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The Strategy Driven Marketing Program is a COMPLETE marketing system unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The Strategy Driven Marketing Program™ starts with innovating a company so that they can actively market the uniqueness of their business. The Strategy Driven Marketing Program™ defines a comprehensive suite of advanced internet marketing techniques.
The Strategy Driven Marketing Program™ analyzes a company’s sales process and then creates a new sales approach that is systematized to ensure that every customer and prospect has a specific and proven sales experience. FabCom is an elite team of strategists and creative implementation experts powering best-of-class marketing technology to help clients grow their businesses and increase revenues. Founded in 1993, FabCom specializes in a hybrid strategic methodology, accountable marketing and advertising, and end-to-end solutions from idea to campaign implementation. Scottsdale InteractiveTM is the division of FabCom powering world-class marketing technology to grow businesses and increase revenue. The future of marketing is personally relevant content combined with real time one-to-one messaging.
Lia Productions brings over 18 years of Product Marketing and Product Management experience that takes the best from the different strategic approaches to offer a versatile and agile approach to Product Design and Marketing Trends that can help your new or existing business respond to the market and implement your product with purpose. For New Business Owners and Innovative Ideas, Lia Productions offers a diverse range of strategic solutions to help you realize your product vision, turning that initial innovative idea into something viable by defining your business objective, underlying purpose, building the conceptual design, assessing the ROI and developing an innovative idea through to fruition.
Previous Industry Expertise include Small Business Owners across a variety of industries (health, retail, furniture, electronics, services, automotive and culinary arts), Enterprise Software, ISPs, Hospitality, Travel, Health and Entertainment. Market Research is a sure fire way to eliminate uncertainty and help organizations choose the best course of action. Since 1999, Strategic Marketing Services has been catering to various Online Marketing requests of companies from varying industries. VWMS marketing strategy consulting is centered on developing a marketing plan to help you accomplish your business goals.
You should consider hiring VWMS as your marketing consultant if you have recognized a need to turn things around, or improve your growth, but do not have the resources in-house to help develop a solution for you and you can afford to hire outside help. VWMS marketing consulting employs a collaborative approach with the responsibility for developing the marketing plan remaining with VWMS. Developing a marketing strategy by using a marketing consultant covers a broad range of possible marketing areas.
Due to the broad nature of marketing strategy consulting it is challenging to quote costs up front. As an independent marketing consultant, I do have the flexibility to tailor financial packages to particular situations.
The diversity of my strategy background includes knowledge from my teaching and writing on marketing strategies.

In short, we have combined some of the best elements of multiple well-known marketing systems and experts to create one complete and cohesive marketing system that gives your business the leverage to dominate your market.
Regardless of their industry, the Strategy Driven Marketing Program™ will introduce innovations into a business using time-tested innovation formulas that will work for any business, even if its in a commodity-based industry. This formula allows a company to build the most effective marketing message that actually taps into hot buttons that are important and relevant to the target market. It’s virtually impossible to overstate how important it is for your business to always look like the most professional company in town.
We deliver innovations derived from the convergence of business, marketing, and creative strategies with leading technology. Real-time measurements and accountability are crucial components of all strategies created by FabCom. We bring the small and mid-sized marketer the leading technologies which, in the past, only Fortune 100 companies could afford to implement.
This new book by FabCom founder, Brian Fabiano, takes off from the plan and shows you how to map your brand attributes directly to the new divergent markets. Ita€™s not just high quality content but a perfect mix of quality, relevance and SEO which makes you stand out of the clutter.
Strategic Marketing Services offers professional Web Solutions for web marketers, big and small. Ita€™s not easy job to accumulate, incorporate, and analyze data from various sources and use it efficiently for your business. SEO is not just about inserting meta tags or titles in your website, submitting links them in major sites, but it is to have a strategic plan to progressively pull up the website in the search engines.
The need for applications development on all platforms, be it Web apps, Mobile apps or Social, has increased in last decade. Sound marketing strategy leads to growth and provides protection against the unknown – it gives you a chance to see things coming.
Before a marketing strategy can be developed an understanding of the current, and desired, situation must be established.
The range of such a marketing consulting engagements could vary from the creation of a marketing plan for the company, down to dealing with a very specific marketing issue. I can develop costing based upon a discussion of the nature of the marketing consulting required.
Firstly, I have an extensive and varied background in marketing strategy (see Scott’s bio). This theoretical knowledge is complimented by my practical experience developing successful marketing plans for companies.
Utilizing this groundbreaking marketing system along with world class graphics, design, and media, Strategy Driven Solutions is the only marketing company with the resources to help your business become #1 in your industry.

Having an effective strategic message is the number one difference between effective marketing and under-leveraged marketing. The Strategy Driven Marketing Program™ calls for a complete branding package to be associated and incorporated with a company’s marketing program. This has enabled us to be the first in our industry to offer clients a guarantee of results. Doing this right the first time is critical to your business, its future growth and your success. At Strategic Marketing Services, we have in-house experts who craft strategies to enrich content and make websites drive traffic. Through modern and innovative cutting-edge techniques we provide demanding marketers with fast, rich and user-friendly web management services. Strategic Marketing Services has a tactful SEO plan which is customized to meet client requirements.
With our lead management tool you can streamline your lead handling process and achieve maximum conversions.
In my book on marketing strategy, Think, Plan, Prosper I lay out the case that the real value of planning is not the plan itself, but rather that it forces you to think. Once I understand the scope of your marketing requirements, a free cost estimate can be provided. What this means is that I provide a complete marketing strategy solution saving you time while ensuring a greater chance of success. My expertise in marketing planning allows me to deliver exceptional results for you in a short time.
In fact, the system is so effective, that we can only work with one company per industry in any given market. With more than 20 years of marketing and advertising experience as president of one of the top agencies in the Southwest, Brian’s background and groundbreaking development of this new science have helped clients all over the country begin to change the way they think about branding and the human brain. Besides, our support teams can help you with customized email messages, templates, brochures and collaterals to brand your business.
Working with VWMS on marketing consulting will force you to think about your competition, the external environment, what you have to offer that matters and much more.

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