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In a highly competitive market, David Beckham is the latest in a number of high profile celebrities and sports personalities that Vodafone has used to promote Vodafone live! The Beckham campaign is seen in many countries worldwide and reinforces his own image as well as communicating Vodafone’s brand values.
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Market research and increased sales indicate that using Beckham’s image has been highly effective. Oggi creiamo esperienze digitali sempre piu evolute e impattanti, grazie ad un nuovo mix di talenti e competenze in grado di cogliere sul nascere i trend piu innovativi e portarli per primi nella vita quotidiana dei consumatori.
Sponsorship using stars involves a partnership between the star and the company, and success depends on both remaining high profile and in the public eye. Vodafone believes that it has gained an important advantage in a highly competitive market place as a result of having such a high profile, admired star attached to its name and its product.

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