site can use them to review different approaches to planning. For Expert members, we also have our Strategic toolkit which bundles a range of blank and example planning templates in Excel, Word and Powerpoint in one place. You can contact us by phone, email or send us a request through our online form and we can give you a call back. Digital MarketingOur digital marketeers have years of experience in developing and excuting digital marketing strategies. E-commerce WebsitesE-commerce is a rapidly growing area with sales online increasing year on year. Starting to sell online can be a daunting task and we are here to make that journey as smooth as possible.
Social Media ServicesSocial Media is becoming an increasingly effective method of marketing online. Social Media Marketing is a low cost form of advertising that continues to bring a very good ROI for our clients. We offer Social Media Management packages and we also offer Social Media Training to individuals and to companies.
Marketers know that a strategic PR plan can play a key role in overall marketing, but the PR approach too often appears as a few bullets in a presentation deck:  press releases, media interviews, executive speeches. Even for PR practitioners, there’s sometimes a tendency to jump headfirst into publicity tactics. An easy way is to start is with a classic SWOT analysis and determine where a strategic PR program fits in reinforcing strengths vis-a-vis competitors or building allies in the event of sudden external developments. Traditional market research isn’t sufficient as the basis for a PR plan incorporating traditional and social media. Marketing and advertising are very useful for informing customers of new products or services or innovations like price changes, but a good PR strategy often rests upon true brand differentiation  or the ability to create it through borrowed interest strategies.  Think about the narrative that will carry the program and what mix of tactics can best communicate that difference. The overall PR strategy, positioning, target audiences, and key messages are typically fixed elements of a plan, but tactics may require constant review and change.

It’s a myth that PR, advertising, and direct marketing need to constantly push out the same message, but they do need to mesh rather than conflict.
This goes without saying, but bear in mind that the objectives for a strategic PR program are often not conversions.
MENG is the indispensable community of executive level marketers who share their passion and expertise to ensure each member’s success. Dorothy Crenshaw is CEO and Creative Director of Crenshaw Communications, a boutique PR firm focused on marketing and reputation building strategies for consumer and technology brands under the banner "Creative Public Relations for a Digital World." She founded her firm after a 15-year career in marketing PR that included senior posts at Edelman and Grey Advertising's GCI Group. Here at Lima Consulting we use a 4 step process to help organizations develop, deploy and measure digital strategies.
Just this week alone we met with four companies, two of which are non-profits, and shared this methodology with them.
In all cases these very capable folks had a sixth-sense that told them something was wrong, they just couldn't put their finger on it. Of course there are other models that accomplish business objectives such as branding, but they are not direct paths to cash. And in one case, I visited with a company that had all four business models on their website but had not determined which to pursue.
So we begin each online marketing strategic plan by starting off with our four step process. Named by Hispanic Digital Marketing as one of the “Marketers Who Matter Most”, Paul Lima has seventeen years experience in serving industry, government and non-profit organizations. Want to take your business to the next level?We can help you develop the plan to get there. With information on the planet doubling every year, you face new challenges at a rapid pace. Your marketing plan COMMUNICATES the vision, mission and action steps to everyone in your organization. Now, if you asked everyone in your business, or at least your marketing and salespeople, to rank these variables, would all the lists be the same? Depending on the size of your business or organization, you may have several levels to your strategic and marketing plans. Find out how our strategic planning services can help take your business to the next level—contact Prime Concepts directly at (316) 942-1111. They can also be used for other sales and marketing projects that are either about to get underway, or are already underway but seriously drifting from their original goal! On the upside, the opportunities for cross-selling  across different business areas are often very high. We saw that short-term non-strategic planning was most common among businesses who answered. For introducing new features to the site and improving our digital marketing we have an 18 month roadmap for development of new features and are currently adopting a new agile model for faster delivery”.
You can use these for different planning horizons such as annual, 90 day, longer-term roadmaps or editorial calendars.
We supply brochure websites, E-commerce websites, bespoke website design, custom website development and a range of website applications.

We can help you promote your business online with the most effective methods to achieve the greatest return for your marketing budget. The higher up the search engines that your website appears, the more visitors you will have and therefore the greater the potential for more business and increased profits. Our packages are very popular due to the expanse of on-page and off-page SEO services that they cover. A professional E-commerce store online is essiental to increase sales and is a reflection of your business to potential customers.
When you work with Cunningham Web Solutions on your E-commerce website, you will benefit from the experience of our team and every detail from the website design to stock management is carefully planned and designed with you in mind. The opportunities that social media marketing can offer are endless and when managed correctly can bring great benefits to every business. In conjuction with excellent website development and SEO, social media marketing should be an essiental part of every digital marketing strategy. You can sell products, or you can create a marketplace where products are sold (think ebay). Your business has at least one person or an entire department devoted to the management of the accounting transactions to create your financial reports, right? There are internal and external forces that act on your business and having a marketing plan helps you to ask the right questions to focus your efforts and when implemented, ensures that you remain competitive and profitable. For example, this case study on the strategic planning used by multichannel retailer Dunelm shows long-term alignment for of digital marketing plans with strategic plans. Although digital media change rapidly, the long-term transformation needed for effective digital marketing means that you won’t be able to transform the organisation in 3, 6 or even 12 months as shown by the Dunelm 18 month roadmap example. You may also miss out on strategic initiatives which require separate investment from campaigns and require their own business case. We love developing websites, come and talk to us about your project and we will tailor make a solution to match your requirements.
Contact us to discuss your website and the SEO services that would best suit to increase your websites ranking. Having a marketing plan helps get everyone and everything moving in the most advantageous direction. Were they used only as part of your business plan to get financing or are you using them as a road map to your success? The very process of creating it and putting it in writing helps to clarify and prepare you for managing the future growth of your business. Your marketing plan is a living document and should be reviewed and modified according to the changes in your business, industry and markets. While important, financial reports show you the results of how well you managed your organization’s time and money in the past.
A strategic marketing plan is the road map of where you want to go in the future because tomorrow’s business is different.

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