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But if your company doesn't rank in this top list, may these top companies serve as your torch and model as your company journey towards the top.Study them.
Ok, so after spending an hour or so surfing the internet looking for a full list of network marketing companies currently operating in the UK I realised that one does not seem to be existence yet, or at least not one that Google is aware of anyway.
This company must have been around my whole life and despite not being a girl or being into make up and stuff like that in anyway (honestly), I like many people, would consider Avon to be a recognised household brand. Back in 2005 three very qualified guys got together to form ViSalus, it took them 5 years to formulate a marketing strategy for the new network marketing company that was completely viral; spreading naturally over Facebook and making life as easy as possible for those promoting the Challenge.
If you are a network marketer and would like your companies name listed above to be a link to your business website just comment below and I will add it in for you free of charge, because I’m cool like that! There are more mlm companies, if you would like me to add yours or link the name of your company to your business website just let me know. Sorry Nial this is the first time I have heard of Asea, I see it is some health and wellness product. Got to be where the money is if you want to actually make a good living out of your home business.
Ben I would totally agree with you in that products are the best or at least something that runs out and need repurchased… Like electricty, broadband etc however with these types of products there are many suppliers.
Thanks Nial, I can’t help but be logical and honest 2 attributes that have served me very well in business over the years.
Georgie, I know we are not all perfect but as time goes on more and more scientific proof is coming out. Hi Laz, Thanks for your contribution, I just checked out Talk Fusion and I see it has been around since 2007 and has some useful products, but nothing you can’t get cheaper else where with better quality.
Great to here about Visalus coming to the UK I have heard so much about it online and really seems like a great business for anyone passionate about helping people with nutrition etc.
Was reading through some of the messages and you dont need to be a fitness person to be involved in Visalus, you might just be interested in helping others and keeping your own weight at a steady level… while you still reap amazing benefits.
Alison,contact me if you are looking for earning potential bigger than iver ever seen in over twenty years of network marketing, but this is happening now and is limited for influencers only,contact me to find out more..
Hey thanks Aron, you seem like a good guy to work with so I have added your business link above, I put it where I feel it belongs amongst the competition and the competition is fierce in the health and wellness industry, will be interesting to see how the company does in the UK, how long has it been open for business in the UK? Thanks but we all know you are talking about ViSalus, no need to spam comments to everyone.
Sure thing Tim no problem, will be interesting to see how Kleeneze plan to make there come back – hopefully should be more web-based in the future, but how they would take on amazon, who knows what may happen? If you would like a FREE sample of Visalus sample pack when it launches in UK…I am creating a list of people who would be interested. We’ve all just been spending the week over in Orlando Florida for the Vi UK Vitality company event where they have just launch a bunch of new products etc.
Amazing Florin, ACN allows people to make money without selling a product… I take it you are selling a service instead, or just taking peoples money and giving them nothing back in return???
Hi Katie, If you are looking for a wellness MLM with a established company from US, that has just opened in the UK a month ago Check into Zurvita-Zeal for Life.
Yeah we know, we have 12 time IFBB Pro Jenny Lynn popping over here to Swansea in a few weeks for a big Challenge Party, going to be awesome!! I’m in Empower Network (Educational products) UK team, we provide step by step training and support within the Empower Network system, viral blogging platform, weekly webinars and live training days.
Hi Ben, I just wanted to add that you can use our viral blogging platform to promote any business, – you learn everything there is to know about marketing and blogging etc. Hi Marianne, Sorry but not really a big fan of the Empower Network, it has no product and no customers just people joining and paying money so they can get others to join and pay money so they can earn 100% commissions! Its all about investment cycles, 20 years equities, 10 years commodities (like gold) and every 5 years something major happens. We already had a huge crowd at the biggest network marketing ever in malaysia this year from UK. Hello Everyone, A new fast growing MLM Company featuring Zeal is marketed by Zurvita, a marketing company leveraging the power of word of mouth advertising and the Internet to create the next generation home business opportunity. There is no doubt network marketing is one of the best way to make money in India but now a days people are struggling a lot to earn money from MLM companies. Most of the companies come with investment types of plans where you will get paid without doing anything & these companies does not last for more than 1-2 years.
Its very difficult to find a good company with a good product & genuine commission structure. Although I have read the review of these companies but if you are planning to join any of the network marketing company then you need to do your own homework. This MLM Company with the goal of selling variety of products in the market is named as Global NPN.
Immunotec speaks about nutritional supplements based on different researches and scientific facts. This MLM Company has products related to pure energy, pure relief, cell phone safeguard, relief from Sinus Allergy etc.

This MLM Company basically concentrates on the products related to kids, they organizes events and fundraisers, books by subjects, world atlas apps etc. So these are some of the latest network marketing companies in India which you can join but read their reviews in other sites if you are thinking to become a part of one. Anyone who is interested in earning money and getting computer education at the same time along with gaining lots of skills like team management, personality development etc. Yes, you might bet.But there's a better way of determining the best or the top network marketing company?How?It's through their revenue and net income they generates. Reach C-level decision makers, Business decision makers, HR professionals, Healthcare Professionals by Specialties, Consumer email lists across the globe.
So I decided that I may as way just take it upon myself to create one for you, ready for right now when you decided like seeing what MLM opportunities were currently out there.
This new system launched in 2010 is known as the Body By Vi 90 day Challenge, it allows those competing in the Challenge to get free products every month as well as winning prizes and cash for achieving their weight-loss fitness goals, all of these additional benefits just add to the viral spreading of the Challenge over social media. Asea is helping many people with various different health challanges… Asea can also be used by athletes to increase VT by 12%.
The Body by Vi Challenge began here in the UK on the 15th April and within the first 30 days over 10,000 had started the Challenge one week later that figure had rose to 13,000 and continues to rise every week. NO need to explain all the details or understand ranks etc…We can now show a new person within a few minutes a simple plan to make around ?600 per month that is very achievable!!
We are excited to bring North America’s #1 Challenge and Home Based Business overseas very soon.
I have seen many good things about this company on the web over the last year or so and it does look excellent competition for Herbalife.
Global apart from other companies though is the It Works Wrap, a site-specific body applicator that tightens, tones, and firms the skin in as little as 45 minutes.
Kleeneze is getting really exciting there new billion dollar vision is going to set the business on fire.
Simply Naturals is the only company globally to promote a product containing 75 plant derived minerals with incredible results and testimonials. As for the Utility Warehouse, well that is still a network marketing company and I am still earning as usual, not sure who told you it wasn’t? Back in 2002-03 Gold was around $200 an once, spent about 10 years on the up and now on its way back down, I would say you came into this investment a little late but it doesn’t mean you can’t take a look at where we are now and re-invest in something else, BUT I like to have a little gold and silver on stand by just in case the worst should happen in the economy, I think of it as insurance against inflation! I also firmly believe MLM enables anyone the opportunity to build a decent income – if done the right way.
Loads of great content on your site and you and your wife seem to be on the right track with your nutrition. Zeal for Life is a Wellness line with in-one natural nutritional blend that gives you the most bang for your nutritional buck. There are number of problems with today’s network marketing companies and one of the big problem is there is no long term trusted MLM companies in the market. Although I have already written about all time top 10 MLM companies in India but here I am going to show you the latest network marketing companies which is growing at a faster rate.
This includes instant blog, mail marketer, web hosting, screen casting, multi ad trackers etc. The products available include weight loss solutions, healthy aging solutions, age defying skincare, energy solutions etc.
This MLM Company has widest variety of products dealing with weight control, stress management, body performance. Whether you belong to Europe, America or Asia, you can get Aromatic products, oils, spa treatments etc.
You can get great bonus, commission with the business opportunity and networking activity with Cie Aura. There are other factors as well like product uniqueness, commission structure, your seniors, management of the company etc. I’m into a new business line with Advance Scalar Energy Technology with natural healing power and also one of the best products in the world which is free from radioactive.
This article about the latest network marketing companies in India would be really beneficial for the business world.
The revenue or the income is the total result of the overall performance of a network marketing company.You've heard of old companies which are outperformed by new companies. Your site is really helpful to many viewers and researchers, hoping to earn and learn more on multi level marketing tasking.
Yet on the plus side, company longevity is always a plus as you know the company has survived the ups and downs of a start up and your monthly cheque as a distributor is as guaranteed as any pay cheque from a regular job. Well if you have been around network marketing long enough you might have noticed the HUGE drop out rate.
There are numerous celebrities involved in promoting the challenge which is unheard of for MLM’s in the past and this all again adds to the social viral power of the Challenge.
We are new to the Uk and will become huge over here as we are well established in North America, Germany and Asia.

I have found that it is always best to stick with businesses that supply products and services that people use rather than trying to battle against the tide.
We are 8 years old and whoever gets a team ready first and is ready to go will knock it out of the park. Certainly a good choice for anyone with a burning passion for working in the health and wellness industry.
With this innovative and exclusive first-to-market product, we are definitely creating an incredible foot-hold in the industry!
Had it not been for Peter and Eric you would not be able to promote UW which by the way is no longer being run as a MLM. Our main product is Skinny Fiber, which is not just a weight lose natural product but is also helping people get off of their meds. My brother who lives back in African is well into network marketing and looking to bring business in Nigeria and make it well known. Luckily here in the UK it is still illegal to grow genetically modified crops however they are still available in the supermarket having been imported from else where. I’m originally a Londoner and will be coming home this year for a visit and to promote this outstanding product. In fact, it would take 56 different pills to give you the nutritional value of one six-ounce serving of Zeal.
Zurvita leveraged its strengths as a leading provider of consumer-driven healthcare to find the best nutritional product to offer its customers and consultants.
The company provides business opportunities for immediate income, incentives and members benefits. Note: Make sure that your name with your bank account should be exactly the same as provided to us. It's the profit that matters most.You can determine how a multi-level network marketing company performs based on the profits it produces.
I came across this mlm site www.chatching with SEC filing and have the urge to join and be a member. Really it is never really too late, 20 years of hard consistent work will pay off in mlm no matter what company you’re in.
Herbalife the biggest wellness centred network marketing company in the world last year did over $4Billion in sales last year operating in 100’s of countries around the globe.
Skincerity is the flagship anti-ageing product that is born from science and has numerous international patents. Doesn’t just happen over night, but there are people who have seen weight lose in their first week of using skinny fiber.
As a result, people across America can not only benefit from Zeal’s nutritional properties, they can also share this amazing product with family and friends, make money and help the community all at the same time!
With the simple travel business, you can easily earn huge sum with very minimum subscription.
Today I can’t go into a gym without seeing someone strutting about with a Herbalife protein shaker or water bottle.
ViSalus, operating in only North America and Canada did over $1Billion in just those two countries and as of April 2013 it will open up for business here in the UK, this is a HUGE opportunity to get in early on what is going to be a massive MLM company in the UK.
90% repeat purchase rate and a hybrid compensation plan with a mentor bonus unlike other MLMs.
People that have thyroid problems, gout, severe migrains, type 2 diabetes, IBS etc… are experiencing life changing results! This is a most definitely an excellent business opportunity for a fitness instructor or anyone seriously interested in becoming a personal wellness coach, it involves A LOT of customer follow up to run the business properly and profitably. And that’s really cool of you to be willing to do that for people and list their business.
Just gearing up to launch in the UK, but open in North American, South America, Australia and several Asian countries already. The worse thing to do is choose a company and then detest the product as you will have great difficulty gathering customers with a negative attitude.
It generated more than US$ 11 billion revenue and US$ 517 million profit in year 2011.Being at the top list is not easy. It requires dedication, hard work, enthusiasm and commitment of the office team and of the independent sales force.It's a great honor if your company ranks in the world's top network marketing companies (MLM) list.
Would you be prepared to use these products every month without fail and be over the moon to share the products with everyone? If you are not the intended recipient of this email and its attachments, you must take no action based upon them, nor must you copy or show them to anyone.

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