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Officially announced at Computex last week, the ThunderboltEX PCIe expansion card (and its dual port version) brings single port 10Gbps Thunderbolt connectivity to some of the existing ASUS Intel 7-series, and even incoming AMD AM3+ motherboards. Upon installation of the card, a new Thunderbolt menu appears in the Maximus V GENE's UEFi BIOS, allowing for adjustments to memory space reservation options which comes into play when resolving daisy chain hot plug detection issues.
We will post usage experiences and performance figures together with our upcoming two-part LN2 review of the Maximus V GENE! Read previous post:Diablo III PC Game ReviewIt has been more than a decade since we last heard of Diablo. Last week, as the result of a straw poll on Facebook, Village Instruments agreed to begin development of an external Thunderbolt-connected graphics card enclosure. In other words, the concept of an external graphics card certainly sounds appealing at first blush, but once you analyze its actual use cases you can begin to see why the ViDock is really the only product of its kind. Any GPGPU enabled card could be used to farm off extra work from OpenCL or CUDA capable applications. I’m sure there are other things you could put in a PCIe slot connected via Thunderbolt. The idea is that you have the external video card in the vidock, and you connect it to your computer either through Thunderbolt or through the Expresscard slot of your laptop. This solution gives the opportunity to ultra portable on the road and when you’re home you can hook it up to a GPU-dock, large monitor and peripherals. For now, yes, but with the faster throughput that will be available in the future, it’s not inconceivable that notebooks could be used as workstations once x8 and x16 speeds are available through external ports like Thunderbolt.
Another thing would be to consider that an egpu setup is to have that thing in one place for gaming purposes, and with the addition of the thunderbolt this has expanded, and thus for people like me who only work with a laptop, its a great thing. Personally I hate trying to keep a laptop and desktop synced, and because I use my laptop for so many work related applications away from home it doesn’t make sense to even try. A special graphics driver could theoretically be created to copy framebuffer data during every refresh, from 1 graphics card to another graphics card.
Please, somebody (people at nVidia, ViDock, ATI, Intel, Apple), develop such a graphics card-to-card framebuffer redirection driver.
Obviously this external video card and monitor are meant to stay put and give you the benefits when you connect your ultraportable machine at home or office! This is perfect for owners of non-thunderbolt macs who wants the new Thunderbolt enabled monitor.

The company has formally released the GeForce GTX 750 Ti Thunderbolt, which features a base GPU clock frequency of 1229 MHz, and a GPU Boost maximum setting of 1320 MHz. For the sake of comparison, the normal, reference card from NVIDIA works at 1020 MHz and 1085 MHz, respectively. Obviously, the company went to great lengths to push the board as high as it could go while still making do with air cooling. Speaking of which, the cooler is a large thing, with a thick aluminum fin stack and a shroud made of the same material. The fans are two in number, with a diameter of 90 mm and boasting hybrid impellers (two sets of blades, for better airflow and volume).
Between the heat conductivity of the metal and the high air moving power of the fans, the heat is kept at bay quite well.
Of course, the cooler makes contact with the memory chips as well, otherwise their own overclocking would have caused an overwhelming amount of heat. To elaborate, while NVIDIA's reference card has the 2 GB of GDDR5 working at 5400 MHz, this one, Zotac GeForce GTX 750 Ti Thunderbolt, functions at 6 GHz. To sum up, the Zotac GeForce GTX 750 Ti Thunderbolt is the fastest GTX 750 Ti card made so far, and probably won't get a true rival any time soon. Instead, the newcomer sticks to what works, a pair of DVI outputs, an HDMI connector and one DisplayPort.
Alas, they will have to be content with admiring the product from afar, or contact an acquaintance in China that can acquire one. Village Instruments already has experience with its ExpressCard-connected ViDock graphics card chassis, which provides extra GPU juice for Windows and Mac laptops, and the Thunderbolt version is expected to be the same kind of thing — but faster.
Think of the scenario where you have a ultra portable Macbook Air and at your desk you have a nice large display with a GPU dock and your peripherals attached to it.
Who in their sane mind would carry around a thing like this and a monitor together with a laptop everyday? You only connect it up when you want the computation power of the desktop video card, such as gaming or other tasks.
Notable examples are the entire thinkpad line up, x220, t420, t520 (we dont have info regarding the W line), even the edge line is capable of that. I have a PCI Express slot in my notebook PC, so what’s stopping someone from creating a PCI express -> Thunderbolt adapter?

Recently, I purchased an external graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 2048MB GDDR5) and fixed it to my PCIe expansion chassis, which is properly hooked up via my thunderbolt connection and running. If not, then do I have to tweak certain settings as a super user in terminal in order to make it work? We're quite certain that there are plenty of Americans and Europeans that would jump at the chance to own the fastest Maxwell board on the market.
You are far better off building your own eGPU for around $300 — including the graphics card.
But I have no problem plugging it into my external monitor and HD when I’m at home and ready to game! So instead of having to buy two computers youre fit with one but still with the best of both worlds. You carry around your light weight laptop for the day, and bring it back home to turn it into a true workstation.
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Also the fastest graphics cards in current new laptops are still a lot slower than the vidock solution. For as long as portable computers have existed we have chased the laptop that is both powerful enough to play games and also light enough to carry without sustaining a back injury. Now, you could carry a secondary monitor with you — but then you could just buy a proper gaming laptop in the first place.
It’s better to look at the ViDock as something that you would leave at the office, like the Sony Vaio Z docking station — but again, who plays Crysis at work?
And if your job involves 3D graphics, you’re going to use a proper workstation, not a laptop.

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