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If you take a close look at the behaviors of consumers today it is obvious that they spend a lot of time staring at their cell phone screens. Many companies have fancy apps and mobile websites but text messaging is the most commonly used application on phones today after taking pictures and voice dialing. Meanwhile, 98% of text messages are opened, and therefore, companies that market through text message marketing (SMS) have a far truer reach. With PlumReward you can send promotions, mobile coupons, event reminders, survey links and other calls to action via text which you can be assured your audience will see and respond to. The biggest advantage to using our text message marketing feature is the fact that your customer doesn’t have to have a smart phone to engage. A Mobile Keyword is a one-word phrase that identifies a product, service, action, or business. By including your PlumReward keyword with a mobile call to action in advertisements you can offer potential customers a way to immediately engage with your brand while capturing their information and driving new sales. As a merchant you will have the opportunity to send messages to subscribers from each campaign on the merchant control panel with our advanced filtering options and continue to increase customer loyalty!
What if you could blast a special deal out to all your customers just 1 hour before people are starting to get hungry and think about what to eat for dinner?
Stop by Jack's Grill tomorrow night with 2 friends and you'll all enjoy a free dessert on the house!
Hey Hannah, this is just a reminder about your dinner reservations at Jack's Grill for 2 tonight at 8 PM.
Text message marketing will help to keep your employees from missing this important meetings.
Simple, intuitive online form -The easy-to-use online template process enables any sales rep to quickly create their own sales proposal.

Share files among all your users -Once any of your logos, presentation templates, marketing collateral, etc. Enter customized text for each proposal -Sales reps can use the custom text field to include a personal sales letter or a more detailed ad schedule description, etc.
Include multiple spec ads in each presentation -Since youa€™ll have better success closing a sale with a couple spec ad options, you can now include any spec ad, manufacturer material or Instant Money Maker into your presentation.
Preview proposal and adjust output order - Each user has the option to preview the document and rearrange the page order with simple drag-and-drop features.
See for yourself just how easy creating a stylish sales presentation is with Proposal Generator 2.0. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Here are some ready-made magical Christmas text effects made with Photoshop layer styles so they are super easy to modify. Since people spend so much time on their phones text message marketing has easily become the best method of communicating information to consumers. Although an important marketing channel many companies are caught up in the hype of social media marketing but what they dont realize is that 84% of Facebook news feed stories aren’t viewed, 71% of tweets get ignored and 88% of emails go unopened.
Sure many people have smart phones that can download apps and do other fancy things but only 50% of phones are smart phones which means 50% of your customers can’t download an app or access a mobile web browser.
When your keyword is texted to 81018 customers can opt in to the loyalty program as well as mobile offers.

Short codes act just like any other regular 10-digit phone numbers that you can send text messages to but cannot be called.
Show this text to your server and enjoy a FREE sampler platter with the purchase of an entree. Christmas text effects range from candy cane, Christmas trees, snow effects, cookie text effects, glossy red & green text effects,  sparkling text and more! Over 98% of phones have text messaging enabled and most customers are familiar with sending and receiving texts.
Typically they are used for business purposes for consumers to purchase products or to request additional information about a product, service, or business. You’ve seen mobile keyword and short code technology on TV shows, radio commercials, billboards, print advertising, and websites. Email ROIThe click-thru (open rate) and conversion (action taken) comparison of text messages to email is astounding. Toallow these files to properly run you need to download and installone of the Zend guard run-time libraries.

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