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Frank’s Cryptography Pad, is a Windows 8 text editor app, that can be used to do simple text editing operations cut, copy, paste, select all etc. Once you are done writing, simply right-click on the screen or press Win + Z to open up a flyout at topside of screen. And once when you need it back you can, simply open the encrypted file again and decrypt it using the correct keys and Decrypt button. Frank’s Cryptography Pad, is a good option to choose as a Windows 8 text editor cum encryptor and decryptor.
Also, this is for all the bloggers who are facing problems with randomizing a list of items in a sentence, then do check out this article on How to Randomize Items in a Comma Separated List.
Photo Editor’s work area provides a canvas where you can arrange your photos, text, and other objects, like shapes and lines. Comfortably select from among overlapping objects, and choose the exact place where you want to paste your elements with the Paste and Place option.
Correct your photos with powerful and fast-fix tools, including Red Eye, Dodge, Burn, Sharpen, and Smudge. The Adjustments Palette gives you quick access to all the alterations you can apply to photos, objects, and text. Adding and editing EXIF and IPTC information will not only help you keep track of the details, but will also provide excellent reference to aid you in recreating that perfect shot. Home Knowledgebase I have a problem with editing text in a PDF document. This empty text box can now be moved around and re-sized using the select tool and the objects 'handles' to cover exactly the text you wish to hide.

See this article to change the font style of the Text Box text: KB#140: How do I change the default text used in the typewriter or text box tools?
Integrating a simple text editor with encryption and decryption works really well, and definitely in favor of the app. How-to lessons take you step by step through common editing tasks, giving you the confidence to explore your creativity. Layer your objects, group them, change their order, and experiment with opacity and blend modes to create amazing photo layouts.
Fix color, lighting and sharpness issues, or apply artistic effects, to everything all at once. For even more control over your metadata, consider a photo management tool, such as ACDSee or ACDSee Pro. The app gives a pretty clean interface to write freely, and once you are done, you can encrypt what ever you have written, and then save it in a more secured way either directly in SkyDrive or locally in your Windows 8 devices. There’s one more text field at the very far top right corner of screen; this is the field where you can give the keys, and then simply click on Encrypt Button. You'll spend less time learning so you can get to the task at hand faster: transforming your photos into something breathtaking.
Quickly modify existing effects, switch their order for a different result, hide them, or delete them completely at any time.
Try the Auto-adjustments feature for one-click Auto Color Balance, Auto Levels, Auto Sharpen, or Auto Contrast. Protected by the copyright laws of the United States and Canada and by international treaties.

Crimson text editor offers customizable syntax highlighting, line numbers and many other text processing features.
It is a great way to quickly write very sensitive information like a pin number, or some username and password, and then encrypt it using a key, which only you know, and then save it directly to SkyDrive. And easily work with drop shadows, transparencies and text, to achieve your desired layout. Use Auto Fix to make all the necessary adjustments for you at once, or take full control of each adjustment using sliders.
Take your photos back in time with the sepia effect, or add a dash of drama with Photo Editor’s comprehensive black and white mode.
Wrap your text inside a shape, or along a custom or preset text path to add some flow to your shot. And then save this encrypted text in SkyDrive or in your Windows 8 device memory, the same way by clicking on Save or Save As button. And whenever required you can simply open the encrypted file directly from SkyDrive and then decrypt it using the keys and get the message. Good thing is that, you can use all the basic text editing options: cut, copy, paste, and select all, and there respective shortcut keys, just the same way as you do in any other text editing software.
You can use this Windows 8 text editor app to write a simple note, a thing to remember, or a diary, and save them directly without encrypting them in .txt file format.

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