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Businesses are under pressure to get applications out quickly and that means they benefit from having real-time streaming analytics as a way of cutting preventable losses, gaining operational insight and uncovering new business opportunities. Big data specialist Impetus Technologies is helping developers do this by launching free versions of StreamAnalytix, its enterprise-class, streaming analytics platform, based on open source technology components.
It uses a GUI-based platform to allow developers to gain experience, conduct pilots and take a wide range of applications into production.
The product comes in three flavors, StreamAnalytix Lite is a free, perpetual license to a production ready, unlimited scale, limited functionality version of the StreamAnalytix platform.
StreamAnalytix Developer is a free, one-year trial of StreamAnalytix Enterprise with all features included and scale limited to a maximum of eight processing cores of Apache Storm.
Finally StreamAnalytix Sandbox offers a free, one-year pre-licensed copy of StreamAnalytix Enterprise limited to eight processing cores, integrated with underlying open source components and pre-packaged in a binary virtual machine format that can be downloaded and used within minutes with no software installation process required other than the sandbox player tool. All three versions are available to download from the StreamAnalytix site as is a 60-day trial of the Enterprise version.

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The free versions of StreamAnalytix are intended to address the heightened interest among Fortune 1000 enterprises which want to quickly and easily capitalize on real-time streaming analytics.
It's aimed at developers looking to pull streaming data into Hadoop and use a powerful visual toolkit for developing real-time applications based on Apache Storm.

It’s designed to provide maximum power and flexibility for developers to build real-life and complex enterprise applications and perform functional testing before expanding to a full scale deployment.
We are delighted to unleash that power in an easily consumable manner at no cost to a wide audience with the free versions of StreamAnalytix," says Anand Venugopal, head of product for StreamAnalytix at Impetus Technologies.
I don’t think a lot of streamers who are already at the others sites will change to YouTube.

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