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The other important component of a strategic plan is an environmental scan, which reveals potential threats of the company as well as strengths.
The other part of strategic planning is strategy implementation, which involves using the company resources to ensure that its objectives are achieved. Make your plan logical and be sure that it matches your business’ strengths and market-place opportunities – it will make all the decision making so much easier. All this analysis, examination and planning may seem boring, irrelevant or cumbersome but it will allow you to worker smarter and not harder, and will really, truly increase the likelihood of your business not only surviving, but also thriving and prospering.   How important is that? To develop a good strategy, the first step is to do the analyses, understand the policies that got you here, and then, in your Strategic Plan, layout the actions that are necessary to move the organization to a better place, that of overcoming its high stakes challenge(s). Looking at the Elements of A Strategic Plan slides, you can see how Vision cascades down to actions that are inter-connected. The slides below show how the elements of a Strategic Plan fit together- an easy way to visually identify what goes where and why.
A strategic plan includes having a mission statement that describes the vision of the company. Strategic formulation is another important part of planning strategically which seeks to enable the company to attain much needed profits and to be superior to its competitors.
If developed properly, the process will stimulate community support and focus resources for your school’s continued development and provide a clear competitive advantage and business model aligned to your mission and inspires your community. This ensures that each policy supports its intentions, and each action moves the organization closer to achieving its goals every day. With the guidance if the vision the company states its objectives as part of strategic planning process.

The last part of strategic planning is evaluation since for a plan to be successful it has to be monitored. The purpose of your strategic plan is to lay out a road map to achieve your mission and vision; moving away from being “reactive” – solving today’s problems – towards being “proactive” – eliminating problems in the future and taking advantage of opportunities.
Your plan should provide a framework that enables your school to focus and coordinate your resources, work towards common goals, assess and adjust as you move forward, and focus your board’s priorities and inspire your staff and community. The planning process addresses a series of questions that examine assumptions, incorporate information about the present, and anticipate the world in which the school will be working and determine how you will get there. The diagram below illustrates key elements of our planning process.Strategic Planning ApproachOur planning approach typically encompasses a series of onsite retreats and optional focus groups over a six to eight month period, culminating in the development of your strategic plan and action plan for implementation in the coming school year.
The resulting plan will provide recommendations for the ongoing development by maximizing your school’s strengths, anticipating challenges, reducing weaknesses, and developing proactive strategies to improve your school’s performance. Stages 1 and 2 complete an analysis of the current structure and operation of the Catholic schools in the school and identify the key issues to be addressed. Leave this field blank CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Halladay led us through the process of determining where we were and where we wanted to be and then assisted us with developing appropriate goals, objectives, and actions plans.
Halladay's experience and expertise have been invaluable in helping us to complete our Strategic Plan.
He was sensitive to our unique philosophy and needs and worked well with our diverse constituency. His knowledge of schools, curriculum, staffing, financing, communications, and the overall improvement process earned everyone's respect and admiration on day one.

He was flexible in meeting our needs and demands, often skillfully shifting gears to keep us on task and productive. The plan reaffirmed the long history of Queen Margaret's as a fine girls' preparatory school but created a new emphasis on the education of the whole student: scholastic, the arts, athletics and citizenship. The strategic plan also addressed the school's finances and upon the basis of related business models, a whole new approach to setting tuition fees was evolved. Provided below are downloadable links to a number strategic plans we have developed for private schools (A number also include their action plans). It will be your complete roadmap to success that will show you exactly how to develop your, publish, and implement your plan, step by step. What we're doing is giving you the blueprint and recipe to complete your entire plan (you get me in a box). Click on the link below to buy your Toolkit now and download it right away in a easy to use digital package. This Toolkit contains our comprehensive digital Workbook, Manual, Power Point presentation allowing you to effectively facilitate your own planning process, our Inner Circle MP3 Presentation on strategic planning, a complete set of worksheets to walk you through the entire strategic planning process, and your own limited set of eBooks on the "10 Steps To School Success". You'll use this toolkit so much that we recommend you clear a nice big space for it within arm's reach of your office chair.

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