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Essentially, Super Affiliate System provides an easy-to-follow course helping people become successfully paid traffic affiliate marketers in 12 weeks.  It also provides them with templates of audiences, ads AND landing pages to use in their promotions.
The training takes students through 12 weeks and over 50 hours worth of videos explaining the affiliate marketing process from start to finish.
The FIRST few weeks of the course involve basics such as giving you a complete understanding of the business model, the mentality required, how to set up tracking software and domains AND how to create landing pages for offers you want to promote.
The LAST few weeks of the course go over optimization, scaling affiliate campaigns to tens of thousands of dollars per DAY, and ways to outsource & hire labor. Keep in mind – the entire course is 12 WEEKS long and includes over 50 HOURS of content, daily homework assignments as well as weekly quizzes. They come in a VARIETY of niches from Weight Loss, Muscle Growth, Diet, Fat Burning, Skin Care & more.
The purpose of the mastermind is to help connect like-minded affiliates in ALL phases of their journey so they can chat with each other on various traffic sources, share ads, landers & other affiliate marketing related materials they come across. You’re able to direct message eachother, form partnerships and other cool things that make it a REALLY valuable tool in this product.
Any questions – PLEASE let me know, as you see I DO have the full training course and I’d be more than happy to help you in any way I can!
Also, if you haven't yet - please take a moment to download your free gift from me direct to you!
Just to show you a little of his marketing expertise, John was able to pocket more than $2.5million last year, 2015, through his affiliate marketing business.
Just like any other business person, John has survived a good number of obstacles and various business levels as an affiliate marketer; from being a failure in entrepreneurship, to the floor of the corporate world, to customer-based work, to being an affiliate marketer and ultimately super affiliate.
Customers have the opportunity to view in a broader perspective many exciting and encouraging things like LIVE creation process of affiliate campaigns, John’s real numbers, copy, his engineer campaigns and ads too. Affiliates can benefit from landing pages, authentic ad swipes, and targeting that are being provided by the team. When it comes to customer support, John Crestani and his team have really done an awesome job. For three decades, I have seen teams like yours use these three interconnected team building activities that make up a practical, real-world and customized team building plan called Teams That Work … As One. Decision-Making: establishing clear understanding and support for how team decisions are made. Team Meetings: making certain all teammates know and understand what has, what is and what needs to happened. Team Assessment: a 90-day, continuous-improvement, check-and-adjust method for tracking team performance and making adjustments to improve in the next 90 days.
Establish Team Accountability: this is about active support for both individual and mutual accountability. Conflict Happens: go to the playground, not the battleground in order to find the right-minded solution.

Ask all teammates to embrace Right-Minded Teamwork Choices.  Discuss and agree on the top 3 your teammates will actively live. Pretty scary, right?  Well, team building facilitation can be scary too, but now that you have this practical team building plan in your pocket, you can drive that fear right out of your mind!  And if you take and make good use of the skills taught in my free online “How to Design a Right-Minded Team Building Workshop” you will let go of your facilitation fear forever!
In closing, your plan must align and leverage your teammate’s strengths into one unified team to ensure you meet or even exceed customer expectations. Related PostsAccept your role as Reason’s Team-Building FacilitatorEvery teammate in the whole world has one common role. Sign up for free updates and receive my bonus 12-step course where you’ll learn how to design a real world, Right-Minded Team Building Workshop. Dan is a highly sought after team building facilitator with three decades of experience consulting Fortune 500 companies all over the world.
The Super Affiliate System (SAS) is a comprehensive advertising and affiliate marketing course that was created by John Crestani, who is a famous affiliate marketer. The ideas presented really work, and the most important thing is to choose a lucrative niche, a keyword and the right ranking for it. The product provides an easy-to-follow program that can help you become successful in affiliate marketing within juts 12 weeks. John Crestani is the Chief Executive Officer of Nutryst, which is a nutraceutical affiliate marketing network that deals with diet, muscle, and skin care supplements, among other verticals.
John studied marketing at California State University and Business at Southern Methodist University between 2006 and 2010.
John is an expert in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, Google adwords, and many other fields in the internet marketing industry. This course includes more than 50 hours of quality affiliate marketing training videos and ready-to-launch campaigns that accompany landing pages, targeting, ads, and other special offers. The courses are delivered weekly as guides, from Monday to Friday, for a period of 12 weeks.
Week 1: During the first week, you will learn how to create your domains, click tracking and hosting to have a good foundation for online success. Week 2: Here, you will learn about different marketing tools, verticals and resources to boost your business. Week 6: Here, you will learn about writing tactics and techniques that will help boost your profits. Week 8: Week 8 entails automating tasks through research and outsourcing to boost your speed and profitability. John is revealing everything as he will show you everything you need to know, and provide you with everything you need to become successful as quickly as possible. If you want to become successful as an affiliate marketer, then the Super Affiliate System is designed for you.
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They have top of the line systems in place to make sure that no customer inquiry goes unanswered, and that you’re getting that happy warm feeling when you signup. These videos add up to more than 50 hours; this is about one to two hours of viewing and course work per day for the program. You are about to receive the shortest and most practical workplace team building plan in world history.
All you need to do is enter your email address in the form below, and the course, along with updates, will be on their way to your inbox. This training course teaches you everything you need to know about choosing a niche, building a niche website and making money online through affiliate marketing. While there are different courses that are available to teach you how to make this possible, the author of Super Affiliate System has put all the necessary concepts together to provide a one-stop niche product for every aspiring affiliate marketer. It provides people with different templates and ad landing pages that one can use in promotions.
He served as a SEM analyst, affiliate marketing consultant and director of several internet marketing companies. He is a renowned affiliate marketer and his revolutionary Super Affiliate System has helped many people become super affiliates. There are also templates that help you to create your own campaigns easily and quickly for you to make more money. Developing the right copywriting skills can greatly influence the amount of money you make in affiliate marketing. The training will also show you what John himself does when creating his own affiliate marketing campaigns and how he advertises them to boost his earnings. If you stick with it and take action, you can make the most of your investment and become very profitable with a short period of time.
Here is our Super Affiliate System review to help you understand its capabilities before you take the plunge into affiliate marketing. This course also includes 50 hours of quality videos that explains the field of affiliate marketing from start to finish. This kind of training will put you on the right track to online success as an affiliate marketer.
They will respond quickly to all your queries regarding the Super Affiliate System and affiliate marketing in general.
The first few weeks of training will involve the basics of affiliate marketing to give you a proper understanding of the process.
The crew has handled way over $1 million altogether in media spend, so they know what’s going on when customers throw questions at them.

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