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Android operating system uses a lot of RAM mostly for syncing data and running apps in background.
App IntroductionThe Advanced Task Killer (ATK) is considered as one of the most popular running memory management apps on Play store. You can also define an interval to let the app knows how often you would like to have your memory free. This is our first Android Game Review on AW Center, and we chose “Can You Escape” as the title of our first review. You might think that after Samsung’s announcement of Galaxy S5, the news about it will decrease, but this is not exactly how it is.
From my personal experience, this works great with another app from the developer a€“ PNR Status, about which we will be talking a little later. The app intelligently divides all of the PNRs present in your inbox into upcoming and past trips to avoid any confusion. Stelling Technologies has come up with great app in the form of Rail Yatri – Indian Railways.
There is no official IRCTC app for Android right, so apart from opening IRCTC website on your smartphone, you can only use Cleartrip app to book tickets. It had all the features and also they constantly updated app with new features so that’s a good thing.
About the two apps that you mentioned in your comment, I was not able to find them in Play Store, can you give me direct links to these apps, so that I can check them out. With the rapid development of mobile technology the  demand for applications that make life easier for users of smartphones and tablets is constantly growing. One of the first things that users see is the app icon logo. That is why it is so important to the logo attracts the attention so that a user can download the free app or bought it for a small fee. Our comment:  It captivates with its simple logo, the color depths and gradients used to reflect the features of this app.
Our comment: Star symbol may appear to be overused in app icon logos, but in any case to it is associated with something that we like. In addition to these five selected by us app logos we would like to present a few others that also deserve your attention. Android phone users can now monitor the system with all in one display offering information from battery, local memory to cpu and SD card.
Mini Info displays more detailed view including CPU and RAM monitoring, and network, brightness, and volume indicators when you need by just tapping over the widget.
The best part is that the Mini Info app is free to download  from the Android Market place. This is a great calendar widget that shows you up to six upcoming events on your home screen. Imagine having a having normal calendar synced to your social networks righty on your homescreen.
So there it is guys the best calendar apps for the Android platform, this is our pick do not forget to let us know of your views about the same in the comments section below. We bring you daily best android apps, games and review of top application from the hundred of the applications releasing everyday in the market. AndroidTapp is the best Android App Reviews, Android Apps, Android News, Android App Recommendations, and Interviews with mobile app developers. Some people don’t believe in killing running apps and some other even go further and Root their Android device to be able to kill even system apps.
The interval may vary from every half an hour to every 4 hours and the other option is to set the memory free as soon as the display screen is off. According to estimates, more than 24 million passengers use it daily but in the absence of right information at the right time, the rail travel and the planning could turn out to be a pain. Known as IRCTC Connect, the application offers basic features but is expected to get more functionality in the coming versions. It offers almost all features that one would need while planning for your next rail travel or travelling. The app automatically identifies the PNR of your next rail travel (or flight) by scanning your inbox for SMSes from IRCTC (or other travel sites). Who doesna€™t like a nice sleep and to help you with that, here is a simple app from Anagog India.

Thankfully, IRCTC has a partnership with Cleartrip, so you can use their website or in this case, their Android app to book rail tickets during a fixed time interval.
Both the apps are really useful and are very precise with their results when it comes to live PNR status. As most of them dona€™t enter there mobile number while booking tickets and if they do it will be sent only to those whose tickets are confirmed.
Anyways, this is not a promotional article, these are the best apps out of the around 20 apps which I tried from Google Play.
In today’s article we will present the best android app icon logos that impress with their simple, yet creative and well-matched style.
SwiftKey – this app uses a blend of artificial intelligence technologies that enable it to predict the next word the user intends to type. Wunderlist – it is an app that helps you to share your to-do lists and collaborate with your friends.
The Android phone that we carry in our pockets these days comes with a calendar app that is well integrated with the social networks available However apart from the stock app, people with different needs do prefer different apps for the calendar. Two different calendar views (month and agenda) give you a good overview over your upcoming events. In this article we introduce one of the best Android Task Killer Apps to free some more memory and optimize the speed and battery consumption. A In the article, we will be recommending some of the best Indian Railways related Android apps that can make your travel (and planning) better.
The Indian Train Alarm app allows you to set alarm when you train is 5km or 25km from a specified station.
It syncs with the sync providers of our phone thereby supports Google Calendar, Exchange, Facebook etc.
Five different calendar views (day, week, month, agenda, landscape day) give you a good overview over your upcoming events. To manually kill some running apps, you need to mark the app on the list and the application just kills the selected apps. If also gives a direct link to the IRCTC SMS, so you dona€™t have to browse your entire inbox to find that inbox while showing it to the Railways TTE. The only trouble is the captcha verification for Live station and Live Train status which is really irritating. We have made it easy for you to choose best calendar app for android by reviewing the top 5 calendar apps and widgets. There also is a free ad-supported version of Business Calendar which can be got for free so that one can try out the free one before buying the paid version of the app. You may have the same phone as other people but you may have different launchers, SMS apps, ringtones, and so on.
What I liked best is the option to change the background color of your app drawer and adjust its transparency. I also liked the the feature that allows you to scroll the app drawer vertically or horizontally. If you want to try something new on your Android phone, try Launcher 7 from the Google Play Store.Launching the app for the first time will require you to identify an app for a specific tile.
You will be required to identify an app for the phone, messages, contacts, browser, video player, app market, and music tiles. To access your app drawer, tap the arrow icon at the upper-right portion of the screen.You can also customize the launcher by going to the settings menu.
There you can change the animations, add your personal background, change your status bar into a Windows 7 stock status bar, and much more.
This launcher features some goodies such as panels, 3D widgets, smart folders, and tons of cool animations.Each home screen page is categorized into panels. The launcher features a variety of panels such as news, contacts, picture of the day, deals, calendar, and much more.For grouping apps, the launcher allows you to group your apps inside a folder.
The same goes when moving widgets around the home screen.The best part of this launcher is its 3D widgets. You can view the different times of the world, a 3D view of the moon, view your messages, view bar graphs, and much more.
You can customize the app drawer, home screen transition, set gesture functions, add themes, install customized widgets, and a lot more.At first glance, the launcher reminds me of the MIUI ROM, a popular custom ROM.

With all the rectangular and colorful app icons, this launcher almost represents the MIUI ROM.
Like the previous launchers we have tackled, GO Launcher EX allows you to customize your Android skin.
You can change the home screen dock, change page transition, change the font, add animations, and a lot more.The launcher also supports gesture functions.
You can open an app by just double-tapping on the screen or open the menu by swiping the screen upward. You can also customize your homescreen by tapping and holding down on any vacant part of the home screen. You can instantly add widgets, folders, wallpaper, themes, and effects by just tapping on your home screen.I also find it convenient to find the app store integrated within the launcher. You can install customized locker themes, customized apps, homescreen plug-ins, and a lot more.
Instead of playing the whole song as ringtone, this app can help you select a specific part of a song and use it as your ringtone.The app will use the saved songs on your phone. After customizing your ringtone, tap the Save button and use it as your phone’s ringtone. You can also record your own singing and use it as your personal ringtone.The app allows you to download customized songs from other users. To search an image within a specific category, you can go to the Category tab and select a specific category. You can select from a wide variety of categories such as nature, pets, colors, shapes, technology, patterns, abstract art, and many more.Aside from downloading wallpapers, you can also use this app to download picture frames. If you want to fully customize your phone, the Google Play Store also offers a plethora of third-party SMS apps such as the Handcent SMS. Just like your default SMS app, the Handcent SMS will allow you to receive, send, and view your messages. You can stick to the default Handcent SMS theme, or make your SMS conversations look like those on an iPhone, Motorola phone, HTC phone, and many more.Handcent SMS includes additional plugins for you to choose from. You can also use the Contact locator plugin to instantly look for your friends using GPS.The app also allows you to set a message bubble on your home screen. You can view more options, view your contacts, check what apps you have installed, and many more by just scrolling the screen. The app also integrates its own app market so you can instantly install additional features within the app.The GO SMS Pro app also allows you to send free messages with its GO Chat feature.
You will need an Internet connection to send free messages to your friends using the same app.
This app lets you find and download wallpapers, live wallpapers, ringtones, notification sounds, and games.
If you want to download a wallpaper, just tap on the Wallpaper button and the app will direct you to a list of wallpapers from its database. You will never run out of good stuff to download from this app.If you find a wallpaper or a ringtone to add on your phone, just tap the arrow button to download and install it. You may even add it to your favorites or share it via Gmail or through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. To make the list complete, we should not forget customized widgets on your Android home screen. Each widget can also be customized through themes.The Beautiful Widgets app gives you the power to personalize the content on your widgets.
You may want to add the battery level on your widgets or add the weather forecast for the day. What’s more is that you can even enjoy animated weather on your widgets by installing the BW Animation Package. These apps will offer you lots of customization choices and lets you inject your personal touch into your Android phone.
A unique experience where you can design distinct vibration patterns for your phone calls, text messages and app notifications (WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Gmail, Facebook and Facebook Messenger!)And ita€™s pretty simple!

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