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90% of Americans over age 13 own a mobile phone and more than half of these are smart phones used to access the internet while on the go. Whether you want to develop your own SMS marketing service using simple SMS marketing software or hire and SMS marketing consultant, the important thing is that you take action. By contrast, over 90% of text messages, even bulk SMS marketing offers are opened almost immediately. A Christian book store used SMS marketing software to send out offers to build your own coupon through SMS marketing. Retail text message marketing is the most powerful tool in your arsenal – and if you’re not using it, then text marketing for retail stores is the  most powerful tool in your competitor’s arsenal.
Learn for free how retail text message marketing can transform your marketing strategies – with drastically lower costs and exponentially higher effectiveness rates, bulk SMS marketing is the best spend for your advertising dollar. In challenging economic times you need to stay ahead of the competition, learn how retail text message marketing campaigns can ensure your retail sales stay steady all year!
Awhile back we wrote about a property management company using our new Tatango SMS Autoresponders. Subscribe by EmailSubscribe to Tatango's SMS Marketing Blog to receive great SMS marketing content delivered right to your inbox. One of the biggest misconceptions regarding text message marketing is that as a business, you can send text messages to a pre-existing database of your own customers. Due to a federal law called the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), it’s very often the case that as a business you’re unable to send marketing text messages to a pre-existing database of your own customers.
Without making the appropriate disclosures to customers when collecting their phone numbers, and then sending them a marketing text message, this would put your business in direct violation of the TCPA. How do you know if you made the right disclosures when collecting your customers mobile phone numbers? How do you collect your customers’ phone numbers while remaining in compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act? By participating, you consent to receive text messages sent by an automatic telephone dialing system.
Wire2air offers SMS Text message marketing software for businesses to build customers mobile database and promote products and services using mass text message alerts.
Business owners need effective SMS text message marketing solutions to reach their customers anywhere anytime. Develop relationships by delivering new product information and special promotions instantly.
Send text alerts to employees, customers, parents, sales staff in field instantly with community alerts, closures, or emergency notifications. Analyze the effectiveness of your sms marketing campaign through the use of rich reporting and analytics. We offers customize text messaging & sms marketing software for all types of business organizations. Bars & Restaurants: We have developed a interactive, innovative and inexpensive text messaging software and promotions for restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Real Estate: Our text messaging software for real estate is developed to provide information about home pictures, location, prices and facilities.
Event marketing: our expert team offers interactive text message marketing and sms marketing platform to promote your events and promotions.

Magazines: increase your connectivity with magazines readers by putting you promotional offers on top page with short code number.
Radio: Extend your radio listener with our innovative marketing campaigns like voting, polling, text2win etc.
School, colleges & Universities: you can updates with your studenta€™s classes, exam date, fee date, vacation with our interactive text messaging software.
Retail shops: retail shoppers can easily send out their offers of the day to their subscribers. Mobile is where your customers are and using text-message marketing is the easiest way to reach them directly.
Get to know your audience beyond mere demographics – what are their habits, interests, and purchase history? Use a text-messaging system that uses filters to segment your customers into specific targeted audiences. Craft relevant messages for each audience, including specials, promotions, new items, and information of interest.
Make sure you follow text-message marketing regulations, such as sending messages only to those that have opted-in or have personally provided their contact information, including a respond-to number, and having a clear way for users to unsubscribe. The more specific you are when segmenting your audience, the stronger your text-message marketing will be.
Define your audience, segment accordingly, and send relevant messages through their most-used communication method. Learn all about text marketing for retail stores, how to develop an SMS marketing campaign and more!
The biggest use of cell phones though is texting – in the US one trillion text were sent last year.
Time spent reading emails is down and most marketing emails hit the spam folder instead of the in box anyway. Cell phone users have an almost Pavlovian response to the beep that heralds the arrival of a text message. Learn how to use an SMS marketing service to manage your campaigns for text marketing for retail stores. Learn how to get the best SMS marketing bang for your marketing buck – start learning today for free! When a potential renter was outside of a property, they were able to request information via text message directly to their mobile phone about that specific property for rent. I think the following tweet from James Pullman from Accurate Property Sales & Management answers that question. Doing so could cost your business up to $1,500 for each text message received by each customer.
Use the following decision tree to determine if you did, and if you can text message your customers.
The only way to be 100% TCPA compliant is to collect your customer’s phone numbers through the use of a keyword and short code (E.g. We have an expert team of marketer to develop and deal sms marketing campaigns via text messages worldwide. Today almost all big brands and agencies are using this method to increase instant sales and drive traffic to their stores.

We are ready to help small as well as big organizations with our interactive and customized text messaging software. And with the right customer relationship management (CRM) system, you can send more targeted, personal, and relevant messages to individual customers.
I never thought using texts as a way to promoting was very smart, seeing as how I get these texts and just delete them. Try our tips and tricks for bulk SMS marketing that will get you the highest response rates.
And while texting was once a tool of the young, the age of the average texter is now nearly 40 and climbing. SMS marketing has an air of urgency that prompts a response – consumers redeem retail text message marketing offers at rates of 5%-22% – exponentially higher than physical coupons or ad mailer redemption rates. All kidding aside, your free text message marketing for retailers training videos will tell you exactly how to develop an effective SMS marketing campaign. Our free training on text message marketing for retailers is the key to getting started – watch now! Most businesses (99.99% in our experience) aren’t aware of the TCPA disclosures that need to be made to customers when collecting their phone numbers to be used for marketing purposes. That means that if you sent one text message to a pre-existing database of 1,000 customers, it could end up costing you $1,500,000. Want to download your own copy of this decision tree, in addition to more helpful information about text messaging your customers, click here.
Text CLUB to 33733), while making sure that the following disclosure is made clear and conspicuous before participating in the SMS program. Today over 4 billion people use mobile phone and about 90% people read text messages so you can think how it is going popular marketing medium to sale your product and services easily and effectively.
Connecting with text message marketing campaigns, you can easily offers product discounts, latest pricing updates, new products and services to customer to increase sales.
We do have a company in the nightlife industry, BookBottles, and we blog regularly about topics specific to nightclubs. As far as what I’m interested in (nightlife), I do believe sending out texts could work to pass on the word of deals and parties at clubs.
All the more reason to check out our text message marketing for retailers training – free now for a limited time. Retail text message marketing works so well because of the sense of urgency of a text – remember back when all your emails were actually important? This will allow you to text message your customers without fear of being in violation of the TCPA. A good SMS marketing campaign will compound that sense of urgency by offering time sensitive discounts and promotions.

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