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Over the years I have attended more than my fair share of presentations and I have certainly given more than my fair share. Many people may think that good presenters were just born that way or are naturals, but I have found that not to be the case.
Simple Design: Keep the design of your PowerPoint presentation very basic and simple. Practice: Years back, my high school golf coach would plead with me to practice like I play and play like I practice. That being said, I think there is value in using slides - however when making the choice between including 10pt font text and dense detail versus no slides and knowing your material. Just to add a couple of observations I have made over the last two years of attending a lot (read that as too many) of presentations.
Having well designed PowerPoint template is CRITICAL if you want to have slides that will WOW an audience. A few articles back, I talked about where you can find a cool PowerPoint template, from places like graphic river or Slidevana to download online.
Now, in this article, I’m going to share FIVE practical PowerPoint tips for designing a PowerPoint template that looks clean and professional. Along the way, you will see some various slide examples (designed by yours truly) to help explain the ideas. Similar to colors, fonts can communicate a mood, a point in time, or any number of other factors. If you have no clue what fonts are good for presentations, here are on some of my favorite free fonts to get your started. 1) In most cases, stick to one or two fonts throughout all text in your presentation for consistency. Often times there can be items on a slide that you have to keep (due to policy or preferences from your work colleagues).
If you MUST include items like these in your PowerPoint template, you can make them less distracting by “fading” these items out (as seen in the before and after slides below). They are poorly designed, commonly used (others will have the same deck as you), or are not versatile enough to create an interesting presentation. It is MUCH better to make your own unique template with a simple background or texture and consistent use of fonts. If you are at a loss for designing your slides here are some PowerPoint templates for inspiration or purchase.
1) Try to eliminate all the extraneous clutter that can distract your audience from the real meat of each slide.
Also, do you have a friend that is currently creating a new presentation template and could benefit from learning about the tips in this post?
Finally, if you enjoyed these PowerPoint tips, please remember to like and share using the sharing icons at the bottom of this post. About PandaWe're a presentation design firm that creates KILLER presentations for startups, large businesses, and individuals.
Adam Noar is founder of Presentation Panda, and has been designing sweet looking slides for over 10 years.

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Black text on a white background is great contrast and prints well, but also a boring choice. A good rule to remember is that your slides are only there to support your talk, not to replace it. Seek to understand what they know, what they need you to tell them, what they expect from you, what will help keep them focused on your presentation and message. This would be sage advice for giving presentations, especially to the executive team. I like Steve Jobs take on PowerPoint, if you came into a meeting with PPT slides, Steve through you out - because you didn't know your content well enough to not use a crutch. Years back (1993) at IBM when Lou Gerstner was hired from the outside to be the new CEO and right the IBM ship, he would not allow his executive team to use foils (overhead transparencies - pre PowerPoint days) in their business review meetings. Stories are invaluable and generally one of the most effective methods of delivering a message. I have done that myself and attended a few such sessions, where the only thing that stays in my mind after the session is the joke! This may seem obvious, but I have seen many presentations with colors that did not complement each other. As you can see in the slide below, the blue and green colors within the logo fit harmoniously with the rest of the slide’s design.
So, instead of browsing your pre-existing font list and looking for “something cool,” instead think about the message you want to convey.
That way if people need to reference this information they can, and they won’t distract the audience from the more important elements on the slide.
Whenever possible, eliminate your logo, contact info, or whatever else your marketing department added to the templates that show up on each slide. Ultimately, the goal here was to show you that you don’t necessarily have to be a professional designer to create a great looking and effective PowerPoint template. It is important to be consistent and have standards (colors, fonts, sizes, layout, design).  If you use every color and every font possible, it can be distracting to your readers. Adding audio to your presentation is a great way to shorten the amount of text on the slides.

She has found her niche in writing about the eLearning industry and sharing tips and tricks for building successful online courses. And in the case of giving a good presentation, it can also take having a good command and repertoire of some of the common and effective tips and techniques.
Use color in a consistent way that adds meaning and fosters organization to your content.
Experiment with colors to find the contrast of background and text that you like remember first and foremost that you don't want your audience to have to strain to guess what is on your slide. Seek to match a few colors for design and then use good contrast to highlight your message.
The last thing you want is for your audience to remember your humor but not your message.
If you lose sight of your audience, no amount of creative design, animation, and colors will bring them back.
Surprisingly, many of the divisional executies had difficulties talking and answering about their business without the aid of their presentation materials. Color can also attract attention, influence moods, indicate meaning, and even INCREASE RECALL. One of my favorite presentation tools for picking good colors for your template is Adobe Kuler.
Stop creating those outdated presentations and impress your students with these 5 basic design tips. Users will often “scan” the slide, and if they see a full slide of text, they will likely ignore it. Think about having a great PowerPoint design and useful content rather than adding fluff to your course. Your bullet points can be concise because the audio portion provides all the examples and elaboration necessary. So today, we have amassed a list of tips, ten altogether, for giving PowerPoint presentations.
The combination of a few colors and contrast will produce brilliance and will be very pleasing on the eyes of your audience. Practice giving your presentation and then give it with the same confidence, comfort, and control of your practice.
You can also try to use headings and bold fonts to get important points across to the user. Avoid distracting your students with too many fonts or colors, instead stick to the content itself.To get started on your master template, we have found a great tutorial and a bunch of free templates to help. Another option is inserting a video to your slides, whether it is your recorded lecture or a YouTube example.
Images often portray steps in a process, pieces of a concept, and interaction between people and emotions. A video can add interest and breakup the mundane material for your readers.These are some great tips on recording audio and a few affordable tools to get you started.
Be sure your images are meaningful and add value to your course.Big Stock Photo, iStockphoto, and Shutterstock are three great resources, full of quality images!

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